Elevate your outfits wearing Turtleneck Sweaters

Elevate your outfits wearing Turtleneck Sweaters

Looking for a casual and elegant style for different days of the week? Turtleneck sweaters are the best option to give a twist to your outfits without much effort.

With turtleneck sweaters you will take any garment to another level, you will have a sophisticated and versatile look in minutes. With the garments from the On Post collection, you will look fabulous and fashionable in a chic way. Continue to read and learn more about turtleneck sweaters and create the best winning combinations.


The origin of Turtleneck Sweaters

From baseball to catwalks, turtleneck sweaters are considered a must for winter fashion and a staple that you should always have available in your closet. Over the years, turtleneck sweaters have been transformed and continue to be one of the most chic and current trends. We can find them in different styles and colors.

From the maxi versions to the most sophisticated versions with fabrics such as wool or cashmere, the turtleneck sweaters in neutral colors and vibrant colors such as fuchsia or red have given a cheerful and elegant touch to our outfits. Turtleneck sweaters are an essential garment for when we have a fashion emergency. Its comfortable and simple design helps us look warm but without losing the style.



Before it was a global trend, as I mentioned at the beginning of this article, turtle sweaters had their debut in 1910 when baseball teams wore them as part of their uniform for batting practices. During the twentieth century with the artistic avant-garde in Europe, sweaters began to have great popularity achieving a bohemian and elegant style.



Writers, musicians and actresses began to wear it with a lot of style and personality, for example Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol and Elvis joined this versatile trend. since it could be worn with jeans, skirts, capri pants and with all kinds of shoes such as heels, high heeled boots and it also became a symbol of modernity and change in contemporary societies.

In the 80s, turtleneck sweaters were brought to the office along with large shoulder pad blazers, emulating a bit the Pachuco style with a bit of the youthful style finding them in styles like sweatshirts and oversize sweaters. However, during the 90s turtleneck sweaters were protagonists of movies and television series such as Friends or Seinfeld

How you can see turtleneck sweaters have been part of our history and fashion. Today you will know how you can create the best looks to look like a fashionista during this winter season.


Mistakes to avoid when wearing Turtleneck Sweaters

Turtleneck sweaters are super easy to combine with other garments, but you should keep in mind the following tips to avoid feeling uncomfortable when wearing them. These three tips will save your life when you decide to buy these legendary sweaters.



The perfect fit: Wear a sweater whose fit matches your body type so that it truly highlights your physical qualities and does not become your worst style enemy. Neither too tight, nor too loose, this is the key to success to wear turtleneck sweaters and look like an it girl.

Do not wear too much jewelry: Turtleneck sweaters should be the protagonists of all styles. So if you decide to wear jewelry I recommend you wear a discreet necklace such as a small silver chain, remember that you must have a proportion between the neck and chin.

Too much layering: It's the winter season, so preferably if you will wear too many layers of clothing use them the same color as turtleneck sweaters, You will get a very glamorous monochromatic look and you can choose it in color such as beige, white, silver, gray and blue to be ad hoc to winter fashion.


Styling tips ready to wear Turtle Sweaters this Winter Season

With turtleneck sweaters the chances of looking amazing every day of the week for the winter season are endless, so you should take into account the following style tips. To apply them in your looks and do not hesitate to wear these beautiful sweaters, you will fall in love with them definitely.

Accessories and basic garments: The turtleneck sweaters, plus they are very versatile and look great with any garment you wear. I recommend wearing them with jeans, Tote or clutch bags depending on the occasion. But if you want to dazzle you can wear a coat, a beret and a belt to look fabulous in street style.

Mix textures: So that neck sweaters always stand out anywhere, you can weartweed prints if you use colors such as black or white. You can also put on a leather jacket on top, in a classic that never fails and you will look stylish, add a miniskirt and heeled boots and you will have a heart attack look.

Oversize garments and color mix: There is nothing better than wearing turtleneck sweaters with oversize garments such as coats, blazers and pants they give us that retro style of the 90s but modern.For example, you can wear a beige turtleneck sweater and wear wide-legged pants with an oversize blazer in emerald green with gold accessories and uh la lá everyone will want to wear your look.


Are you ready to wear turtleneck sweaters?This season is ideal to use them in the most chic way and not get cold.


How to wash a Turtleneck Sweaters?

The turtleneck sweaters need special care for the materials with which they are made such as wool, cotton and cashmere. If you have one or more today I will tell you how you can preserve your turtleneck sweaters to the moment of washing it. 

  • Turtleneck sweaters are not to be washed often, so it is recommended that you wash them by hand and separate them from the rest of your clothing.
  • Don't leave it for a long time inside the washing machine because it may lose its original shape. 
  • It is not advisable to leave the turtleneck sweaters dying in the sun, they lose their color. 

If you are going to wash your turtlenecksweater, you need to roll it up in a large towel and exert pressure so that it does not lose its shape, and preferably you have to wash it by hand at a temperature of 30°C.


Elevate your outfits wearing Turtleneck Sweaters

Turtleneck sweaters have the advantage of making your outfit a true work of art, if you want to dress to impress these options are for you.

Outfit 1: Turtleneck sweaters in pastel colors like pink or yellow are very cute and look amazing in winter. I recommend wearing La Huaca Sweater by Blanca Pukara with brown pants Odana by Concepción Miranda to have harmony between colors and garments.

To avoid getting cold, wear the Luca by Balanka jacket on top and you can wear a cashmere scarf to look warm. To finish the celebrity look, wear Dots Chain by Vösh Designs earrings along with Oxford Oxy Cocoa by Galeanna style shoes.




Outfit 2: If you want to achieve a look with jeans and turtleneck sweaters, you can wear Your Cute Jeans Blue by Lésem pants with the Cajamarquilla Vest by Blanca Pukara.

And for a more cosmopolitan and chic outfit, wear the ankle boots Malévola  by Galeanna along with the earrings Long Golden Insect Earrings by Iconique,  you can add a leather trench coat like Marcela by Balanka.


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By Melissa Zanini

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