iconique, Mexican jewelry that proposes a timeless contemporary style

iconique, Mexican jewelry that proposes a timeless contemporary style

iconique rescues the artisan heritage of its native country and creates Mexican jewelry with an innovative proposal that highlights the beauty of gold and silver, without losing sight of ancestral work.


iconique is a Mexican jewelry brand that uses all the artisan heritage in its favor. Where, on the one hand, tradition and modernity come together, with a completely new proposal of jewelry that intends to become a symbol of contemporaneity and tradition.

Keep reading and learn about the history of this brand!


Being iconic is being true to yourself

Being an iconic woman often conveys the idea of wanting to be extravagant, however for iconique that adjective has a more transcendental meaning.

Since the brand was born in 2017, their objective was very clear: that each woman realize that she is iconic for being unique and different. Therefore, they have taken the concept of "iconic" to a deeper level, which encompasses very special characteristics such as timeless strength and elegance.

For iconique, each woman has an essence that remains, she is the owner of her own destiny and is constantly searching to find her own voice and interpret her lifestyle on her own.



Quality materials for an iconic brand

iconique jewels have a unique and exclusive character, design and innovation without equal. They are totally on-trend pieces and with all the values of .925 silver.

They have quality and design in all their processes, from their conception to their elaboration by the hands of artisan jewelers who carry all the expertise of the legacy of Mexican goldsmith traditions, but at an affordable price.

The value of the brand lies in the design, which is nickel free to avoid allergic reactions.


Mix the iconique style with your outfits

The jewels are designed to fit into any woman's lifestyle when putting together a good outfit.

Its delicacy and design can help you completely transform a look. For example, small earrings work to create elegant looks, while large earrings work better for evening looks. But in the end, they are all designed for lovers of trends and fashion. With iconique you can achieve the outfit you want.

Discover all the jewelry they offer you!

Turquoise Natural Stone Golden RingThe turquoise color transmits energy, vitality, and abundance, so if you want to fill your outfits with this good vibe, we suggest you use the Turquoise Natural Stone gold ring with your monochromatic looks (whether black or white) so that this piece is the center of your outfit attention.

turquoise_ring_iconiqueHammered Silver RingSilver is one of the representative elements of Mexico for its quality, elegance, and durability, so a great silver ring cannot be missing from your jewelry collection!

iconique has a Hammered ring with a discreet and delicate design so you can use it daily; The best thing is that you can combine it with any look!


Silver necklace:To complete your basic jewelry set, you need a timeless silver necklace like the one iconique offers you. Its .925 silver makes it ideal to withstand the passage of time without losing its shine and quality, in addition, its fine design allows you to use it with any type of neckline, whether square, rounded, or in "V".


Gold Pendant and Pendant Blue Howlita StoneIf your skin tone is warm, gold jewelry will look better on your body, so here is a perfect necklace if you fall into this category.

The Howlita necklace has an elegant style that is combined with the boho chic trend since its turquoise and brown tones convey an inevitable harmony with nature. If your personality is relaxed, this piece will be your perfect match.


howlita_necklace_iconiqueGolden Wavy Link NecklaceChains with innovative links are a trend this season, that's why this necklace cannot be missing in your autumn-winter outfits.

This piece has a more modern, daring and full of strength style for those women who follow the latest fashion trends. We suggest you combine it with square neck garments so that its asymmetrical figures cause a visual contrast never seen before.

Discover in-depth Mexican jewelry with the innovative perspective that iconique has for you.


Find its complete collection only at onpost.shop!


By Diana Mendoza


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