5 fashion gifts to give this Mother's Day

5 fashion gifts to give this Mother's Day

Mother's Day is coming up and if you don't want to celebrate it with the typical bouquet of roses, it's time to think of fashion gifts that mom will love. Meet them!

Our moms are the best friends, advisors and companions. Such is their importance in our lives, that we have a whole day to celebrate them and remind them of all the reasons why they are so special to us.

Every time this date approaches, uncertainty and doubt about the perfect gift haunt our thoughts, so to help you in this process we bring you 5 fashion ideas that will help you get out of the typical gift for this May 10 and reinvent it with fashion clothes and accessories that mom will love. Discover our Gifts for Mother's Day

A unique dress for mom

Mom has filled us with love and care for many years, why not give her back a little of that affection by pampering her with a garment as unique as her?



If this May 10 you want to give her a different and authentic fashion gift, a dress is your best option. Choose the one that goes with your mom's style so that she feels very comfortable wearing it.

You can choose between a long dress with a vibrant color that lights up your mom's joy or a suit simulation dress if she prefers a more classic and elegant style.



A especial gem

A jewel will always be synonymous with durability, commitment and love, qualities that are similar to mom's love.

This Mother's Day you can surprise her with a special gift bathed in gold or silver. Choose between rings, necklaces or earrings that represent her personality and that can accompany her everywhere and in all her outfits.

Do you think your mom would like a pair of earrings in the shape of large natural leaves to celebrate this special day? Or does your style go more with a discreet design like pearl earrings? These and more pieces of jewelry can be found here!


The most fashionable mom on the beach

If your mom is a lover of paradisiacal destinations or has planned a trip to the beach to celebrate her this Mother's Day, this gift will be perfect for her.

A swimsuit is essential when visiting the sea, so this May 10 you can surprise mom with one that highlights her sensuality and allows her to feel free and comfortable.

With this fashion gift mom will look spectacular. What do you think is your favorite model? A full swimsuit with elegant touches or a two-piece with ruffles? Meet more models here!



Shoes, the basis of fashion gifts

A great outfit for mom can't be complete without the right shoes. High, low, stiletto or platform, shoes will always accompany mom in her best moments and in her daily activities, so why not give her a pair (or many pairs) that make the perfect match with her personality ?

If your mom loves high heels, Peyola's quetzal green are a great option because, in addition to a modern and sexy design, their hue is perfect for the spring-summer season.

On the other hand, if your mom prefers to be more comfortable in her day-to-day life, we also have a great proposal for her. The mules have gained popularity among the most elegant outfits of the season, so if you are looking for a unique and different gift for her, this is your best option. We recommend Peyola's gold mules, as they are comfortable and fashionable, perfect for the most modern moms.



A bag, the infallible accessory for mom

We have always observed how mom carried an impressive handbag everywhere (and not because of its design or style) that managed to hold a large number of unimaginable objects: wallet, cell phone, diapers, changes of clothes, wipes, makeup... end, the quantity is infinite.

For this and more reasons, we know that a bag is essential for all mothers in their day-to-day life and now is your chance to give her one that, more than carrying diapers, will help her look spectacular and glamorous on all her outings.

No one knows mom better than you, so at On Post we have an extensive catalog of handbags so that you can only dedicate yourself to finding the one that best suits the style and personality of the most special woman in your life.

Which do you think goes better with her? A small and discreet handbag like the Dahlia Black bag? Or a more modern and geometric one like the Wara bag?

We know that mom's love cannot be bought with any gift, but it is always worth pampering her and showing our gratitude in an original and very special way. Find these and more fashion gifts for Mother's Day only at On Post.

Por Diana Mendoza


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