Ananá, sustainable womenswear inspired by the Caribbean landscape.

Ananá, sustainable womenswear inspired by the Caribbean landscape.

Ananá is a womenswear brand as fresh as the Caribbean breeze, which is why each item reflects the bright and exotic colors of the region and the deep passion involved in its creation process.


The Caribbean is considered one of the most beautiful regions in the world due to the large number of elements that converge in it, such as its extravagant flora and fauna, its transparent beaches and its sunsets that paint the sky with a mosaic of inexplicable colors.

Thanks to Caribbean beauty, Ananá was born, a 100% sustainable women's clothing brand 100% inspired by the beauty and freedom that each Caribbean woman expresses.

Read on and get to know this Colombian brand of sustainable womenswear!


What is Anana's inspiration?

Imagining a sunset in the Caribbean is magical, because with the simple fact of evoking it in our mind, the colors, smells and flavors of the region feel more than real. There are few regions that manage to awaken these feelings within us, and the founders of Ananá know it perfectly, which is why they decided to take it as inspiration to create their sustainable womenswear brand.

Ananá is a word used in Latin America to describe pineapple, an exotic fruit that could well represent the entire Caribbean. For this reason it has become the name of this Colombian fashion brand.

Ananá was born from a magical contrast between the beach and the city, between warmth and modernity. This contrast served as the basis for understanding that clothing should flow with the movement and shapes of the body. After this, it was only necessary to add a lot of passion and love by combining the colors and textures that would flood each of Ananá's pieces.


Anana's muse is you

Ananá is such an authentic brand that it was inspired not only by Caribbean women, but also by the real and enthusiastic woman that lives in each one of us. Ananá is color, joy and youth, all characteristics of women around the world.

If in your day to day, happiness and daring are present, Ananá is a brand made especially for you. This womenswear brand seeks to reach those women full of life, with a young spirit who like to have fun, go out, travel and stand out wherever they are.

Within Ananá's fashion line you can find dresses, tops or blouses, iconic pieces, skirts, sets and even special clothes for those nights and holidays. Get to know all the garments that Ananá has for you, only at On Post!


Sustainable fashion is at the heart of Ananá

Ananá is a brand full of amazing features, including quality, exclusivity and freshness, but it also highlights one more characteristic that has gained popularity in recent years in the field of slow fashion: sustainability.

This brand not only has garments with beautiful and Caribbean designs, it also makes its pieces under the strictest quality and sustainability standards. For this reason, its collections are created with recycled polyester, which is made from plastic bottles rescued from the rivers and oceans of the Caribbean.

With these actions, Ananá creates sustainable fashion directly from Colombia for the world and takes care of the landscapes that have inspired them from the beginning to create a new sustainable fashion.


Let yourself be carried away by the freshness and joy that characterizes Colombia with Ananá garments.

Find this brand only at!


By Diana Mendoza

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