How to wear a green dress: 3 fabulous styles

How to wear a green dress: 3 fabulous styles


If you want a glamorous and unique style, wear a green dress with this garment you will have a modern and sophisticated look for different occasions.

Do you love vibrant and bold colors? The green dress is definitely for you! You can create different looks for each day of the week with the different shades that the green color has and combine it with the accessories that you like the most.


The green dress is a most beautiful trend of the year 

The color green is the most trendy and sought after by all the it girls and celebrities such as Zendaya, Hailey Bieber, Chiara Ferragni and the fashion diva Victoria Beckham. Since before the global pandemic by covid-19 we had seen that the color green was taking center stage in catwalks and fashion weeks, due to this situation, the revival of this beautiful and elegant color was paused.

At the end of 2021, some designers and fashion brands such as Bottega Veneta, Gucci, Dior and Alexander McQueen show us what would be the success of their collections and the most desired look of all. That's right, we are talking about the green color and basic garments that make our outfit something out of the ordinary:such as the iconic green dress, wide leg pants, bomber jackets, oversize coats, ankle boots, heeled sandals, bags and earrings in all sizes and textures.



The color of this year has been Quetzal green, we have been surprised by its versatility and how timeless it can be. Now that we are in the autumn winter season, we will continue to dare to wear the color green to end 2022 with a fabulous style. 

The green dress is a garment that favors all women and adapts to different types of bodies. You can add a touch of your personality and style to make it different from other dresses.

One of the incredible advantages of the green dress is that we can find it with different styles, designs and combinations, from the mini and maxi versions, with necklines, with sleeves and suspenders, cut outs, we can also find them with ornaments and accessories such as sequins and beads to create a more classic and feminine silhouette.



The shades in which we can find the green dress are: apple green, lime green, emerald green, quetzal green, bottle green, neon green, olive green, military green among others. Today we will tell you how you can create the best looks and combinations on the catwalk, so that you impose style with the green dress and look like a celebrity 24/7.


How can I combine a green dress?

The green color is elegant and can be combined with other colors for example, pink, red, yellow, blue and brown. If you want to add to your green dress other garments and accessories of those colors, it is totally valid as long as you know the style of the dress, if it is smooth or has prints. Let's start with these fabulous tips! 

Green dress and accessories: Depending on the style and color of the dress you want to wear, you can add the accessories. For example, if you are going to wear a lime green dress you can wear earrings or belts in more vibrant colors such as pink or orange to highlight the dress, it also depends on the dress code of the event you will attend if it is day or night, casual or informal.

If you're wearing an emerald green dress, you can add gold rings to create an elegant look or if you love olive green dresses you can add accessories in silver or blue to give a touch of brightness to your outfit.

Green dress and other basic garments: If you want to add a more casual touch to your green dress, you can wear an oversize shirt on top or if it is a dress with straps you can put a turtleneck underneath in neutral colors such as white or beige, the imagination has no limits when innovating your outfits.

Green dress and shoes: Depending on the season and the event you will attend, you can combine your green dress with high heeled boots, ankle boots, heeled sandals, kitten heels, stilettos or tennis shoes. 




How to wear a green dress: 3 fabulous styles

The green color is synonymous with dynamism, nature, life and above all a lot of style.The green dress has stolen our hearts from the first moment we saw it in street style and at fashion weeks in New York and Milan.Being a risky and versatile color, today we will give you some recommendations of outfits so you can use them in your daily routine and look like a diva!

Casual and mysterious look: This design is ideal to go to a casual event in the middle of the afternoon, the bottle green dress Venus Dress by Kadu it will make you look fantastic and comfortable when wearing it, you can combine it with high-heeled sandals. You can use Sira sandals by Peyola to create a match between bottle green color and black, add Green Stone Golden Earring by Iconique and the bag Emilia by Eva Innocenti




Sexy and fun look: This green dress looks great in warm climates for its openings in front, this trend is very fashionable and evokes the style of the 90s. With the Cami Dress by Geraldine García you will capture everyone's attention, you can wear the high heeled sandals Brina by Peyola. 

Remember that you can use accessories in neutral and white colors, such as Sunshine Pearl Earrings by Daniela Millán and the bag Balandra Rayas by Palmier. A sweater is always an indispensable garment, you can wear the Lea Cardigan by Thea Studio


Party look: If you are a guest to a wedding or an outdoor celebration, you can wear this cute apple green dress Cami Dress by Geraldine Garcia. Create a mix and match in different shades of green with Green Iria by Peyola high-heeled sandals and add small gold accessories such as Formation Hoops by Jetlagmode and the Sunshine Bracelet by Vösh Design, don’t forget to carry a small bag you can use the MICRO MOMPOX by Camila Mesar to add shine to your outfit!




The green dress is a garment that you must have ready for this season, find yours only in On Post! 


By Melissa Zanini 

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