How to wear a Leather Jumpsuit like a Girl Boss

How to wear a Leather Jumpsuit like a Girl Boss

If you have lost inspiration when creating your looks for work, do not worry below we share ideas for outfits with a double essentially this season, wear leather overalls to work, comfort and trend. 

As we already know, our clothing says a lot about us, we can transmit through it, so when choosing the clothes with which we present ourselves to our work can help us to express and why not get what we are looking for. The psychology of color has already said it, with the recommendations of tones to use at the time of a job interview, that insinuates that if you get your looks right, be sure that you will be treated as a professional. 



Work is one of the places where we spend much of our time, which makes us need a comfortable outfit, this is one of the qualities of the leather jumpsuit, do not let the material make you think otherwise, then we will mention certain advantages to consider it as a look to work. 

  • Composition, this silhouette makes you practically already have the whole outfit, you can add accessories, but you already have the upper and lower garment.
  • In terms of trend, the boom that leather has in summer or autumn makes it infallible, you'll be looking stylish if or if.
  • Diversity of designs, in relation to the previous point, being an elementary material in each season, we can find a variety of designs of leather overalls, one of the most successful to wear to work, buttoned, with lapels and wide leg.



Some of the celebrities and personalities who have given their approval by adding their personal mark by wearing the leather jumpsuit like a girl boss are JLO, Alessandra Ambrosio and Olivia Palermo.

In case you are wondering how to wear a leather jumpsuit to work and still keep the formality it requires, here are some ideas to compliment it and wear it with sophistication.

How to style your look with Leather Jumpsuit for work

Take note, here are some tips to give a stylish touch to your work look with leather jumpsuit.

Turtlenecks are great allies in winter, but their quality of emphasizing this part of the body makes us look elegant, accompany the leather jumpsuit with this garment underneath.

For footwear, wear a pair of ankle boots with a triangular heel. If your leather jumpsuit is short, take a risk by wearing a little higher, this will give a chunky effect on the bottom, if you are looking for something more daring but just as stylish, wear the boots over the jumpsuit. The allies of formal looks, stilettos, go great with a wide leg. For days when you want to have a casual outfit, opt for a dungarees' jumpsuit with sneakers and a coat in a vibrant tone.



Flat track boots and loafers can also be an excellent choice if you are looking for comfort or do not want to spend all day in heels.

A bag that expresses our commitment to the work look, the tote bag without a doubt, we could say that this style is the modern version of the briefcase. A cross body envelope style also stands out.

It depends on the silhouette of the jumpsuit, but you can add a belt to mark your waist, it will stylize your look even more.  Give the leather jumpsuit a twist, from work to party

Because of its versatility, the leather jumpsuit can save you on occasions when you have an after work event, you only require a change of shoes, add accessories and your look will go from the office to the club without fail.

Change the stilettos for a high-heeled sandal with thin straps, for a more sensual touch, you can go for a contrasting tone. Substitute discreet earrings for hoops with personality. If it's a button-up, wear your jumpsuit open, add a lace bralette or a satin top.

Complete your look with the Leather Jumpsuit 

Check out our selection of trendy garments to style your look with the leather jumpsuit when wearing it to work.

Total look, coordinated outfits are a hit, CAMILLE from Balanka, this wine-colored leather jacket is what you need to compliment your look, its lapels give it the elegant touch, wear it as a pop of color in an outfit in neutral tones. MARCEIA from the same brand gives us a more rock glam tinge, with its silver studs, do not hesitate to add it.



Teresa Black Mules by Alta, are a different and promising option for comfortable shoes that we wear to work, made of leather and in black color, which makes them versatile, they can be combined with other tones. The wooden heel makes them stand out, wear them in your outfit with leather jumpsuit and a trench coat.

Huaraz black poncho by Muna the Label, will be your ally in cold days, the combination of leather and knit is a success. With a collar that makes it look like a cape and fringe around it that are in trend, it will give you an elegant air.

Consider the leather jumpsuit for its versatility you can take advantage of it, wear it as a work or party outfit, take into account these types of garments to build a sustainable closet. At On Post, you can find articles to style your looks and tips to rock your outfits in street style. 


By Katia García

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