Galeanna, modern shoes that inspire your daring style

Galeanna, modern shoes that inspire your daring style

The world of fashion has taken a new path with Galeanna, a modern shoe brand that creates exclusive, art-inspired pieces with a wild personality. Discover it!


In a world where everything seems to be taken for granted, Galeanna arrives, a completely disruptive and modern footwear brand, which proposes a new way of bringing your steps to life.

Galeanna is a universe created for lovers of the exclusive, fashion and art.

Keep reading and discover more about this brand!


Step by step… the creation of Galeanna

September 2016 was the year Galeanna emerged. With a Peruvian origin and a radiant personality, this brand proposes to break everything established and create its path in the world of fashion from scratch.

Its director, Anali Romero Córdova, sees in Galeanna more than just modern shoes; she sees a new way of giving security and elegance to contemporary women. For this reason, the brand seeks to reinvent its models day by day, so that the most exclusive fashion can be part of the lives of hundreds of women who live through a wild style and who want to forge their destiny.


Exclusivity at every step

Galeanna is a brand for all those who enjoy complementing their looks with a great pair of shoes and who love to feel unique, special, and exclusive.

Thinking about the exquisite style of these people, Galeanna is characterized by producing capsule collections, that is, a few models for greater exclusivity. The brand differs from the rest in the materials it uses, the quality of the entire production circuit, the handmade manufacturing, and the unique models.

An example of this is their Mint sandals, which feature a unique design that could only be worn by true shoe lovers. Its heel is carved by hand and with it, that special curvilinear effect is achieved. Without a doubt, a statement piece that cannot be missing from your outfits!


Art as a creative basis

Every time Galeanna is about to launch a new footwear collection, they take inspiration from art. Textures, shapes, colors... the panorama is so wide that the references to create new shoes are endless.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most important differentiating factors of the brand, because with it the customer can be sure that she is not only buying a pair of shoes but that she is acquiring an experience that involves knowledge, love, talent, and a lot of passion.

The Ella and Fancy Cowie boots are worthy representatives of this category, as their minimalist and textured designs, respectively, make you feel as if you have a piece of art in your possession. Find them at!


A Wild Personality Awakens

Being daring and free is part of the essence of Galeanna. Power and passion have become its hallmark and now they seek to transmit it to each of the women around the world through its footwear.

To fulfill this purpose, Galeanna has models like the Zebra Mule and Malevola Boots, which could only be enjoyed by rebellious souls who love animal print. In addition, both are handmade and with the best quality materials so that comfort is not lacking in your walks.



Be original, be wild, be Galeanna!

Enjoy Galeanna's complete collection only on On Post!


By Diana Mendoza

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