MIM, Colombian jewelry with a classic soul and modern designs

MIM, Colombian jewelry with a classic soul and modern designs

Feel free to express to the world who you are through Colombian jewelry from MIM. Get to know its feminine and modern style only here!


MIM is a Colombian jewelry brand that has come to tell you that dressing up and recognizing your own style is an enormous act of love and that you can boost it every day with the right accessories.


A new origin: MIM

MIM is a family brand that was born from the union of María Isabel and Mariana, mother and daughter, who had the dream of creating a project as authentic as the love that existed between them.

The two founders had always been interested in the world of jewelry and fashion, but it was not until 2019 that they decided to launch MIM, their own Colombian jewelry brand.

Despite not having extensive knowledge of the fashion business at that time, that did not stop them, on the contrary, it worked as a motivator and as a way to clarify their ideas and focus 100% on what, how, when and where to bring MIM to life.


MIM stands for affordable luxury

For María Isabel and Mariana it is important that all women express their style and personality through their accessories, as they believe that earrings, necklaces, rings and other pieces are the soul of any outfit if used wisely.

For this reason, they created MIM under the concept of affordable luxury so that all people who want to wear quality Colombian jewelry can do so through original, sustainable pieces, with luxurious materials but above all, accessible to anyone.


The classics never go out of style: meet 3 MIM basics

Love struckThe classic heart-shaped maxi-earrings cannot be missing from your jewelry box. MIM gives them a unique and elegant touch by adding pearls that will make you look formal and feminine when wearing them. In addition, their gold plating will allow you to combine them with warm or cold outfits.

Knotted chainDay or night, with formal or casual outfits, the MIM knotted chain is the piece of Colombian jewelry that you were missing. Being a short and thin chain, it goes perfect with almost any type of neckline, without a doubt, we recommend using it with square neck and high neck blouses so that you can show off all its beauty.

Sunlight and moonlight rings:

The perfect duality: day and night. Now you can take it with you everywhere thanks to the precious creations of MIM. These rings have a finely detailed moon and sun, respectively, that will give a different touch to your outfits. Wear the sunlight ring during the day, on a brunch or picnic with friends, and the moonlight ring on an elegant night out. What do you think?


MIM is support and love for Colombia

MIM is not only a Colombian jewelry brand, it is also a benchmark of love for its country and its people.

For this reason, all its pieces are made by hand by Colombian artisans, who are in charge of bringing MIM's jewelry to life with their talent and ancestral skills. In this way, the brand provides them with a stable job that improves their quality of life. In addition, MIM sponsors the education of the children of these artisans so that they can continue preparing for a better future full of opportunities.

As if that were not enough, MIM also works in collaboration with the Fundación de Atención a la Niñez (FAN) located in Medellín, Colombia, supporting its educational and commercial initiatives so that more and more boys and girls can get ahead.


MIM is a complete brand, with innovative and feminine designs, but also with social values ​​that they seek to transmit to others.

Find all MIM products at On Post and discover your new favorite piece of Colombian jewelry!


By Diana Mendoza



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