The best reasons to wear a High Cut Bikini Bottoms

The best reasons to wear a High Cut Bikini Bottoms

It's time to pull out those high-cut bikini bottoms and swimsuits again since summer is just around the corner. To show off on the beach and know what style of bikini suits us best or if we are looking for a different style.

Looking for sea and sand? Find the high-cut bikini bottoms that best suit your personality to be comfortable and tan in style, today I will give you the best recommendations to have an amazing swimsuit. 


The High Cut Bikini Bottoms a summer classic

What is the trend this season? They are definitely the high-cut bikini panties, this style has positioned itself as the most sought after during the year and has caught everyone's eyes on the most recent catwalks of fashion brands such as Chanel and Zara returning to the vintage, comfortable and above all chic style to go to the beach.

Surely when choosing a swimsuit you panic to know which one will look better, which is right for the season or simply what color is fashionable. Don’t worry today I will give you some tips to choose the right swimsuit, you can create interesting sets with high cut bikini bottoms and combine it with other accessories to look fabulous and enjoy the sun's rays like a diva.



For many years the high-cut bikini bottoms are a guaranteed success, also with this model we achieve that our legs look longer and stylized. Not in vain has taken up this style that was in trend during the 50s that totally renewed the style of women and empowered them by giving them more confidence in themselves with a revealing and at the same time comfortable design.

The fashion industry is quite interesting and cyclical, as it always brings us back trends from the past, as the high cut bikini bottoms personally is my favorite design and always looks good at all times. What are high cut bikini bottoms? is the bottom of the swimsuit, it must fit the hips and cover a part of the navel. Depending on the style you prefer to use it can be very revealing or more discreet. 

Nylon or lycra is the best option to choose your favorite high cut bikini bottoms, this material adapts perfectly to your body and is quick drying, do not hesitate to look for it in this material! As I said at the beginning of this article, today you will learn to create the best looks with high-cut bikini bottoms, keep in mind that this trend will be very current during the next year. 


Advantages of wearing a High Cut Bikini Bottoms 

If you are looking for total comfort and a unique style you will achieve it by wearing high-cut bikini bottoms. In addition to being beautiful and being totally in trend are very combinable and you can also wear a top, necklaces, a swimsuit cover or even if you like oversize fashion you can wear an oversize t-shirt and you'll always look fabulous.



Comfort with high-cut bikini bottoms: It is a model that can replace Brazilian cut bikinis, the high-cut bikini bottoms are quite comfortable and also gives the feeling that you have your favorite underwear on, It also allows you to cover your abdomen a little if you don't want to show a lot of skin.

High-cut bikini bottoms with funny prints: Dare to wear some high-cut bikini bottoms with prints they will give a different twist to your look and you can always have many options to choose from: from the classic floral print, the tie dye, striped, with animal print. Do not hesitate to take them all at least once in your life.

The classic high cut bikini bottoms in black color: The black high-cut bikini bottoms are a staple in terms of color. Black is always a safe bet at the very least, we have to have a model in the closet. It works well for all types of skin tones and bodies, it makes our shapes more discreet, but at the same time it highlights the parts we want to show.

Depending on your style and personality you can combine high-cut bikini panties with flat or heeled sandals if you are looking to put a more glamorous and ultra feminine touch.


Different looks with a High Cut Bikini Bottoms

One of the advantages of the high cut bikini bottoms is that you can combine it with other garments such as crop top swimwear, with it you can play with shapes and designs to create fashionable looks at the moment of going to the beach or the pool. Let's start with these fantastic tips!

 A pop of color: If you love vibrant colors you can wear these beautiful high-cut bikini bottoms Gaia Reversible Bottom by Ola Azul Swimwear and create the perfect look with the skirt Tropical by Carolina Stefan and feel sexy and chic with the Bra Top by Camila Sarmiento. Añade este lindo par de sandalias Clarice Natural by Alta and the ring Orange Stone Silver by Iconique! 



Yellow love: Many girls are afraid of the color yellow because it is very colorful and sometimes it seems difficult to combine but the reality is that it is the opposite.You can start combining other colors so that yellow is not so striking, I recommend wearing the high-cut bikini bottoms Lia Mandariana by Marea Blanca and the oversize t-shirt Crude Vandana by Sientochenta for a relaxed day at the beach. 

Sexy look: If your style is more risky and sensual, you can wear the high-cut bikini bottoms Aspen by Ola Azul Swimwear and combine it with the top Artemisa by Paralia. For this look I recommend you wear high-heeled sandals, for example you can use the Cora by Peyola and the earrings Light Blue Blossom by Jetlagmode. Go to the beach in the most fashionista way possible!


Funny prints: The prints will never go out of style, you can wear the high-cut bikini bottoms with this cute bird print Marie Antoinette by Ilora. It is the best option to look cool on the beach! Combine them with the top Davos by Llasa Fitwear and beautiful high-heeled sandals like the Analía Green Sandals by Alta.



In On Post we have the best collection of high cut bikini bottoms and the trendiest accessories, know them all!


By Melissa Zanini 

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