How to wear a Sleeveless T-shirt with style?

How to wear a Sleeveless T-shirt with style?

With the notorious return of the tank top as one of the basic trends this season, we can not help but think that the tank top is among the choices of the it girls, so we will share with you some tips to style it and look like a fashionista.

Although the concept might seem the same, the sleeveless t-shirt gives us an air of bad boy or bad girl, this garment that hints that their sleeves were cut or not finished have been the hallmark of rebellion of some movie characters like Danny Zuko in Grease, who wore them rolled up revealing his biceps as a warning sign of danger.



The tank top has proven to be an elemental piece in our closet, it may seem a casual garment difficult to stylish, but the recent boom in Milan's street style with Prada's tank top makes it clear that it can also be fashionista.

One of the celebrities who has shown us how to wear the tank top in relaxed and casual looks without losing style has been undoubtedly Hailey Rhode Bieber. The model wore an outfit with a crop top with a white collar, light jeans with a wide leg, a brown envelope bag, thin chains, sunglasses to match your top and loafers.

On another occasion, she gave a twist to this style, with a beige tank top with black polka dots, skinny jeans with belt, a black cross-body bag, as accessories she wore her representative earrings and gold chain layering, the detail that changed the outfit, a pair of black heeled slip on sandals. 

This is just one example of how you can change the feel of your looks with a tank top, that's the importance of having timeless basics in your closet.


3 looks with Sleeveless T-Shirt for inspiration

Do you have a T-shirt that you would like to make an intervention or give it a twist by cutting its sleeves, or you have acquired one that has this silhouette, and you still don't know how to combine it? Here are some ideas to inspire you and rock your look.

Bermuda + sleeveless t-shirt, we love this combination because you can go from rebel, to chic, and trendy, the secret is what shoes you complement it with, whether you go for combat boots, cowboy boots that are booming, or strappy heeled sandals, this will depend on the sense or occasion of the outfit. The amazing thing about versatile garments like t-shirts is that you can create multiple combinations.

Wide leg pants + loafers, both in proposals that we can see in the street style, this set that without fail you could wear even in the office, will make you look sophisticated but with a casual look. If you don't like pants, try a leather midi skirt and change the shoes for heels.

Skirt + high heel boots, we know that the length par excellence of this season is the midi, but recently we have noticed how some proposals were inclined to maxi skirts. Combine it with a leather jacket, long coat or blazer.

The extra tip, remember that there are certain pieces that have the quality to elevate our outfit to an expert level, so the satin garments can be a great ally when combined with a basic shirt, do not rule out the synthetic mink coats, these will give you the glam rock look.




Some other things you can consider when combining your tank top are:

  • Wear it with colored garments
  • Animal print is an excellent idea, even if it is a printed t-shirt
  • Jewelry makes the difference, add visible pieces, with personality or as delicate as you want, this will depend on what you want to express
  • Combine it with sneakers is valid, remember to add items that balance the look, such as blazers or two-piece suits sartorial. 

Sleeveless T-Shirt at On Post

When choosing basics such as sleeveless t-shirts we find a number of options, and as we always mention, the choice depends on your tastes and style, then we will share with you some alternatives that you can find in our collection.

The tank top style, is one of the most basic design that we can recognize from the sleeveless t-shirt, Theta Tank Top from Lhasa Fitwear is an excellent idea, as its silhouette makes it different from the others, ribbed soft knitted fabric, elastic, with thick straps and a detail on the chest are its hallmark that stakes it. Wear it with a leather midi skirt and ankle boots.  

Recently muscle tee shirts have been the most chosen when looking for a stylish look, Cropped Low Muscle T-shirt also from Lhasa Fitwear will be ideal for your outfits, this white crop top with a slight drop sleeve goes great with sartorial wide leg pants. You can add a belt and jewelry to take away the casual feel. 

Continuing with the ideal look to wear the tank top for street style and elegant touch, wide leg pants with a formal design, is the perfect combination, CLYDE PANT GREEN by Lesém, these olive green colored pleated trousers are a must-have for fall. Wear them with high-heeled sandals, sneakers or chunky loafers. 



90's style, a tank top, shorts, high socks, a comfortable outfit for being at home or shopping at the supermarket, find in Green Short by Simples an excellent ally of coziness. You can add an oversize shirt to balance the sporty look.

At On Post you can find trendy pieces, tips to style them and wear them like a  pro.


 By Katia García

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