5 stylish outfits for your Cinco de Mayo party

5 stylish outfits for your Cinco de Mayo party

Discover the most colorful outfits for a Cinco de Mayo celebration full of style.

The Cinco de Mayo party is just around the corner and if you still don't know what outfit to wear for that day, here are 5 proposals that can inspire you to celebrate big!


A special occasion deserves a special dress

If for this Cinco de Mayo you have planned an elegant party to celebrate in a big way, an elevated outfit will be perfect to stand out among all the guests.

We recommend you use the Nightingale dress by Denisse Kuri, which, in addition to its spectacular appearance, carries a bit of Mexican culture and tradition in each embroidery, which you cannot leave aside at this party.

Complement it with some golden Hoops Earrings from Geo Design that frame your face and give your features much more symmetry. Beautiful and elegant for this Cinco de Mayo!



The sexiest style for Cinco de Mayo

If your idea of ​​celebrating this date is more relaxed but with a fun touch, the Xochipalli Dress is your best option, as it maintains all the comfort that characterizes this garment but eliminates the rigidity that a more elegant outfit could have.

Whether you're having your party indoors or outdoors, this low-cut dress will be perfect in any kind of weather this Cinco de Mayo throws its way.

To give a pop of color to its black tone, we suggest you complement it with a colorful bag, like this bucket bag in woven fabric with fringes. Isn't it the same as Mexican decorations? We love!



A colorful Cinco de Mayo

If your style is more fun and cheerful, but you still don't know what to wear this Cinco de Mayo, don't worry, the Amira dress has come to your rescue!

Its print is completely unique (as it has red, green, blue and yellow geometric figures) and eye-catching, as is this party full of margaritas, burritos and huge hats.

Add some Kuu earrings and chain bracelet in yellow to match the pattern of your dress perfectly. These accessories will give much more vitality to your look.

Finally, take Peyola's beige Cora heels with you to feel comfortable with their platform without leaving the stylish outfits behind.


Reinvent textiles and embroidery with your Cinco de Mayo outfit

If your party is a little more traditional and you want to rescue more elements of Mexican culture but in a modern way, the Otavalo set will be your ideal option.

Its mermaid cut skirt will accentuate your figure in a sexy way and its fan-shaped top will be a clear reference to Mexican folklore.

And to give it a more daring touch of color, how about combining your outfit with these green Peyola heels? A very representative color of the Mexican flag!


A casual outfit to celebrate Cinco de Mayo

If your Cinco de Mayo party will be much more casual and you want to feel comfortable and free to dance and drink as many margaritas as possible, jeans with a nice blouse will always be a 100% successful outfit.

Wear your favorite jeans with a different blouse, there lies all the success of this look. We suggest the Snispac blouse as it maintains a neutral color but adds a unique shape that will make you look sexy without even trying.

In addition, the accessory that will save your night full of dance and fun will be this Palmier palm fan with which you can cool off at all times. Don't stop the party!


Enjoy your Cinco de Mayo with the most stylish outfits we have for you.

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Por Diana Mendoza

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