The Bolero Jacket a synonym for elegance

The Bolero Jacket a synonym for elegance

Bolero jackets were a fashion icon during the 90s and 00s, and celebrities like Jane Fonda and Angelina Jolie popularized this Spanish style.

You will look great in a bolero jacket whether you wear it to formal events or more casually. Today you will know why it is considered a fashion icon and as one of the garments that are resurfacing again for this season let's start with these fabulous styling tips.


What is a Bolero Jacket?

If we talk about a garment that changed the style of women during the last century, it was the bolero jacket. Different, iconic and quite combinable this jacket first emerged in France during the reign of Emperor Napoleon III, his wife Eugenia de Montijo she wore it very frequently in important events of the time. However, fashion experts have confirmed that the bolero jacket took inspiration from Spanish traditions such as dance and the style of flamenco dancers, its name is also related to Ravel's Bolero, a piece of music that has transcended over the years.

But it was during the 30s that the designer Nina Ricci, looking for a modern and comfortable style, rescued the Spencer coat and reinvented it by making a few small adjustments. He called it Bolero, years later Cristóbal Balenciaga imposed the bolero jacket during the 50s and called it bullfighter, since he was inspired by the embroidered and colorful jackets of the bullfighters. In the 70s and 80s the bolero jacket was replaced by the bomber jackets and during the late 90s and until the 00, the bolero jacket returned in all his splendor to the catwalks and fashion shows giving something to talk about.



Only the upper torso, shoulders, and arms are covered by the bolero jacket, leaving the waist and hips uncovered. Many bolero jackets are fastened at the front with a button or a short zipper, although some styles also feature long pieces of fabric that can be tied.With the bolero jacket, you can emphasize the waist by reducing the amount of fabric around this area, and you can also create or enhance an hourglass silhouette. 

You can find these jackets in fabrics such as silk, satin, leather and velvet and achieve the most sophisticated looks to wear them on any occasion. If you have a bolero jacket and do not know how to combine it don't worry today you are in luck and you will know the best recommendations of outfits and tips to use this jacket during this season.


Types of Bolero Jacket

You can transform your outfits with the bolero jacket into something extraordinary, especially if you are having a fashion emergency. It is essential that you have at least one bolero jacket in your closet and we'll show you some of the most common styles.

Fur Bolero Jacket: This fur bolero jacket is perfect for those lookinFFg to break out of the routine since it is comfortable and easy to wear. Try pastel or light neutral tones for the warmer months, and look out for seasonally appropriate short-sleeve options. Consider pairing one with jeans and a T-shirt to achieve the perfect balance of casual and sophisticated. 

Knit Bolero Jacket: This option is incredible if you do not want to wear a sweater or a long coat, the knitted bolero jackets combine perfectly with cocktail dresses or with wide leg pants to achieve a casual look. 

Feather Bolero Jacket: If you’re looking to make a bold statement, there’s really only one choice: the feather bolero jacket. This item is a showstopper, whether it’s worn over a cocktail dress or a sleek jumpsuit. Simply drape it across your shoulders for instant glamour and combine it with a nice pair of high heeled sandals and you will look amazing!

There are many options to look fabulous with this bolero jacket, what are you waiting for to have one?


3 Stylish ways to wear a Bolero Jacket 

As I mentioned before, the bolero jacket is versatile and you can wear it in both cold and hot climates. The best way is to wear trendy garments and the coolest accessories, to dazzle anywhere.Be amazed by the following outfit options.

Outfit 1: If you love dresses as much as I do, but don't want to overload the look with a coat, you can wear a bolero jacket in black. The Anna dress by la Bikineria with the Franca bolero jacket and the Danet by Peyola high-heeled sandals is a winning combination to impress anyone! Use a more natural makeup for this outfit, such as a lipstick with a matte texture in neutral colors and carry small accessories, such as the bag Valeria Black Top Handle by Eva Innocenti and the trendy necklace Jade Negro by Iconique. 



Outfit 2: A jumpsuit is a good option to combine with a bolero jacket. I recommend you wear the jumpsuit Bicolor by Nabel Martins with the high-heeled sandals Sira by Peyola with the bolero jacket Trina by Balanka. Don't forget the accessories! You can wear the earrings Double Star by Viviane Guenoun and the trendy Black Dalia by Malau, I'm sure you'll love this amazing outfit!


Outfit 3: If you are looking to be comfortable and fashionable all the time, baggy pants are the trend of the moment. Wear the Frankie Pants by Lésem with the black bodysuit Daphne by Süsse, this outfit looks fabulous with the Chelsea style ankle boots The Renata by Elán and the bolero jacket Máxima by Balanka. You will look gorgeous with this combination of garments.



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By Melissa Zanini 

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