What to wear with the Ruffle Blouse and get a chic look

What to wear with the Ruffle Blouse and get a chic look

Ruffle blouses are an excellent option to add movement to our outfits, whether you are a fan of romanticism, or you are looking for an unconventional blouse, this is the perfect garment to make you look cute and chic.

This year, ruffle blouses came with the trend of transparencies, but don't be afraid that this is not the only model that you can wear this season.

Whether you prefer the volume on the sleeves or take it to the vintage with the Victorian style, with ruffles on the shoulders butterfly type, or with subtle touches in straps, this blouse will make us feel in a vintage story but with style.

How the experts wear the Ruffle Blouse

As in any other subject, there are models to follow when wearing the ruffled blouse, if you are considering adding it to your looks, follow the tips to style it and not look like a walking cupcake.



One of the expert fashionistas who knows how to balance the ruffle blouse and make it look like a modern princess, is the New Yorker Olivia Palermo, she combines her outfits with basic garments to not take away the protagonism of her look, add small touches of colors and shoes with the right detail. 

This is another lesson Victoria Beckham agrees with, wearing her ruffled blouse with an olive green midi skirt.

Model Elsa Hosk, who showed us how to wear the ruffled blouse with a very modern two-piece style, with a denim maxi skirt and cowboy boot. This blouse, in pink and transparencies, is the trendy model to wear this season. 


Complement your looks with the Ruffle Blouse

As we already know combine it with basic garments like jeans, balance the look with the ruffled blouse, without taking away the importance it needs, wear these outfits with a pair of heeled mules, or chunky loafers, stilettos, to keep the chic touch.

Leather pants or midi skirt and a ruffled blouse with a pirate style in transparencies, to this combination add some heeled sandals and thin straps. 

With sneakers, this casual shoe will keep a casual look, dare to wear it with an animal print skirt if your ruffled blouse is in a neutral tone like black or white.



Pleated midi skirts, although they are different textures, they go very well together, contrast colors and leave a neutral tone for the shoes.

Wide leg pants, we have already talked about how much we love this trend in pants, choose a butterfly style ruffle blouse to create a harmonious effect on the width of your shoulders and legs.The celebrities who confirmed the success of this combination on the red carpet were Jeanne Damas and Jessica Chastain.

Cowboy boots, these boots make a perfect match with your ruffle blouse, dare with a denim biker short, or a denim mini skirt.

You can not get a chic look with a blouse like this, the important thing is that you choose the ruffles with what you feel most comfortable, the volume can be overwhelming, but consider that there are different levels, printed ruffles blouses are also a great option, if you like transparencies opt for garments with this detail this season.


Complete your Ruffle Blouse look

If you're decided to buy a ruffled blouse or looking for complements for your looks, check out our following suggestions.

Turquesa Blouse by Sientochenta, encompasses what we could look for in a ruffle blouse, with a Perkins collar, puffed sleeves ¾, ruffles, it is the garment that a girl boss would definitely wear to a work meeting or a date. 

Pants Flare Bacall by Kadu, is the perfect complement to your ruffle blouse, its wide leg detail will give it a touch, we suggest small ruffles, to balance your look and not overdo it.



If you are looking for a totally romantic look, the Anabelle Skirt by Concepción Miranda is a jewel, this black pencil skirt with white polka dots and a headpiece will make you stand out wherever you go. Wear it with a white blouse or shirt, with small ruffles on the sleeves, we also suggest a one shoulder one and get a pin up chic style.

The shoes in your outfits are an important part, if what you want is a casual style, choose Analía Green Sandals by Alta, the wide heel will give you comfort, wear the ankle straps with long garments, elevate them up to your calves in those where you show off your legs, it's green color will be the protagonist. 

The Mint Sandals by Galeana, are for those who love volume and play with textures, there will be no better outfit than your ruffled blouse with this footwear. The differentiating seal of these slip on sandals is the detail in its heel, in the shape of a wooden barrel, its ruffles give the romantic touch, they will make you stand out even with a look with jeans. 



Have fun and experiment when creating your looks, your own style goes hand in hand with attitude, comfort and a touch of creativity. Find articles on trends, tips on how to style them at On Post!


By Katia García

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