Lilai sleepwear, luxury pajamas that renew bedtime

Lilai sleepwear, luxury pajamas that renew bedtime

Nights are now more comfortable, fresh, and elegant with Lilai Sleepwear's luxury pajamas. Discover its line of garments made with Peruvian cotton!


Restful sleep is everyone's wish and now it can become a reality with Lilai Sleepwear, a brand of pajamas and loungewear that combines the best of Peruvian cotton with the feminine style you're looking for.

Read on and discover why Lilai Sleepwear has become the favorite brand of so many women around the world!


A fantasy that becomes reality

Lilai Sleepwear was founded in 2015 by Gianella Benavente, a Peruvian businesswoman, to empower women and make them feel better when they wake up every morning.

Lilai offers an exquisite line of pajamas made with 100% Premium Peruvian Pima cotton, which goes through an extra softness process so that at night you feel like you're sleeping on clouds. In addition, its pieces are unique and incomparable, since each one of them has prints made by hand by Peruvian artisans.

Lilai Sleepwear is a recognized and loved brand not only in her native Peru but also in Europe, Latin America, and the United States.



Dreamy fabrics and prints

One of the most representative elements of Lilai Sleepwear is Peruvian Pima cotton. This material is the reason why their pajamas are extremely soft to the touch, breathable, and comfortable.

In addition to cotton, the garments of this brand are designed with intelligent fibers that cool the body and allow the skin to breathe during the high temperatures of summer, while in winter, these same materials warm your body so that you will never be cold.

Similarly, Lilai's sleepwear has unique prints, made from scratch by talented Peruvian artisans. One of the most innovative features of these designs is that their prints last 8 times longer than a conventional digital print.

Technology and love for fashion in the same brand!



Clothes that bring you closer to your deepest sleep

Lilai Sleepwear pajamas are made with luxury fabrics of the highest quality and with original designs born from the Peruvian soul, which is why we are sure that when you try on your first garment you will not want to wear anything else at bedtime.

Discover their models only here!

Margot Blue x Caro B

These pajamas are the perfect representation of what it means to sleep among the clouds. Its print and sky blue color refer you to the most beautiful and relaxing landscapes so you can rest as you deserve.

Its loose cut and silhouette make it the perfect garment to feel comfortable while you sleep.


Sienna Blue Extra Soft

Sienna is the perfect combination of freshness and softness. With a classic and feminine style, these pajamas will become your favorite!

It is made with top-quality Pima cotton so that when you use it you feel like your second skin. Check it!



If what you are looking for this autumn-winter season is a garment that keeps you warm and very stylish, the Cozy pajamas are your perfect option.

Its fabric is extra soft and warm so that the coldest winter days are not a problem, and its relaxed style allows you to use it inside or outside the house. You'll want to wear it from day to night!




Feel the softness of Lilai Sleepwear on your skin!

Discover its complete collection of luxury pajamas only at On Post!


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