90s Revival: How to wear an Oversized T-shirt

90s Revival: How to wear an Oversized T-shirt

To look fabulous, one of the most important trends is to wear an oversized t-shirt. I am confident that you will not regret purchasing one and wearing it on several occasions throughout the year.

Fashion is considered a lifestyle and always brings back trends from the past with a risky touch and innovative approach. However, the fashion of the 90s has returned in the most chic way. Today you will know a garment that is timeless and that will make you look comfortable. I will talk about the oversized t-shirt a must for this season.


Oversized T-shirt a trend garment 

One of the fashions that I like the most and that I consider is still valid in street style is the aesthetic of the 90s. This style gave us a different twist combining metallic colors, creating the best minimalist looks with comfortable garments for daily life such as the oversized T-shirt, the baggy pants, the chunky sneakers and my favorite of always the slip dress. 



Tight clothes have been left behind, the trend of the moment is to be comfortable but with a lot of style, You can achieve a fabulous look with the oversized T-shirt. Today I will give you the best tips to start wearing this T-shirt with other garments from the On Post collection.

Do you know what a large t-shirt is? Although it seems incredible since the 90s they had already gained popularity and were used by divas such as the musical group TLC, Drew Barrymore and Princess Diana. The oversized T-shirt adapts to all body types and according to your style you can wear it inside the pants, You can also create a nice knot in front or side of the waist to further stylize the figure.

To identify this fabulous garment, you must keep in mind that at first glance it is larger in size. When using it the sleeves will be loose and you can wear it as a dress. Sometimes it can fall several centimeters down the leg and looks incredible with sneakers or square heeled booties.



In recent years, the oversized T-shirt trend has experienced a renaissance of sorts, thanks in part to the rise of social media. Celebrities and it girls have been spotted rocking vintage oversized T-shirts from brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Givenchy and Balenciaga have also embraced the trend.

Swipe down to know the best tips and looks you can have with an oversized T-shirt and look like a true fashionista.


The best way to wear an Oversized T-shirt

With an oversized T-shirt you can create different styles for each day of the week and you will look cool! If you love the fashion of the 90s as much as I do, then let's get into these style tips so that you do not miss in your wardrobe.



Athleisure trend: If your style is sporty chic wear an oversized T-shirt with a sweatshirt and a pair of fitted bike shorts. This athleisure outfit creates a balanced and comfy look you can wear while exercising or lounging at home.

A classic pair of biker shorts: Pair an oversized T-shirt with a cute pair of biker shorts in different colors such as lavender, black, white and blue or cut-off denim shorts for a casual outfit. Finishing the look with a pair of strappy sandals, white sneakers and cat eye sunglasses.

Joggers and leggings:  Wear an oversized T-shirt with a black leggings  and heels or loafers for a business casual look. Add a blazer or biker jacket to finish the outfit like a diva!

Blue jeans dream team:  A classic way to style an oversized T-shirt is to wear the top with a pair of form fitting blue jeans, like straight-leg or skinny jeans; this balances the oversized trend, creating a laid-back outfit. Try a white oversized T-shirt with white jeans to create a minimalist, monochrome look and you will look perfect and stylish!


How to wear an Oversized T-shirt?

To join the oversized fashion you must take into account that they are loose garments but not garments three or two sizes larger than yours. The vintage clothing that adapts very well to this style is an oversized T-shirt. With these options of outfits you will achieve the aesthetic of the 90s, remember that is so much in trend.

Sporty chic: As I mentioned before, sportswear is the must you should wear during this season.If you want to have a sporty chic outfit, biker shorts are essential to join this comfortable trend. You can wear the Lilac biker shorts by Simples with the large size t-shirt The Big Oversized White by Macondia and you will steal everyone's eyes in street style by wearing it! You can use natural makeup with a little blush in coral or pink tones, as for the hair a ponytail or a cap will make you look iconic. 



Finish the look wearing white sneakers like the Equus Classic by Alta and remember that a bag will always be your best friend, you can wear the XEEW by NÄM and add a little shine by wearing a nice pair of silver hoops like the Medio Circulo by Iconique.

Cosmo and fancy: Remember that with the oversized shirt you can also create casual looks even to go to the office in the most sophisticated way possible.I recommend you wear the Camille Mini by Kadu skirt, you will fall in love with the snake animal print!

Complete the look by adding an oversized T-shirt like the Repeat Top by Sientochenta, one of the advantages of this skirt is that you can wear it throughout the year whether with flats style sneakers, high-heeled boots or even stilettos.This time you can wear the Amelia Beige Zebra by Alta you will achieve a classic style also using the Double Oval by Iconique gold earrings.




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By Melissa Zanini 

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