Hello December! Stay warm wearing a White Puffer Jacket

Hello December! Stay warm wearing a White Puffer Jacket

Winter is considered one of the chicest seasons of the year and the favorite of many fashionistas because it is the perfect time to come out of the coats, sweaters and jackets. If you are looking for a comfortable and warm option, the white puffer jacket will be your best ally to wear casual and formal looks.

The white puffer jacket is one of the protagonists of street style during this winter season. With the On Post collection you will have the best looks so learn how to combine this jacket to look glamorous in the coldest months of the year.


The White Puffer Jacket the indispensable garment for winter

In the winter months, when the temperature drops and we do not want to become cold, there is one garment that has become a street style favorite: the white puffer jacket.This jacket has become a new basic that can not be missing in your wardrobe to complete your winter looks with other garments that you have available.

The functionality of the white padded jacket is to protect us from the cold with great style. If you ran out of ideas to wear this spectacular jacket, do not worry today we will give you the best tips to look spectacular when wearing it.



The white color is powerful and you can create the best combinations of looks using it, it also goes ad hoc with the winter season.You can combine garments in silver or gold depending on your style and personality. So it won't take you much effort to wear a white puffer jacket, take advantage of this iconic garment and get inspired to look fabulous in street style.

The white puffer jacket is a must to achieve a balanced look for this winter season, as it is light but very warm so you will not go unnoticed anywhere you go, you won't even be cold. The white puffer jackets are designed with synthetic fibers such as nylon and polyester mainly, sometimes you can find these jackets with materials natural as cotton or goose feathers.

But if you want to buy a padded jacket in an environmentally conscious way and the care of animals, It is also advisable to look for vegan options made with coconut fibers and banana leaves, the Pangaia brand and laboratory offers cruelty free options.

The white puffer jacket fits close to the chest, has a rectangular profile, closes with a front zipper and is very lightweight. By wearing this jacket you will stylize your figure and achieve a sporty chic look depending on the accessories and shoes you wear. But do not hesitate to wear it, I assure you that it will look amazing! What are you waiting for to wear a white puffer jacket for this holiday season?



How to wear a White Puffer Jacket in Street Style?

If you had any doubt that a white puffer jacket is an essential element at this time, you just have to look for the style that the it girls of the moment are imposing such as Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner, who have been seen wrapping up in these puffer pieces since the cold arrived. We bring you today, the best styles you can create a white quilted jacket, you will love them all!

Color layers: To make a white puffer jacket stand out in street style, you can combine it with other colorful garments in your wardrobe such as wide-legged pants in yellow, orange and even fuchsia.

Monochromatic look: A monochromatic look with a white puffer jacket are the best combination to create a casual and elegant outfit, you can add the whole look in white or if you prefer to give it a different touch use garments in neutral tones such as beige and champagne,to have all the winter mood with silver accessories.

Con cargo pants: If you are looking for a totally stylish outfit, do not hesitate to combine a white puffer jacket with cargo pants, you will have all the vibe of the 90s and you'll be trending from head to toe. I recommend you wear cargo pants in black or red.

With a midi dress: Midi dresses are always essential in our wardrobe since they can be worn on different occasions such as going to work or simply looking chic. When temperatures drop, you can put on a midi dress and combine it with a white puffer jacket type coat, combat boots or high heels knitted stockings and you will have a heart attack look.

With pants: If we combine a white puffer jacket with any style of pants you will definitely achieve a stylish and winning combination. Combine your puffer jacket with the style you like you can choose between baggy, wide-legged, skinny or cigarette pants the options are endless!





The best looks can be created with a White Puffer Jacket

This winter season you can create the best looks by wearing a white puffer jacket. If you lack inspiration, today you will know some options of outfits that are easy to combine to look amazing every day of the week.

Sporty chic: If your style is more sporty but you always want to look good, you can combine a white puffer jacket in the following way. Wide leg pants of soft texture type pants, will make you feel comfortable at all times, you can wear the Yanqa pants by Jenny Duarte.

A shirt combined with a top, will make you look sporty but without being cold.I recommend you wear the t-shirt Grey Smiley Tee by Simples with the top Davos by Lhasa Fitwear, if we talk about comfort it is super chic to complete the look with combat boots like The Olivia Military Green by Elán.



Casual and classic: White tennis shoes are classic and will make the perfect match with a white puffer jacket you can wear the Equus Classic White by Alta and if you do not want all the outfit in that color you can wear the wide legged pants Paz Denim by Sientochenta with the long-sleeved blouse Jersey Olivia by Daniella Batlle.

For accessories, it is advisable to wear them in golden tones such as Ear Cuff Spritz by MIM earrings and wear the One Thousand Ring by Geo Designs. With this outfit you will be ready for any occasion in the most chic way possible.


This winter season do not stop being fashionable with the On Post collection and a white quilted jacket, you will achieve a unique style!


By Melissa Zanini 


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