What To Wear to a Baptism: 5 Stylish Outfits

What To Wear to a Baptism: 5 Stylish Outfits

Whether you are religious or not, you know that baptism is an important part of many people’s lives and an important part of someone’s spiritual journey. Being invited to attend a baptism is a high honor, so of course, you will want to dress the part. 

When I’ve been invited to attend a baptism, I always plan my outfit ahead of time so that I feel confident I will wear something that shows the level of respect and sincerity I have for my close friend’s choices. 

I’ve put together a guide of my top five favorite outfits I’ve worn to a baptism. Check them out below!

What Is a Baptism?

Baptism is a religious rite that either involves immersing someone in water or sprinkling water over someone’s head (the latter typically being for a child). This symbolizes rebirth and spiritual cleansing.

Although all religions do not practice baptism, for those who follow this practice, a baptism is an important step in their spiritual journey because it symbolizes purification. It’s generally seen as a big step with regard to someone's belief in the afterlife.

Being invited to attend someone’s baptism shows high respect for you as a person. Like weddings and similar events, this is often an emotional time where people celebrate with those they treasure most. For that reason, I always make an effort to dress appropriately.

Best Attire for Baptisms by Venue


If you’re attending a baptism at a church, my first piece of advice would be to consult the person who is getting baptized (or their family) and ask what their church’s unofficial dress code looks like.

If the venue is more laid back, you’ll want to be aware so as not to overdress. However, if this is a cathedral or a more formal setting, dressing accordingly is vital.


Some baptisms take place outdoors, in rivers, lakes, or even the ocean. If this baptism is taking place outside, typically, the dress code is more casual. Since outdoor baptisms usually happen in the warmer months, I recommend breathable and looser clothing.

My go-to outfit for an outdoor baptism is loose linen or silk pants, especially if it’s held on the beach. These pants are appropriate for a religious rite while also ensuring I remain comfortable and cool. 

Private Home

If the baptism is held in a private home, I lean towards semi-formal attire. Since this ceremony is in an intimate setting, I don’t feel the need to overdress. However, I still want my outfit to show that I appreciate the sanctity of this tradition.

When I attend a baptism in a private home, I typically opt for some elegant pants and a loose, flowing blouse. This ensures that I’m comfortable while still acknowledging the event’s emotional weight. 


5 Classics Outfits To Wear to a Baptism

Skirt and Blouse


You can never go wrong with a classic blouse tucked into a skirt. If you want to keep things simple and professional, you can pair a solid-colored blouse with a midi skirt and some heels. If you want to add a visual element, wear a skirt with texture that is eye-catching but still maintains a formal air.

A maxi skirt is a fantastic choice for an outdoor baptism. These skirts are long and elegant but also very breathable and comfortable outdoors. When I attend a beach baptism, I love to wear a maxi skirt with my favorite short sleeve shirt and an elevated yet floppy sun hat.





Dresses are probably the number one article of clothing my mind turns to when I think of attending a baptism. A dress is a convenient single article of clothing to complete any outfit in one fell swoop. 

I like to wear a high-fashion dress with a dynamic and unique pattern on it when I’m attending an important event like this. I find that pastels feel the most appropriate to me or simply lighter colors like white and baby blue.

While the individual getting baptized will likely wear white, there is no social rule prohibiting guests from doing the same (unlike at weddings). 

If I’m wearing a dress to a baptism, I always accessorize with matching jewelry. I feel like this ups the elegance of my get-up and fits in with the gravity of the situation.

Formal Pants and Blouse

If you’re searching to dress respectfully but aren’t feeling a dress or skirt, formal pants with a coordinating blouse may be the right answer for you. I love pairing a neutral pair of trousers with a neutral button-down blouse and popping on a colorful belt to spice up the look.

You can approach the look in a very different way. Colorful pants are a great way to express your personal style while dressing the part for this tradition. I like to pair colorful solid-colored pants with a patterned top that has bits of that color sprinkled throughout.




One of the most popular and functional articles of clothing is the jumpsuit. Much like a dress or romper, the jumpsuit is an all-in-one outfit. This makes for an easy base for building your ensemble on top of. 

If I wear a jumpsuit anywhere, but especially somewhere formal, I always like to accessorize with jewelry. A go-to ensemble for me is an olive jumpsuit with gold accents. I also like wearing colorful jewelry with a neutral jumpsuit for a pop.

Matching Set

Lastly, I love wearing matching sets to important events like baptisms. There’s just something about the ease of outfit choice combined with the elegance of coordination that I just can’t get over.

My go-to matching sets usually involve a top and a skirt or a top and matching bottoms. You look absolutely stunning and will be dressed the part when you choose to wear a matching set with a colorful pattern.

What To Wear if You Are Getting Baptized

One outfit we didn’t address is what to wear if it’s you who is getting baptized, and that’s an important question as well! There are a few do’s and don’t to keep in mind so that you enjoy this experience to the utmost fullest.

White is the color most associated with baptisms, so, naturally, many opt for this shade, especially babies. For adults undergoing a baptism, check that if you wear white (or any light color), the garment won’t become see-through when it gets wet. 

If you do want to wear white and have concerns over your outfit of choice, perhaps consider layering a darker tank top and bike shorts underneath. Otherwise, darker clothing, like jewel tones, can be stunning (and practical).

Another aspect to consider is the thickness of your clothing. Much like white clothing, thin clothing can also be transparent when wet. For this reason, sturdier and thicker materials are often preferable. 

A New You

Baptism is a significant step in someone’s spiritual journey, and being invited to attend one is an honor: That’s why I take what I wear to this ritual thoughtfully.

Whether you’re attending in a formal church setting or a ceremony intended to connect with nature, there’s an outfit opportunity for everyone. I hope that with this guide on my top five favorite outfits to wear to baptism, you feel inspired and prepared the next time you’re invited to attend one.


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