How to wear the white women's jumpsuit and splurge sophistication

How to wear the white women's jumpsuit and splurge sophistication

Elsa Schiaparelli made the Jumpsuit fashionable in the 1930s, since then it has become one of the most versatile garments that you can add to your closet. If you are looking for complete success in the white women's jumpsuit, count on it, and you will not have to worry, you have the basics.

This suit is characterized for being a tight-fitting garment that covers (sometimes) the arms and legs, although it was initially made for paratroopers, the coverall that has a similar design would be used for men who keep the coal boilers burning. It was until the Italian designer, in the thirties, designed elegant jumpsuits for women, it took more than thirty years for this piece to be consolidated as a popular garment and made its first appearance in the fashion world, being published in Vogue in September 1964. We’ll now talk about its most classic and successful version: the white women's jumpsuit.

Since then, it became the ideal item, in one single garment you have a complete outfit, that's why we dare to say that having a white women's jumpsuit is one of the best decisions you can make. If you still have any doubt we will shake it throughout this article. 


How to wear a white women's jumpsuit?

As we have already mentioned, the white women's jumpsuit has forged its way in the fashion industry for decades, making it clear that it is not just another trend, positioning itself as a garment of choice for celebrities and street style. A clear example that answers the why of this outfit is how Khloé Kardashian wore it, who attended the red carpet of the season finale of her family's new reality show, 'The Kardashians', with a perfect white jumpsuit with halter-neck, a side boob neckline and white stilettos, a monochromatic look that exudes style, that's what happens when you choose this type of outfit, you don't need more than a couple of accessories and ready, you're the best dressed of the night. 



One of the benefits to highlight the white women's jumpsuit, is that by the nature of its design, it defines your figure, most of the proposals that we find in the market are those that create an effect of tight waist, accentuating this part of the body, whether you choose a loose option, to which you can add a belt giving a retro touch to your look, or a more fitted one that highlights your curves. 

Opting for this piece, has endless qualities, and is that with the jumpsuits we have almost all the work done, it's just a matter of complementing, in that case stylize this garment, it is simple, since what we seek is not to look overloaded or childish, which is why the accessories you should add should be few but accurate. 

Now let's talk about color, it is well known that black is the first shade that comes to mind when we think of elegance, a second after white is by choice another shade that can ensure an air of formality, to look chic and distinguished, besides being a color that suits all skin types. There you have it, a point for the white women's jumpsuit.



How to style a white women's jumpsuit?

The basic knowledge to wear it like the fashion experts is to know what other pieces you can add to your look, so that it changes from work day to dinner with friends. 

The first tip undoubtedly one of the best known is the shoes, if you chose the comfort of sneakers to go to work and forgot that after you have the weekly meeting with your friends, a change of shoes to heeled sandals or stilettos will get you out of trouble.

Adding a jacket also makes a difference, options such as a leather jacket that will make you look more formal, or a blazer that will certainly look chic for a night of cocktails with friends. 

Another way to complement this garment is to play with textures, add a turtleneck, in a monochromatic look, or in a sexier tone you can wear it open to the waist with a bralette.




Our recommendations for a white women's jumpsuit

While we are tired of saying that the white women's jumpsuit is a versatile garment, confirming that you can choose it as an outfit for all kinds of occasions, let's talk about leaning towards this option for events or parties. 

One of our favorite features of formal jumpsuits is that they can pass for a dress, being ideally loose, while still having the qualities of a 'pants', such is the case of Jumpsuit by Nabel Martins, a bicolor suit with slits on the sides, comfortable, but at the same time highlights your figure, accompanied by heeled sandals such as Sira by Peyola, in conjunction with Long Silver Earrings with White Crystals by Iconique, ideal for an evening event where you want to look sophisticated.



If you like to be daring and make a statement as soon as you get to a place, Mahat Jumpsuit by Concepción Miranda is for you, with v-neckline, balloon sleeves and an exclusive printed design, steal the show, wear it with comfortable apartment sandals such as Bubble White Sandal by Galeanna, add a little shine with Black Zirconia Silver Short Earrings by Iconique, this look will scream creativity, trend and comfort. 



Find these incredible options of white women's jumpsuits, the garment you must have now at On Post!


By Katia García



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