Geraldine García for a women’s timeless wardrobe

Geraldine García for a women’s timeless wardrobe
Discover this fashion brand that allows you to create a women's timeless wardrobe, and which has managed to break down borders to bring Latin American fashion and romantic style to other parts of the world.


Entering a new industry will always be a challenge, since you have to make a double effort to lay the foundations of the terrain that you want to walk and also work to position your brand in a little-known terrain.

However, being a pioneer never scared Geraldine García when she created her resort wear for woman brand in El Salvador, on the contrary, this motivated her to create beautiful garments that would cause an impact within the fashion industry to stand out from the rest.

Discover her whole story here!


The beginnings of Geraldine Garcia

Geraldine García is a daring and strong woman, who knew how to use these characteristics in her favor to be able to make her way into a practically non-existent industry in El Salvador and lay the foundations to materialize her dreams.




From a very young age, Geraldine showed a taste for fashion design and over the years she managed to fulfill the first part of her dream, which was to study Fashion Design at the IED Barcelona, ​​and from that moment everything began to lead her towards the world of entrepreneurship.

When Geraldine returned to her native El Salvador, she knew that she wanted to go further, that she wanted to share her passion for fashion with other people and empower the women of her country with each of her designs, which would make them feel more beautiful and powerful than they already were.



Despite the fact that El Salvador did not have a fashion industry as solid as in other countries, this was never an impediment for Geraldine to create her homonymous brand, on the contrary, this worked for her as a motivator, because now she wanted to give meet Latin talent in her own country and in the rest of the world so that each person who wears her clothes feels the same love and security that she felt when designing her clothes.


Geraldine García reinvents the romantic style with her Latin womenswear line

Geraldine García created her womenswear brand with several characteristics: handmade, sustainable fashion with a reinvented romantic style that adapts to contemporary women.

For this reason, their garments usually have hand-embroidered decorations, asymmetrical cuts, unexpected volumes and unique prints, which are combined to play with the different existing body types and empower each one of them with unique and interesting models.

If your style when dressing is usually feminine and romantic, we are sure that Geraldine García's designs will be able to occupy a great place in your life and in your women's timeless wardrobe. Their models usually stand out for the use of vaporous fabrics that allow you to feel fresh and free throughout the day. They also have transparencies that, in addition to making you feel sexy, allow you to adapt any look for day or night.

Another characteristic of her romantic style are the puffy sleeves, which are currently on the rise due to their classic shape that remind us of the women's clothing of the golden age. If these types of sleeves seem difficult to combine, let us tell you that it is quite the opposite! Well, Geraldine García's puffy sleeves can look good with jeans for a casual look or with a straight skirt for a much more elegant look.

All Geraldine García garments are versatile, which is why they allow you to use them in different places and times of the year, without losing sight of your feminine and delicate essence when dressing. You can created a women's timeless wardrobe!



Geraldine García, pioneering and sustainable fashion brand

The brand also has a plus that is of the utmost importance today: sustainability.

To create all the brand's designs, they work with excellent quality natural fabrics and with sustainable fabrics such as recycled lycra and organic tencel that guarantee their low environmental impact and maximum durability.


What are you waiting for to make Geraldine García your favorite fashion brand and make the most of your romantic style?

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By Diana Mendoza


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