5 reasons to wear the best Fall Coats this season

5 reasons to wear the best Fall Coats this season

Meet the fall coats that are trending to look fabulous during the coldest days of the year.

It's always a good idea to have fall coats in our closet, no matter if you're in spring or summer. When winter arrives and you need to achieve a sophisticated look with a lot of style a good coat will always elevate your outfit combining it with accessories and the chicest shoes from the On Post collection.


Take off the cold with these fabulous Fall Coats

The time has come to take out of our wardrobe essential garments such as boots, sweaters, scarves, gloves and fall coats to look elegant in street style without much effort.

Considered one of the most fundamental garments of the twentieth century to this day, it is still a must to cover you from the cold and look totally glamorous. Autumn coats are the must to look sophisticated and comfortable most of the time, thanks to its versatility we can find different styles, designs and colors that are in trend to achieve a avant-garde and cozy outfit you are looking for this season.




Fall coats always give us the best outfits during the coldest months of the year, if you want to look amazing and as a true fashionista I recommend investing in a coat to wear it this season. In the fashion weeks of Paris, New York and Milan we were able to delight in the advances and trends in coats.

From leather textures from the Balenciaga collection, to Gucci fur and colorful effect, oversize silhouettes from Dior and the most classic designs in wool and camel colors from Max Mara. If you want to end the year in the most elegant way and with a vintage touch do not hesitate to bring the fall coats. You can wear them to go to the office in an iconic way or go for coffee with your friends and achieve a warm but fashionable look.



The advantages of wearing autumn coats are that you can play with textures and different garments to create the best looks that best suit your lifestyle and all body types, choosing the right cut and a color that makes the perfect match you can create from a formal look to a sporty chic look, keep in mind that the accessories and shoes must be correct so as not to overload the outfit. Today you will know the reasons to invest in fall coats, the best styles and fashion tips you can have when wearing one during this season.


5 reasons to wear the best Fall Coats this season

In this season, you may want to create the best looks wearing fall coats to look great.  Why is it a good idea to have more than one? Well, because a coat can be a good way to add color to a look, highlight parts of your body that you love the most or you can wear jeans in a spectacular way.



Today you will know the 5 main reasons to start wearing these spectacular fall coats.

1-You can choose classic colors and designs: Of course you can wear a neon coat if you feel like it, but that will have a shorter lifetime than one that has neutral and classic colors. These are the ones that do not go out of style and help you achieve a timeless look.In addition, you must take into account that there are also materials that are basic like tweed or wool, and you should look for simple, minimalist designs that are more durable.

2.-Variety of materials to look warm and stylish: You can wear a faux fur or polyester coat, but the natural fibers will look better and are also friendly to the environment.

3.-The cut of the coat: This depends in part on your height, when choosing autumn coats you must bear in mind that you should not drag on the floor as it could be damaged.

4.-Fall coats are the must of the season: The thickness of a coat determines how many times a year you can use it, a very thick one can be hot and you will only be comfortable if it is very cold. ,But one that is too light is not really going to protect you from anything.It is important that you consider what you want the coat for and that you look for one that feels comfortable that is not too heavy and gives you the exact level of protection you need.

5.-They are versatile: Autumn coats are essential in our wardrobe and we can wear them with a nice belt, find them with patches, sometimes with details in sequins or many pockets 


What to wear with Fall Coats? 

This season you should not stop wearing autumn coats to achieve a fantastic look in minutes.Today I bring for you the best options of outfits with the most chic garments and accessories.

Outfit 1: The most beautiful colors to wear during the coldest days of the year is white since you can combine it with other textures and metallic colors to dazzle at any time. One of the autumn coats that I like the most are the Mao style collar, a modern classic and you will look fabulous. I recommend you wear the coat Sumaq by Jenny Duarte with Cecy wide leg pants by Carolina Estefan. 

If you are looking for a casual outfit you can achieve it with the Turquoise blouse by Sientochenta, I recommend you wear a pair of ankle boots to feel comfortable and stylish, you can wear the Malevola by Galeanna. Remember that it is the holiday season, you can wear earrings with crystals like the Leonor by Las Meninas. You will shine like a diamond in street style!



Outfit 2: Fall coats can also be worn with midi dresses and achieve a heart attack look when combined with patent leather high-heeled boots or ankle boots. I recommend you wear The Catalina by Elán white ankle boots with the dress Full Moon by Ananá Store Colombia and you will join the trend of puffed sleeves that are the hit for this season.



Wear a purple coat like the Puytu by Jenny Duarte, a fuchsia bag like the MIni Minca by Camila Mesar and Sátira Petite earrings by Geo Designs to create a funny and unique outfit. Do not hesitate to bring the incredible fall coats to look elegant and totally chic!

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By Melissa Zanini 


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