3 Looks ready to wear in a concert with a Wrap Skirt

3 Looks ready to wear in a concert with a Wrap Skirt

One of the activities that were missed the most during the confinement were undoubtedly the concerts and festivals, this year they were reactivated, giving us back the opportunity to sing at the top of our lungs our favorite songs. With this expected return our need for tips to create an outfit full of style is triggered, in search of inspiration we found a different proposal to attend the recital of our favorite artist, rocking a wrap skirt.

The versatility of this garment makes that we can not say goodbye to it in any season, of course you can find certain designs for specific seasons, but there are others that allow us to make the most of it. Some of the proposals of skirts that we found this year, you could wear them at the next concert you go to.



The best thing about the wrap skirt is that it is one of the silhouettes in which we can find the styles in trend and one of the most flattering, then we mention the most prominent to wear in autumn events.

Sequins, the sparkling wrapped skirt is one of our favorite options, being the protagonist of your look, it can be worn as a casual daytime dress or totally party wear by adding the right accessories.

Satin, with a less blinding shine but just enough to make an outfit stand out, just like the sequin skirt, you can wear it with sneakers or heels.

The leather wrapped skirt, has very autumn vibes in addition to being a basic in your closet, do not doubt the fantastic outfits you can achieve with it.

Details that stand out, this year we find designs with touches of rhinestones and fringe, these garments elevate our looks, clearly giving it a differentiating stamp. 


3 looks with a Wrap Skirt for a concert

Get inspired by these proposals for concert outfits with the wrap skirt and rock your look to the rhythm of your favorite singer or band. 

Basic white shirt + sequin wrap skirt, what we love about the combinations with versatile garments is that you can give it the color you need, this look can be worn with high heel sandals, ankle boots, or white sneakers, this depends on the comfort you need for the type of concert you attend.

Cowboy boots + satin wrap skirt, you can't look more on trend, add a seventies print knit sweater, you are ready for a Harry Styles concert. These boots are the sensation at festivals, consider wearing them when you already have them molded, this way you will only dedicate yourself to enjoy. 

T-shirt with print + leather wrap skirt, whether you go for the mini version, but this combination will give you the fan look that we often look for when attending a concert, add a leather jacket, you can wear it with high flat boots, combat boots or white sneakers.

Makeup for your looks with a Wrap Skirt

Take into account these makeup proposals to compliment your concert looks with the wrap skirt.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Sparkles, of course this year glitter in pigments for the eyes, glosses with glitter, rhinestones in the eyes were the most in trend. We recommend iridescent pearl tones, the great thing about adding stones in our looks is that you are so free to place them, and it will still look good, experiment with your creativity. Wear your lips with a long-lasting tint, or outline them and add a transparent gloss. 

Subtle, if you are looking to balance or just compliment your look with a simple makeup, you can try a basic black eyeliner, add some lines in your eye socket in a seventies style, combine with sand tones, go with organic eyebrows and a gloss. If you are more in favor of wearing color on your eyes, try neon or pastel eyeliners, this will depend on the type of show you are attending. 

Sassy, a foxy or mermaid eye, are looks that draw attention to our eyes, take a risk by lengthening your eyes with these techniques, ideal when your outfit is the one with the glitter. Line your lips like Hailey Rhode Bieber and you will be stunning.

Stylize your outfit with a Wrap Skirt

We share with you the proposals that you can find in our page of the skirt wrapped in a set of garments to stylize your looks with it and look amazing in your next recital.

The boho look is still interesting, combine Mykonos Skirt by Paralia with a printed blouse, try to match the color of the pattern with the chedron tone of this, for the plus, wear this outfit with high-heeled boots, the opening of the skirt will make them look and get the much appreciated boho chic. Ideal for a soul or r&b concert.

For romantic occasions there is no better outfit than an animal print wrap skirt with Blanca Pukara's Oasis Blouse, this combination gives us sophistication, add some high-heeled sandals, or ankle boots with fine heels.



On the other hand, if the recital will be a relaxed presentation, in an outdoor venue, and you don't need to walk long distances or stand for long periods of time, Alta's Carlotta Pardo Sandals will be your best option, wear them with a wrapped midi skirt, comfort and freshness for sunny autumn days.

In these events we can take the opportunity to produce and dare to wear our most striking or different accessories, a piercing party sounds great when you are looking for the jewelry in your ears to be the most striking. Spritz Earcuff by Mim, gives us style without having too many piercings, create crazy combinations with it.

Find out more on-trend items to compliment your looks and styling tips at On Post!


By Katia García

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