The time has come to be inspired by your mom's makeup looks with these outlines

The time has come to be inspired by your mom's makeup looks with these outlines

Vintage eyeliners are back and here we tell you how to recreate them step by step.

Fashion always comes back. The trends that were followed years ago and that you thought would never return, are gaining relevance today and we love it!

One of them is that of retro or vintage eyeliners, which take up the eccentricity and dynamism of the sixties and seventies as inspiration and transform them into a renewed version of them.

These retro eyeliners are characterized by using intense colors (such as pink, green, and salmon), by being very thickly outlined that help to frame the gaze as much as possible, or by exaggerating their size, just as doll lashes do.

If vintage trends are your thing, here's how to recreate some of today's favorite retro eyeliners.


Floating eyeliner

There is no eyeliner that better represents vintage fashion than the floating eyeliner. This look was used during the seventies and it was common to see it in the eyes of almost all the artists of the time.


To recreate this look there are two ways: with black and white eyeliner or with one of the brightest colors, but you will love the result of both.

First you must draw an outline above your eyelid and the furthest from the line of your eyelashes, remember that the thicker the line, the better the vintage effect will be. You can finish it at the height of your eyebrow so that your eyes look more open and sexy.


White eyeliner

Another characteristic eyeliner of the time is the white one. This type of eyeliner was mixed between the streets and the big screens, there was no woman who could resist wearing a resplendent and striking look, hence the great popularity it obtained over the years.


This retro makeup can be recreated in different ways and styles, the important thing will always be to keep the white color as a base. You can wear it in a normal eyeliner, a cat eye, double eyeliner, floating eyeliner or a single extra thick eyeliner.

To do the latter, we recommend getting a highly pigmented white eyeliner to avoid transparency in your makeup look. First you must draw an elongated line (as if it were a cat eye) and once you have the silhouette marked, you must fill it in and leave it at the width you prefer. And ready! It's that easy to transport your makeup back to the 1970s.


Doll eyeliner

Doll eyes have crossed the boundaries of time thanks to their cute and quirky look, if you don't check out the impeccable way Zendaya wears it today. This vintage makeup is characterized by framing the look in such a way that it looks highlighted and friendly, just like the dolls of those years.


Help yourself with a black eyeliner to create small strokes in the form of inverted triangles in the lower part of the eye, in this way you will achieve the effect of small false eyelashes.

The upper part of your eye can be complemented with an elongated eyeliner or cat eye. On this occasion we recommend you not to make it so thick so that it does not steal prominence from the effect of lower false eyelashes.


Double eyeliner

Among vintage trends or retro makeup, double eyeliner could not be missing. This look is similar to the floating eyeliner, only a second liner is added to the lash line.


Said eyeliner can be simple or in the form of a cat eye, you can even add an eyeliner in the lower water line to create a heavier and more seductive look. Let your imagination run wild to wear double liner in a unique way!

Tell us which of these outlines you would like to recreate and share your photos with us on our social networks!


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Por Diana Mendoza

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