Wear a Cropped Sweatshirt this season like a Fashionista

Wear a Cropped Sweatshirt this season like a Fashionista

Since the mid 2020s, the cropped sweatshirt has become a must-have, and it remains a stylish and popular trend today.

The crop trend has merged with athleisure, know a little more about how you can combine a short sweatshirt in a stylish way. You can exercise in the coolest way or you can attend an event with a sporty but comfortable touch.


Cropped Sweatshirt a comfortable and timeless garment

The cropped sweatshirt have become a key piece in the wardrobe of almost all women of different ages, they are a new basic as are jeans or a white T-shirt. The fashion industry has given us surprises in recent years and the sweatshirt as we know it has changed drastically, and it has ceased to be considered as a purely sporting garment.

It has been present in street style and in the most chic fashion collections of the season such as Miu Miu or Moschino, the cropped sweatshirt have been worn by celebrities and influencers, how can they start wearing a short sweatshirt as an expert in fashion and trends.



The cropped sweatshirts are a feminine piece that goes beyond being a basic garment, the different versions in fabric, design and shape are endless: cropped sweatshirts in cotton, velvet, with message, color block or all-over prints, oversize style, asymmetrical, with zipper or buttons.

Today the cropped sweatshirts appear in fashion shows, they are practical and comfortable, they relate to the athleisure style, which has brought sportswear to daily use with a special touch. The cropped sweatshirt is a must that you should not miss to be comfortable and with the best style 24/7.

For women today sweatshirts are a complement to their everyday wardrobe in almost any season, if you know how to combine them well. Today you will learn how to wear a cropped sweatshirt like a diva with the following tips and fashion recommendations, are you ready?


Types of Cropped Sweatshirt

There are different styles of cropped sweatshirts that you can choose depending on your personality and occasion, then you will know the most popular.



Cropped sweatshirt with round neck: Crew neck sweatshirts are a must that can not be missing in your collection. Get a 90s style with the combination of a cropped sweatshirt with a message and ripped jeans of high throw.

Cropped sweatshirt with zipper: Another of the most versatile and easy to combine options are open crop cut sweatshirts with zipper closure. You can try different looks wearing it both closed and open with a matching crop top or on a floral dress to give it a sporty touch with classic white sneakers.

Adjustable cropped sweatshirt: For fashionista girls looking to give an urban and cool style, there are cropped sweatshirts with an adjustable drawstring at the waist.

Cross cropped sweatshirt: The detail on the front in this type of sweatshirt draws a super interesting outline on the waist in the form of a triangle. It will allow you to accentuate your waist and you can combine it with wide-legged jeans to give harmony to the garments along with your silhouette. 

What style do you choose for this winter season? Find your new favorite in the On Post collection.


Chic ways to wear a Cropped Sweatshirt

Winter fashion is totally comfortable and easy to wear, since you can combine sportswear with casual garments and get a runway look ready to wear at any time. If you have a cropped sweatshirt or do not know how to combine it, don't worry with these outfit options you will be able to look amazing with any style.

Casual date: If you have a date, but you are a little nervous and want to impress you can do it with the following garments from the On Post collection. Remember that the first impression is always important, if you will have a date in a park and then you will go for a coffee you must do it in the most comfortable way possible.

For that long-awaited day, I recommend you wear the cropped sweatshirt Fuchsia Crewneck short with adjustable elastic by Simples, with the denim pants Your Cute Jeans Blue by Sientochenta. 

If you don't want to wear the cropped sweatshirt all the time, you can wear a nice white top like the Ina by Dua Blend underneath. It will look fabulous if you add a necklace like the Piedra Blanca by Iconique. 

Remember that for a first date, you must be sure of yourself and what you are wearing, how you do not know how long a sneakers will always get you out of any trouble and you will have that sporty chic touch, wear the Sneakers Galeanna by Galeanna along with the bag Bamboo Sport by Maralgui. With this outfit you will steal anyone's heart, I wish you a happy and lucky date! 



Trendy and chic: With the athleisure trend, sportswear combines perfectly with any other garment and you can wear it everywhere. A total look in black, it will be elegant and comfortable, you can wear the pants  Divine Flare Basic by Lhasa Fitwear with the top of wide straps and square neckline Valeria by Nabel Martins.



Heels or sneakers? Sometimes it is difficult to answer that question, but definitely for this look the mules in black Teresa by Alta will look beautiful! And the icing on the cake for this outfit, is the cropped sweatshirt Black University Crewneck by Simples, remember that accessories are also important so I recommend you use the earrings Black Garden by Jetlagmode along with the bag  Black Tayau by Malau. 

With a cropped sweatshirt you have a good chance of looking amazing! If you are looking for the trends of the moment and the best style tips, subscribe to the NewsLetter of On Post.


By Melissa Zanini

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