How to wear multiple rings

How to wear multiple rings

It's no secret that the right jewelry can transform any basic outfit into an elevated one. Follow the steps in this guide and discover how to wear multiple rings in the same look!

Rings are a small accessory but with great power. You can wear any basic outfit, but the moment you add rings and jewelry to your look, everything changes! You feel more groomed, confident and elegant.

Today we teach you how to use multiple rings in the same look so that you can be the queen of layering jewelry.


Wear two or three rings on the same finger

Why settle for just one ring? For some seasons we have seen that the use of multiple rings has become more common and it is that no one can resist this style.

To achieve this look, we recommend using thin rings of different sizes. You must not forget that the width of the base of your finger is different from that of the tip of it.

MIM's Soul ring is perfect for this purpose. Its light, discreet and versatile design will allow you to combine it with any outfit, regardless of whether it is casual or formal.


Wear multiple rings on hand

If wearing multiple rings on one finger isn't your favorite style, we have a slightly different but just as glamorous version: wearing multiple rings on one hand.

This look consists of using several rings on all the fingers of your hand. They can be rings of the same color, theme, texture or combined. The important thing about this trend is to be able to tell a story with each of your rings and not place any randomly or it could break with the rest of your outfit.

For example, you can use two basic rings (such as the Chunky Soul ring and the L'amour ring from MIM)

and contrast it with two completely different rings (such as the Snake ring and the Coral ring from Santa Diabla). They may look different but they all have curved lines in common. The perfect combination!


Combine rings of the same theme

If you want to give your look much more uniformity and meaning, you can choose rings that have the same theme, design or figures, in this way they will all look even and your fashion concept will be more easily noticed.

A combination that we propose is that of the Sunlight and Moonlight rings from MIM.

Each one has the figure of the sun and the moon, which makes them perfect to complement each other and tell a much more harmonious story. You will look perfect day and night!

Another themed look that you can also achieve is with Tita López's Calavera Tzompantli rings. Perfect for rebellious souls!


Combine gold rings with silver rings

Sometimes we are afraid to use gold and silver accessories at the same time because we believe that they will not look good together or that their color difference will constantly compete in our look. However, this idea has changed over time and today we can tell you that this is going to become one of your favorite combinations.

How would you like to combine the Onilium Poro ring in silver and gold tones? For us they are the winning duo!

Or how about combining the elegance and geometric design of the One Thousand ring by Geo Designs with the delicacy of the silver-plated Soul ring by MIM? We love to take risks and we are sure that you do too!


The possibilities of combining your rings are endless, it's just a matter of daring to use them in a different way but always keeping the style that characterizes you.

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By Diana Mendoza

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