Sweater dress: Your choice of Thanksgiving outfit

Sweater dress: Your choice of Thanksgiving outfit

Sweaters are one of the garments that we have in our closet drawer, and although for a long time they had been worn only in a casual context, its most recent fusion with a slightly longer and more stylized silhouette, the catwalks confirmed that the sweater dress is the outfit of the fall. Ideal to wear for events or celebrations this season, such as Thanksgiving.

This version of the sweater brings much more glamour, without leaving behind the comfort that characterizes it, its versatility allows us to wear the sweater dressed in different types of shoes, we can find an infinite number of designs that fit our style. Although wearing a dress in winter is not impossible, the combination of both garments makes it easier to work, combining the virtues of these, so it is essential to take it into account when choosing our outfits for special occasions that take place in the coming dates. 


Shoes to wear with the Sweater Dress

Thanksgiving is coming, and we have less and less time to think about what to wear for this holiday, if you haven't considered the sweater dress as an option here we will dispel your doubts. Let's start by reviewing the shoes that go best with this season.

The best companions for a winter outfit are undoubtedly the boots, one of the designs that is booming again are the high boots above the knee, but what style should we go for when combining them with the sweater dress? The answer is, suede, together a knitted dress and boots of this material, the perfect pairing that create both textures get a sophisticated look, even more if you opt for colors in the same chromatic range.

The puffed boots and classic leather boots, are other winning combinations, in general the long silhouettes will be a great choice.

Pumps and flat sandals, although it might seem that in these climates it is unthinkable to wear sandals, the sweater dress makes it possible. If you are thinking of an extra comfortable and relaxed outfit, this option is ideal, you can add a flowing pants, and you will love the result. If you want to give it a more chic touch, add some ankle strap pumps, with or without tights, the decision is all yours.

How to wear the Sweater Dress like a pro

For clearer examples of how to wear the sweater dress with style and sophistication it is always better to mention how fashion experts, celebrities and it girls do it.

Model Bella Hadid, showed us how to wear a sweater dress with classic black boots, opting for a turtleneck garment in white and shoes above the knee, simple but chic. 

Rihanna, wearing a loose version with wide leg pants and high heeled sandals, this is an excellent idea, very oversize style but with a touch of sophistication.

Dua Lipa, in a monochromatic black outfit, wears a ribbed sweater dress with side slit, high boots and a baguette bag, classic and elegant.


Looks for Thanksgiving with the Sweater Dress

Our fashion accomplishments, building a sustainable closet, are some of the things we can be thankful for. For that reason, we will focus on finding the perfect look for the upcoming celebration. Without any tinge of frivolity, if fashion is important to us and this year we have learned, acquired or transformed tools for our style, it is worthy to be thankful, that does not mean that we will not be thankful for everything else, or is less important the vital and spiritual.

For the moment, we will focus on finding the ideal look to give thanks and celebrate what this year has taught us.

  • A white turtleneck sweater dress with high boots, go for a silhouette with a side slit, this will give movement to your dress and the boots will be the co-star of your look.
  • Ankle boots and a coat, add a contrasting coat to your outfit, this will give it an air of elegance. Our suggestion is that you opt for midi dresses, whether you choose to wear it with tights, or the ankle boots alone.
  • Platforms are also in trend, whether you choose to wear them with booties or high boots, go for a loose sweater dress, add accessories like a belt to stylize your figure, and a beret, a Parisian rock style.
  • With a satin skirt underneath, overlays are possible, an oversize but sophisticated touch, you can choose light colors, like white or pink, add silver accessories.
  • Blazer and high-heeled sandals, this combination will make you look like a fashion expert, turtlenecks are one of our favorites, choose a dress with it and look chic.


Get the look of the Sweater Dress with us

After reviewing the trends, how the experts wear it and some ideas for your looks with the sweater dress, ideal to wear on Thanksgiving, then we will share with you a look with garments from our collection, find them available on the website.

Dress Siqi by Jenny Duarte, is an excellent option to wear during the day or on special occasions, with an ecru color, gradient ornaments in light blue tone that give a pop of color in neck and sleeves. Wear it as the main piece of your outfit or with wide leg pants. 

To add a more stylish touch to your look with this sweater dress, wear it with M A N U E L A by Balanka, this animal print leather double-breasted jacket, elevates any look, making you look sophisticated.

For shoes, we have selected The Catalina by Elán, these ankle boots in white cowboy style, create a perfect harmony with the previous garments, you will be the dinner guest with the best style.

At On Post you will find trendy garments, styling tips and more. 

By Katia García

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