Ugly Christmas Sweaters: The trend of the moment

Ugly Christmas Sweaters: The trend of the moment

Do you have ugly Christmas sweaters in your closet and don't know how to wear them? Don't worry, with this style guide you can enjoy a casual and sophisticated style combining them with the On Post collection.

Learn the history of these ugly Christmas sweaters representative of Christmas dress code for this holiday season.


What are Ugly Christmas sweaters?

Take off your worth it and during this holiday season, dare to wear ugly Christmas sweaters. They are a bit striking and colorful, but once a year we can wear them and play with our clothes to look amazing and celebrate in the company of our family and friends.

From Hillary Clinton, to Beyoncé or Pharrell Williams, ugly Christmas sweaters have been the protagonists of the holiday season, and no wonder, these garments are so colorful and cheerful that they put even the most Grinch person in a good mood. Learn how to combine these ugly Christmas sweaters like a fashion expert and still look fabulous and cozy for the celebration.



Ugly Christmas sweaters are warm and at first glance seem not to be very combinable to be used with other garments. The reality is that with these sweaters you can create festive and casual looks, so slide down and know with us how to achieve a balanced and cheerful outfit with these colorful garments.

What's so special about ugly Christmas sweaters? As you can see, during this holiday season these garments monopolize all department stores, And it is inevitable to escape from them but believe it or not they have their charm and I am sure you have at least one or would like to wear them.

Ugly Christmas sweaters are made of materials such as cotton, nylon and sometimes special materials such as cashmere. In addition you will always find them in the classic Christmas colors such as red, green and white although there are also more colorful versions such as orange, yellow or pastel colors. There is a wide variety of designs and colors that can be adjusted to your personality, you can find ugly Christmas sweaters with lights, bells, garlands and also sequins so don't forget to join this festive trend.


Why do we love Ugly Christmas sweaters?

There are several reasons we love the ugly Christmas sweaters, one important reason is that they bring a sense of humor and nostalgia to holiday parties and family gatherings. Another reason is that they are often affordable and can be found at thrift stores or given as gifts, making them the perfect last minute holiday outfit option.

Lastly, wearing an ugly Christmas sweater shows that you are not afraid to have fun and embrace the lighthearted spirit of the holiday season. Today you will know some mistakes that you should avoid when wearing these ugly Christmas sweaters so that you do not feel uncomfortable and have fun like never before during the holiday season.

Shoes that you don't feel comfortable with: It's okay for you to like shoes, but remember to wear ones that are comfortable for you and that you've already worn more than a couple of times. The point of the festivities is to have a good time, the advantage of wearing Christmas sweaters is that you can wear from comfortable tennis shoes to elegant stilettos.

Wear a very short dress: The most important thing is that you feel comfortable, with a minidress it may be that you are cold and do not enjoy the party at all. If in the end you choose to use it, do it! Add knitted tights, an ugly Christmas sweater with sequin details and ankle boots, they will impact everyone!

Overloaded makeup: Ugly Christmas sweaters in themselves are always very eye-catching, now if you want to achieve a discreet, comfortable and casual look. Opt for a festive makeup but not excessive, remember that less is more so you can use some shadows in metallic color or only red lipstick and many layers of mascara.

Bright accessories: Avoid wearing such bright accessories when wearing the ugly Christmas sweaters, you don't want to be mistaken for a gift, you can wear small earrings with details such as crystals or pearls to give it an elegant touch for the occasion.

With these essential recommendations, you'll be ready to celebrate in style!


Ugly Christmas Sweaters: The trend of the moment

Ugly Christmas sweaters are the trend of the moment and with which you will have a festive and fun outfit, you can combine them with basic garments that you have available in your closet. So swipe down and check out these combinations I made especially for you. 

With a Jumpsuit: An ugly Christmas sweater in red is essential for this season, you can choose it with reindeer print or snowflakes to be in the winter mood. If you're tired of pants or dresses, a jumpsuit will elevate your look and you'll look stylish.

Wear the beautiful red jumpsuit Lakshmi by Concepción Miranda along with the white ankle boots The Catalina by Elán and you will have an incredible look! You can also make the perfect match with the earrings Ravala by Las Meninas and you will have all the glamour for the occasion. Also a small bag will always be your best friend so use the Sienna Miller by Eva Innocenti.



With Chelsea Boots: If you are looking to celebrate in a comfortable and trendy way, you will achieve it by wearing an ugly black Christmas sweater with a Santa Claus print or with lights combined with The Renata by Elán Chelsea style boots.

Create the winning look with the Anturio by Sientochenta wide-legged pants, jewelry is important so I recommend you wear the golden hoops Cami by Abya with the pair of rings Red Ruby Stone Silver by Iconique y el Duo Floating Bricks by Geo Designs.




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By Melissa Zanini 

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