Lesém, the awakening of responsible fashion

Lesém, the awakening of responsible fashion

Lesém is a brand that was born in Peru with the firm purpose of making responsible fashion known throughout the world. Its ecofriendly and modern proposal is the perfect combination!


Peru is the origin point of Lesém, a brand for people who love fashion, look for quality garments, long durability, reject the massive and pay for an original look.

If you are not yet fully integrated into the world of slow fashion or want to learn more about responsible consumption in fashion, Lesém can be your guide on this path.

Discover the complete history of the brand here!


The awakening of responsible fashion

Lesém was born at the beginning of the 2020 pandemic in Lima, Peru, however, it was a project that had been contemplated by its creator for many years.

During the confinement due to Covid 19, the founder and designer of the brand took a break from her office work, and from that moment she decided to dedicate all her effort and concentration to building the brand that she had always dreamed of having.

With the help of her partner and husband, they managed to form a solid enterprise, based on economics and fashion that would give Lesém a unique personality.

This brand was created for those who want to communicate a luxurious, modern, and versatile style.



Timeless, effortless, and luxe basics

Lesém is proof that fashion and care for the environment can live in sync and create perfect garments for your day-to-day life.

This brand has such versatile designs that it doesn't matter if your style is romantic, classic, or daring, each of its pieces can be mixed with these or more styles. The important thing is that you convey your personality to each of the looks you use.

Lesém is designed for people who are fashion lovers and who are waking up to a conscious consumption habit, so if you are starting to get to know the world of slow fashion, Lesém is your ideal option to do so.


Izzie pants

These pants are so comfortable and versatile that you can put together thousands of looks with them in any season of the year. Its cut at the waist allows you to elongate your figure and wear it with crop tops or short sweaters during the fall.




Alex corset

Corsets are one of the strongest fashion trends for this fall-winter season. Whether you wear them alone or combine them with a cardigan, these garments will make you look as formal as they are sexy.

If you haven't included corsets in your outfits yet, this may be a good time to start wearing them.


Midnight shirt

The typical formal shirt was reinvented by Lesém. Now you can wear this garment but with a different touch, which is achieved with the help of the ribbons that are tied at the back and that stylize your figure much more.

Without a doubt, the Midnight shirt turned classic into bold!


Fashion and responsible style

In addition to having an unparalleled style that adapts to formal or casual looks, Lesém is a brand committed to responsible consumption and care for the environment through the creation of its fashionable garments.

The brand does not carry out mass production, on the contrary, it is within the category of slow fashion thanks to its reduced collections that avoid waste and excessive contamination.

In addition to this, Lesém creates 80% of its pieces with dead stock of fabrics, which they rescues and transforms into fashion icons. It should be noted that a large part of these fabric balances are 100% natural compositions such as cotton, linen and nansú.



Lesém garments not only guarantee timelessness and quality, but also style, avant-garde and luxury.

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By Diana Mendoza


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