What Necklace To Wear With What Neckline?

What Necklace To Wear With What Neckline?

Accessorizing is quite possibly my favorite part of completing a look. It’s the perfect way to add the last little flair to an outfit, leaving me feeling confident and put together. 

One of my favorite accessories is the necklace. Necklaces pair well with all other types of jewelry and are an easy way to add an interesting element to your ensemble. How do you know which necklace to wear with your top, though? That’s what I’m going to answer here.

History of Necklaces

Necklaces are one of the oldest adornments in history, with some early necklaces being found to date 25,000 years ago. These were usually made of shells, stones, and beads. 

Now, necklaces are one of the most popular accessories you can find, with so many styles and materials available.

What Are the Different Necklace Lengths?

When creating the red-carpet-worthy ensemble of your dreams, start with the basics. Here are some of the most common necklace lengths you’ll run into while shopping:


The collar necklace is approximately 12-13 inches and is the smallest necklace size.


The choker is the next necklace on the list as the second-to-smallest variation. This necklace is typically 14-16 inches and is one of the most beloved varieties.


Tied with the choker in popularity, the princess length is 18-20 inches long. This necklace is a classic and can be worn with a wide range of necklines.


Matinee necklaces measure 22-23 inches. It’s a bit longer than the princess and choker necklaces. The matinee is great for layering along with princess and choker lengths.


The opera necklace is 30-35 inches and typically hits around the breastbone. Like the matinee, it’s ideal for layering along with shorter necklaces. 


Any necklace that is longer than the opera is known as a rope necklace. These longer necklaces look lovely with high necklines, such as turtlenecks or cowl necks. 


The lariat is the longest variation of a necklace. It may sound like it falls into the rope category, which it does, but it’s important to note that lariat necklaces are typically worn wrapped multiple times around the neck.

Types of Necklines and What Necklace to Wear With Them

Crew Neck

Crew necks are fab on everyone, but they are a great way to highlight your features if you have a longer neck. You might prefer wearing very short necklaces, such as the collar or choker, or very long necklaces with a crew neck. 

The in-between lengths, such as the princess and the matinee, can work with a lovely blouse with a crew neck. If your top is on the more casual side, try long or short necklaces — both look equally flattering.

Scoop Neck

Scoop necklines are rounded and lower than crewnecks. Medium-length necklaces like the princess and matinee look chic with scoop necks and highlight the collar bone.


Turtlenecks are a fantastic neckline to wear with necklaces, especially solid-colored turtlenecks. The top serves as a backdrop to your necklace (or necklaces; layering is always a good idea with necklaces) and allows your accessories to really pop. Turtlenecks are also one of the best necklines to wear with long necklaces.


A halter top is best worn with shorter necklaces, matinee length, and above. Because the top serves as its own type of quasi-neckwear, longer necklaces might distract from the cut of the tee.


V-necks look excellent with princess necklaces, especially those with a charm. This will give your chain more of a v-shape due to gravity and will effortlessly complement your neckline.


Necklaces that are matinee-length or longer are stunning when worn with a collared top if they are outside and under the collar. If you want to wear a necklace directly on your neck, I recommend wearing a princess-length piece or shorter.


Strapless necklines tend to have more of a straight or square style to them, which is why I don’t recommend overlapping the neckline with the necklace. So on that note, my favorite necklace to pair with this neckline is the princess or shorter.


Similar to the strapless neckline, the shorter necklaces are best with this neckline, and I tend to wear more minimal jewelry with this shape. The square is striking enough on its own that jewelry should be a mild compliment to this.

Gold Accents

One of my favorite jewelry materials is gold. This quintessential metal looks stunning with any outfit, but it especially looks good paired with other gold pieces around the body. Gold couples well with warm hues, like yellows, reds, and browns.

Pairing multiple minimal gold necklaces (or rings) together is a big fad now. You can make the getup even more enchanting by combining necklaces made of different types of chains. For example, a thin gold necklace with charms looks excellent juxtaposed next to a gold chain link necklace.

Pearly Looks

Another material soaring in popularity is the pearl. Pearls have long fascinated society and have been used in jewelry for thousands of years. You may have a necklace made entirely of pearls or simply a chain with a pearl as a charm or anywhere in between.

Pearl necklaces can be worn on their own, but you can never go wrong by pairing them with other jewelry. While I mentioned how popular layering gold necklaces is, you can elevate that look even further by throwing a pearl necklace into the mix.

Silky Silver

As classic as gold and affordable as well, silver is the second most popular metal used in jewelry. Unlike gold, silver pairs best with cool hues; think blues, greens, and grays. However, this isn’t a hard and fast rule. Feel free to wear whatever you personally like!


How To Style Your Necklace

Layering Is Key

I mentioned that layering necklaces is all the rage in the fashion world right now. It’s a convenient way to level up with something intricate and eye-catching. Wearing multiple minimal gold necklaces can keep your aesthetic simple yet elegant. 

You can also layer opposing styles of necklaces to add an interesting element to your neckline. For example, you can pair a necklace with jewels with a simple chain necklace or even a pearl necklace. The possibilities for combinations are endless. 

Pair With Rings, Bracelets, and Earrings

One of the most fun aspects of styling a necklace is pairing it with other complementary pieces. A chunky matching ring coupled with a few chain necklaces unites different aspects of the body together for a put-together vibe.

Add Color to Your Outfit Through Jewelry

Necklaces and jewelry, in general, are fantastic ways to incorporate pops of color into your attire. With the rise in popularity of Y2K fashion, eclectic and funky jewelry is trending at an all-time high. Even if you have a more minimalist style, you might enjoy experimenting with color by incorporating a unique piece of jewelry.

Necklace to Neckline: Perfectly Paired

Perhaps the most enjoyable part of completing a look is adding the finishing touches. This can include adding a bag or a jacket, but of course, it can be through your jewelry. 

Now, you have all the knowledge you need to add the perfect necklace to your favorite outfit — it’s your time to shine!



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