Different ways to wear a Tank Top

Different ways to wear a Tank Top

Despite what is considered a basic garment, the tank top will elevate your outfit in a matter of minutes, today you will learn to wear it like an it girl and look fashionable.

With a tank top you can create infinite styles, from a summer to autumn outfit to to enjoy the city. Find many options that you will surely love with the On Post collection.


Tank tops trend in 2022

Do you want a modern and minimalist style? Today I will talk about a garment that despite being very basic will make you stand out In street style and anywhere, that's how I'm talking about the fabulous and fashion statement tank top.



The tank top was fashionable in the 90s and 00s, celebrities like Gwen Stefani and Pink wore it at all times, renewing the urban style of that time. Tank tops are such simple wardrobe staples, we sometimes forget it’s possible to make them the star of our ensemble. Do not worry if you do not know how to wear a tank top this season. I will give you the best style tips to make you look like a queen of style.

Before that, as always happens with trends that always come back with force, the tank top climbed the international catwalks such as Prada, Bottega Veneta, Chloé, Loewe and many other  fashion firms opted for the tank top in white for their looks for the autumn season.

That's why it's become one of my favorite garments, it girls and supermodels like Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian wear it considerably at different events in a casual and glamorous way. The tank tops are today´s a basic trend for this season, follow these tips to make it look incredible.

Accessories: You can wear maxi pieces such as earrings or necklaces so that the attention is focused on the tank top.

All denim: Use basic colors and combine them with denim pieces.For example, you can wear a white tank top with wide legged pants and a denim jacket.

Cargo pants: With these pants and tank top you will achieve a winning combination, in addition to looking comfortable they resume the style of the 00s.


 What is a Tank Top?

The sporty aesthetic has taken over the streetstyle and has brought us the athleisure trend, consequently the tank top has become In the protagonist of street style giving us that casual and sporty touch that we are looking for. The lifestyle of each woman is different. That is why the tank top has become the best ally to be comfortable and combine it perfectly with other daily garments such as jeans or skirts.



What is a tank top and why is it obsessing us so much? A tank top is a sleeveless, collarless shirt typically with thick straps. We can find it in colors such as white, black, beige, brown and sometimes blue.It is considered a timeless garment that you can wear both in summer and winter.

There are a variety of tank tops that come with different cuts and necklines. Scoop neck tanks have a round and wide neckline, while V-neck tanks feature a slight V shape. Some tanks are form-fitting, while others are loose and flowy.

Do not forget to add a tank top to your style routine to renew your outfits! 


Different ways to wear a Tank Top

If you are looking for a minimalist and versatile style do not hesitate to use a tank top, it will also give a chic touch to your outfit. Today I bring you two options of outfits that you can create with garments that you have available in your wardrobe and with the tank top that will continue to be in trend for the spring of next year.

Casual look: For the autumn-winter season you can wear a tank top and look warm but stylish.I recommend wearing neutral colors such as beige, coffee or white you can wear the tank top Bliss by Inhala Soulwear with tha pants Nasqua by Sientochenta you will look great with that combination of colors! 

You can wear the cardigan Delta by Llasa Fitwear with the brown ankle boots The Luciana Sand by Elán, with the neutral colors the accessories in gold color stand out much more. You can bring the choker Trinity by MIM and the earrings Climber Shroom Studs by Jetlagmode Remember that tank tops are timeless and you can wear them and you can wear them in any weather, but combining them with the right jackets and accessories. Don't be afraid to wear this outfit, I'm sure you'll really love it!



Sporty chic look: The athleisure trend is to wear sportswear to achieve a casual look 24/7, if you want to wear this iconic style and comfortable I recommend you wear the pants Selene Black by Mysso Swimwear with the Tank Top Black by Macondia. To get that chic and casual look, you can wear the white blazer Emily by Misso Swimwear, stylize your figure wearing  the silver belt Grizel by Galeanna.



A pair of white sneakers will make a difference in this look and if you love sporty chic style you can wear the Equus by Alta will be the best option for you. Add the Baguette Studs by Abya earrings with the Chunky Soul by MIM pair of rings and the Adele Chunky by Abya.

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By Melissa Zanini 

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