How to wear a knit cardigan

How to wear a knit cardigan

The knit cardigan is ideal to wear during the coldest days, you will be warm and can create different looks with colors and textures that adapt to the fall fashion season you were waiting for. 

Knit cardigan is a classic garment and necessary to cover you from the cold months of the year in the chicest way possible. They are versatile and combinable, do not hesitate to have one for the next season. 


Fall fashion trends a knit cardigan 

One of the most basic and indispensable garments to wear during the autumn is the knit cardigan, you will get a casual and elegant look when combining it with other favorite garments of the fall fashion season such as scarves, coats, ankle boots, skirts and gloves.



The knit cardigan is a garment with an interesting origin and we have seen it on different catwalks and haute couture collections of designers such as Tommy Hilfiger, Chanel and the French firm Hermés.

Totally British, this is the knit cardigan and has a particular history. Its creator was James Thomas Brudenell, known for being the seventh Earl of Cardigan, a town in the country of Ceredigion in Wales, United Kingdom. The lieutenant of the British Army who led the battle of Balaclava he was the first to create the predecessor of the knit cardigan, a vest in wool fabrics to avoid the most intense cold of the other regions of Europe. 

Over time this garment began to be more of male use and was used by fishermen and sailors, later this piece was moved to other countries such as France. It was made to be a knit cardigan with thick long sleeves. When this comfortable garment became popular, it became an important reference of universities such as Cambridge, Oxford and Harvard. 

Designer Coco Chanel put a modern twist on the knit cardigan by totally revamping itself, giving it a more relaxed silhouette with an opening in the front and buttons to adjust the way that will best suit the style of the contemporary woman, becoming a comfortable garment to wear daily. During the 50s the knit cardigan was one of the most desired garments to wear at events and more casual dinners, Marilyn Monroe was in charge of styling and creating the sexiest and most elegant outfits. 



The most common materials with which a knit cardigan is made are wool, cashmere, alpaca and cotton. You can also find them with synthetic fibers such as nylon and polyester, although it is recommended that wool and cashmere last longer and do not wear as easily. 

Currently the knit cardigan has many styles that can be adapted to your personality.

Hooded knit cardigan: This design has a hood on the back to provide you with a warmer outfit, you can combine it with a t-shirt or a top.

Cropped knit cardigan: If you like shorter but stylish designs, cropped s for you. This design fits halfway through the torso, you can find it with buttons and a circular neckline. 

Knit cardigan with V-neck: It is the most popular design and that adapts to any style styling the silhouette you can find with opening in front or closed. 

Long knit cardigan: The oversize fashion combines perfectly with this design, in midi and maxi sizes, you can find them at knee height or up to the ankle.


How to wash a knit cardigan?

A knit cardigan is a garment that needs special care for the materials with which they are made such as wool and cashmere. If you have one or more today we will tell you how you can preserve your knit cardigan to the moment of washing it. 

A knit cardigan is a garment that needs special care for the materials with which they are made such as wool and cashmere. If you have one or more today we will tell you how you can preserve your knit cardigan to the moment of washing it. 

  • Knit cardigans are not to be washed often. 
  • Don't leave it for a long time inside the washing machine because it may lose its original shape. 
  • It is not advisable to leave the knit cardigans dying in the sun, they lose their color. 

If you are going to wash your knit cardigan, you need to roll it up in a large towel and exert pressure so that it does not lose its shape, and preferably you have to wash it by hand at a temperature of 30°C.


How to wear a knit cardigan

Celebrities like Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez have used different styles of knit cardigans to look fabulous on different occasions. However, this year's fall fashion season brings us back the knit cardigan to combine it with garments that we have available in our closet and achieve fabulous looks.

Enjoy the autumn like an it girl with these outfits! 

If you love to wear matching sets, you can wear Salado Pants by Blanca Pukara with the knit cardigan Musgo by Iris Arco Knitwear, add trendy earrings Gabriella by MIM and the ankle boots The Catalina by Élan. 



An essential footwear to use during the autumn, are the ankle boots you can find in colors such as coffee, beige, white and black, they are also easy to combine! Use the ankle boots The Luciana Sand by Élan with the mini skirt Monaco by Pamela Stevenson and add this beautiful knit cardigan Jardín by Iris Arco Knitwear, remember to wear a makeup with brown shadows or a very pale pink to make your eyes stand out, you can also use the earrings Star Constellation by Daniela Millan, with this look you will capture everyone's eyes!



If you prefer a more relaxed outfit, you can wear the pants  Nasqua by Sientochenta with the knit cardigan Sincronías by Iris Arco Knitwear, don't forget to add this ankle boots Galaxy Boots by Galeanna with the earrings and the earrings Love Struck by MIM!



Autumn is ideal for wearing a nice knit cardigan, find your favorite only in On Post! 


By Melissa Zanini 

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