Guzo: Versatility, style and Caribbean flair

Guzo: Versatility, style and Caribbean flair


The Guzo fashion brand is a young and vibrant company, with a very clear mission: to rescue and exalt the arts, knowledge and trades of Colombia. Founded in October 2019 by Jorge Guzmán Oyola, a young fashion designer with passion and dedication to his work, Guzo has become a brand with a unique stamp in Latin America.


Guzo: Trend and tradition

The name of the brand, Guzo, is a tribute to the parents and ancestors of the founder (GUZmán Oyola), and reflects his commitment to the transcendence of traditions and values ​​that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Under this philosophy, Guzo is inspired to create vibrant trends and designs with a Caribbean air that reflect Colombian traditions.



Despite the challenges that Guzo faced when starting his brand, such as raising capital and seeking contacts to reach customers, today, he has managed to consolidate himself in the market and stands out for his commitment to sustainability, the details of handmade and genderless designs.

Guzo: Path to transcendence

Guzo has achieved an impressive record of achievements and participation in fashion events nationally and internationally. Since its creation in October 2019, they have presented three fashion collections, High Garden 2020, Totem 2021 and Tolú Mangrove 2022, each with its own style and message.

The brand is recognized as Orange Economy by the Colombian Ministry of Culture and is endorsed by CoCrea. In the year 2021, they were selected as one of the 19 Colombian brands to participate in MOMAD 2021 in Madrid-Spain, and they were presented in the Model Look of the Year 2021 in alliance with FashionTV.

He has also participated in the sustainable fashion week of Latin America MOLA WEEK 2021 and the VOGUE TALENT CORNER of COLOMBIAMODA 2022. Guzo has been recognized as the 2022 Revelation Designer of the Caribe Talent Awards in Colombia. Guzo has been selected for the Bogotá Fashion Week 2023, Colombiamoda 2023 in Medellín and Montería Fashion Week 2023 in Colombia.


Guzo's collection: artisanal and sustainable genderless designs.

Guzo works with natural fibers, ECO material, product of the recycling of PET bottles, in our latest collection we have some pieces carved in shipwrecked wood, fabrics hand made.

Everything to be able to offer quality designs for people aware of their environment who are looking for garments without gender, with a social sense, sustainability, artisanal and aesthetic details. Among its most popular pieces are Dresses, Skirts and Shirts.

Discover the collection at and fall in love with the authenticity and originality of its designs!


By: Daniela Moreno

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