How to wear off shoulder dress

How to wear off shoulder dress

Dressing to impress has never been easier and the best way to do this is by wearing an off shoulder dress. Try this style of catwalk that you will never stop wearing!

The off shoulder dress is a trend that has never ceased to be present at important events and red carpets, if you want a different style choose to wear this beautiful dress and look like a diva with the most chic earrings and shoes.


What is an off shoulder dress

The off shoulder dress trend has come with more force during this season, today we will talk about why this beautiful design has become one of the most worn and what accessories you need to combine it perfectly.




Boho chic inspired, the off shoulder dress has revolutionized the style of women achieving a visible empowerment in their way of dressing, but do you know where this unique and chic style comes from? The fashion industry has always been considered cyclical and in a certain period of years, trends return fully innovated.

The boho chic style takes up the aesthetics of the gypsies, we can see garments with ethnic prints, wide leg pants, long skirts and the iconic off shoulder dress. who has been the protagonist of day events such as gala dinners.However, during the 60s with the hippie movement the trend of bare shoulders became a new style that was a benchmark for freedom of expression and that defied the canons of beauty of that time with an elegantly provocative neckline.

The off shoulder dress manages to highlight the figure with a sophisticated touch by pronouncing the neck, shoulders and collarbones. The neckline of this flattering design makes us achieve timeless looks ideal for very hot climates as in the coldest days of the year with other layers of clothing looking in a very fashionista way.



Dresses with Halter and V neckline will always remain in trend, but if you are looking for an ultra feminine and sensual look, the off shoulder dress is a great option to give a different and risky twist to your outfits. The key to wearing this amazing and sexy off shoulder dress is to wear few accessories but that makes a great impression.

Versatility is imminent to wear an off shoulder dress and for this the designs and styles of this glamorous trend is as varied as you can imagine. It will not be difficult to choose one of these designs whether you have a very classic personality or on the contrary bohemian.

You can be inspired by the style of actress Brigitte Bardot for a relaxed look for summer days or you can opt for a bottle green dress for a more casual event like Selena Gomez's. The off shoulder dress is definitely a must have that should not be missing in your closet, important fashion brands such as Loewe and Prada have incorporated this glamorous and versatile dress into their collections with a boho chic style that is clearly love at first sight!


Occasions to wear an off shoulder dress

If you are interested in wearing an off shoulder dress, you should keep in mind that despite being a timeless garment depending on the style and materials from which it is made it can be taken to an event day or night. Today you will know what those characteristics are to be able to dazzle on different occasions.

Bohemian chic: As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the boho chic style is a trend that is still very present and that can be found in off shoulder dresses. If you want to start with that style, you can look for a dress in linen or cotton fabric to look comfortable at all times. Add some ankle boots and a fringed denim jacket or a nice hat in neutral colors.

Gala dinner: If you have an important event at night such as a gala or a wedding, you can wear an off shoulder dress in satin or silk, remember that being a more formal event you should use colors such as red, black, gold, emerald green and silver. A design with open legs will be very glamorous and will give you a vintage touch, shoes and accessories are important, remember to bring shine to your outfit with rings and earrings with crystals.

Casual and sexy: The off shoulder dress is ideal to wear to a weekend brunch or to have a romantic date, you can look for it in pastel colors and combine it with heeled sandals something in vibrant colors such as blue or green to make a good match.

Do not miss wearing this versatile and beautiful dress to look like a celebrity in street style.



How to wear off shoulder dress

The off shoulder dress is totally irresistible and if you want to feel different but glamorous at the same time, don't miss these winning combinations. Let's start dear! 

Outfit 1: The off shoulder dress has become a classic to look amazing on the beach, if you have a trip soon do not forget to include in your luggage the Gaia Dress by Guadalupe Design and pair of high heeled sandals you can wear the Brina by Peyola. By wearing earrings with crystals, for example you can use the Mayofre by Las Meninas and you will achieve a minimalist and elegant look to the moment of going for some cocktails with your friends. 



Outfit 2: An off shoulder dress that you will totally love is the Chelsea, its delicate pink color will make you look avant-garde and classic.You can combine it with high heel sandals Samantha by Galeanna. Don’t forget to add a trendy bag, you can use the Rectangular Pearl Type by Entre Piedras and the lovely earrings Minimalist Linear Pearls by Viviane Guenoun. Try with this outfit please and fall in love with this trend! 



Outfit 3: The off shoulder dress with floral prints is also one of the most sought after for spring and summer. Don't forget to wear the Sacha Dress by Daniella Batlle and you will always look gorgeous! Combine it with these high heeled sandals in black, Iria by Peyola and use the trendy bag Black Dalia by Malau.

Don't miss the opportunity to join this wonderful style, look fabulous with the trendiest dresses and accessories only at On Post!


By Melissa Zanini 

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