90s T-shirt: How to wear this garment and still looking stylish

90s T-shirt: How to wear this garment and still looking stylish

Throughout more than a decade we have seen how the 90s t-shirt continues to be among the choices of fashion experts, although some may not like this, creating stylish looks with it is easier than you might think, do you know what are its characteristics? In this article, we will tell you about them and analyze how the it girls wear them. 

The story goes back years, but in the late 90s and early 2000s, all those t-shirts that have a message or tribute to an artist or band had its biggest boom.  

Having as predecessors the vindictive t-shirts, which were worn as a form of demonstration, to express the voice and preferences of society, carrying a political and cultural context that caused controversy, followed by those that had the image of musical groups, inspirational phrases, university, until reaching the propaganda t-shirts.

Since then, these pieces continue to accompany us in our casual looks, but also in street style looks, since designers like Dior have made proposals that could fall into the category of promotional, how to forget that nineties T-shirt worn by Carrie Bradshaw on her trip to Abu Dhabi in the second installment of Sex and the City: The Movie. That is why some celebrities bet on it, wearing it in outfits worthy of a fashion week. 



How to wear a 90s T-shirt like an It Girl

From basic looks like the one worn by Selena Gomez combining skinny jeans, black ankle boots and a 90s AC/DC T-shirt to Kate Moss wearing it with a black fur coat, a wide-brimmed hat, sartorial pants and platform boots with a sunray heel. 



The Italian blogger and entrepreneur, Chiara Ferragni, is one of the fans of this garment, wearing it with a denim skirt and red platform boots. 

The it girl Sandra Semburg, wore a t-shirt of the Ramones band, with a gold pleated leather skirt at the fashion week in Sydney.  The best way to change the feel of a 90s T-shirt is very similar to styling a basic T-shirt:

Sartorially tinged garments, a trouser and jacket set will certainly achieve a chic contrast, add some platform boots, stilettos, heeled sandals or even with sneakers the balance will remain intact. 

Fabrics, knitwear and this type of garments are considered opposites, so combining them in an outfit will be a total success, dare to wear the 90s t-shirt with a woven midi skirt and booties. 

Sequins, faux fur coats, are some of the materials that you can also choose to contrast.


Two looks with On Post's collection inspired by the 90s T-shirt

Now that you know what style of t-shirt is called the 90s t-shirt, how to combine it to look stylish as some celebrities and it girls do, we have created two outfits with the On Post collection inspired by looks with this garment. 

Outfit #1 

For this first combination, we have opted for Hold Shirt from Sientochenta brand, made with 50 percent organic cotton and 50 percent rescued cotton, loose, with a small opening in the back that provides movement, in a light green tone and with the embroidered phrase "Imperfectly Sustainable", this versatile shirt goes great with a sash or loose in a more oversize look. 

As a bottom part to continue with a range of similar colors to achieve an almost monochrome outfit, we selected the Pant Afrodita Lino from La Bikineria which is olive green, these wide leg trousers follow the vibe of 90s fashion, and as mentioned above, our main piece of the look the 90s t-shirt, can be worn tucked into a skirt or pants, so we opted for that aesthetic. 



To give it a trendy casual touch, very Harry Styles vibe, we chose Galeanna Sneakers, which bear the name of the brand, with similar tones to those of our shirt, these sneakers will give our look an interesting contrast, as the silhouette of the pants could look formal, between the protagonist of this outfit, and they achieve a balance, for the end you can add a blazer that finishes balancing this set, add a bag in trend as is the baguette type. Chunky accessories will look amazing, you can even risk wearing a cap. 



Outfit #2 

This outfit might look like it's for the more daring, but on a basic level. As a primary piece we have selected a Crude Vandana Shirt also belonging to Sientochenta, this basic T-shirt in white ecru, has similar characteristics to the previous one, with the only difference that it does not have any embroidered phrase. This time we have decided to wear it loose. 



To complete the two main parts of any look, we opted for Black Biker Short of Simples, basic in black, comfortable and still continue to claim their place in some street style outfits, although it may seem a set with a rather sporty dye, the final detail we have left it to footwear. 



This is the interesting part, if you were expecting some sporty shoes we are sorry to confess that in our choice we wanted to contrast for a 'daring' look, so we went for Teresa Black Mules by Alta, in black with a wooden heel these shoes will make your outfit look stylish, promising and winning. 

While we've already had sightings of the heeled pumps making a comeback, it makes this outfit an outfit that could have come off the runway. Also apply the baguette bag or even a tote bag, add the jewelry you like, although we recommend layers of thin chains and discreet earrings.



The great thing about these two options, is that all the garments can be interchanged, and will be an excellent success, the pants with heeled shoes, bikers with sneakers and high socks, as we always say, it depends on your style, and how you feel with the garments.

We can dare to say 90s t-shirts are a piece that will continue to be on our radar, as in other articles we have mentioned, elevating a look with a garment like this is possible by balancing it with on-trend opposites. 


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By Katia García

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