Basic guide to wearing the Brown Sweatshirt in style

Basic guide to wearing the Brown Sweatshirt in style

The sweatshirt had been cataloged as a comfortable garment that for a long time could not be conceived in more formal looks. But now, from proposals such as Athleisure that have been received and worn in the street style, we can visualize incredible outfits with this piece as a main element. That's why we have created a basic guide for you to incorporate the brown sweatshirt in your outfits without failing in the attempt. 

Let's talk a bit about the trend of wearing sportswear in casual or formal outfits in a way that stands out. Recently the sports brand Balenciaga launched its collection in collaboration with Adidas, being Bella Hadid, the image of this compilation.



One of the principles of this proposal is to wear different combinations than we might expect from a sportswear without sacrificing the comfort and warmth of its main objectives.

Celebrities, like Rihanna, have demonstrated how to wear this trend like an expert, without fail. With a complete sporty outfit combining, heeled ankle boots with a triangular toe, an oversized leather jacket and sunglasses. 

Kim Kardashian is another of them, who wore an asymmetrical top with pants and satin bomber jacket like the singer, the socialite opted for ankle boots with triangular toe.

One of the qualities that we like the most about this trend is that it gives us that casual but dressed up look, we might think that only showbiz or fashion personalities are able to look sophisticated even in pants, but it is possible to become an expert fashionista with the necessary keys. 

Being a beginner, when including this type of garments in our looks, we are all learning, we always recommend starting with combinations that we know, start going out in places that make us feel comfortable, it is important to remember that not everyone can be prepared to see us dabble in new trends, with this we mean that if there is a code of etiquette try to respect it to the maximum. 

Basic guide to wear the Brown Sweatshirt in your outfits  

Here we will share with you the basic guide to incorporate the brown sweatshirt in your outfits, making it look different like a professional. 

A point that we can take as an advantage of this sweatshirt is that it works perfect as a versatile garment, the brown color increasingly claims its place next to black and white as neutral colors with which we can create multiple combinations. 

Use it as a basic, this does not mean that you create an obvious outfit with the brown sweatshirt, wear it in looks with prints to balance. 

Monochrome look, it may seem like the most repeated advice when it comes to dabble in a 'risky' trend, but leaning for outfits with a single color creates a winning outfit in seconds. 



Combine it with garments that take away the 'sporty' look, such as blazers, coats and tailored pants. 

Oversize versions are a great ally, the differentiating touch? Wear the brown sweatshirt as a dress with tall boots, sunglasses and a bag that frames the style. 

Unconventional designs, go for those different silhouettes. With this booming proposal we can find a brown sweatshirt with promising cuts, such as puffed sleeves, asymmetrical, etc. 

In accessories, opt for those that contrast, maxi necklaces, earrings with personality, etc. 

The basic key when creating our outfits is the balance that we include in this, take into account that even if you wear a complete set of sportswear, if you add high heels, a stylish envelope type bag, the contrast will be undeniable and does not have to be a mistake, the important thing is that you feel confident in the looks you create and add all your essence to convey authenticity.


The On Post proposal for the Brown Sweatshirt 

As you can see, including the brown sweatshirt in your looks is easier than it seems, with a good balance you will look like a stylish fashionista. Here are the options you'll find in our collection. 

To start with Waffle Truffle Extra Soft from Lilai Sleepwear, this lightweight cotton sweatshirt, with ribbed texture and buttons on the neck, has all the qualities of a garment with which you will not get cold, plus it will work perfect with a basic piece in outfits where you need to neutralize prints. Wear it with a leather midi skirt and high boots. 

The ideal set, two plush pieces can also get the stylish air we are looking for, create it with Simples, Camel Original Crewneck and Camel Jogger, this total look combines it with a long tailored coat and high-heeled sandals. 

The accessories make the difference, go for those ornaments that have a different color and can balance the sporty look is an excellent idea, Suntouch Earrings from Vösh Design, will go great in an outfit with a brown sweatshirt in a light tone, the eyes will be on your earrings. 

Remember that trends may not be for everyone, if you do not feel comfortable with certain combinations you do not have to wear them, it is logical that some do not like the idea of wearing their high heels in conjunction with a garment that long had the label of casual wear, which are more classic looks and is completely valid.  At On Post you can find tips to style your looks as well as many trendy garments.

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 By Katia García

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