Fashion emergency? Wear the classic Red Heels like a diva

Fashion emergency? Wear the classic Red Heels like a diva

Red heels have been cataloged as classics, it could be because of their presence in iconic moments in the film industry, proving that fashion and the seventh art are undeniable allies, or because they give that chic touch to your looks.

In ancient times red shoes were for the exclusive use of men of power, they were also so related to sin that a woman could not think of wearing them without being offended. Nowadays, red heels are a symbol of independence and female empowerment.



Thanks to personalities who have fought to break the prejudices, the help that Pop Culture gives to go against taboos and old traditions is undeniable. There are iconic moments in the film industry that have been accompanied by garments that turn them into significant milestones, such as 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' with Givenchy's LBD, it was the same with Dorothy's red heels in 'The Wizard of Oz'. These shoes were so representative for the movie that we are all able to know just by looking at them which character they are, that if they had stuck to what was described in the literary work where the shoes are silver, maybe the story would not have been the same. 

Another time that movies made clear the power of red heels was when they placed a red stiletto with a trident heel on the cover of 'The Devil Wears Prada', clearly Miranda Presley wore red heels.

For these and many more reasons, red shoes continue to climb the catwalks, being part of the collections of many designers, making it clear that they are not a trend, but a classic that fits perfectly in any closet.

Now, let's review what are the best ways to combine these shoes and do it like a professional expert.


Best combinations with Red Heels

Red heels are essential in our closet, it is inevitable to think that if someone wears shoes of this color is the best dressed in the room. Here we share with you some of the combinations that you can create with them and look fabulous. 

Mixing colors, there are many mixtures with shades that go great with red, pink, navy blue, beige and gray to name a few. Monochromatic looks are a win-win and red is no different, wear it, with the promise that you will turn heads.



Patterned, animal print is an excellent companion to red heels, especially leopard.

Specific garments, basic plus basic the result is always flattering, wear it with denim pieces. Another key outfit, the pencil skirt, this pairing can not convey more than empowerment, dare to wear it, consider it with plaid print. The infallible camel coat in winter is another ally of your flashy shoes.Making combinations with red heels is daring to everything, as we have seen in current trends, wearing contrasting garments is an excellent idea, wear your shoes with sport socks and rock the street style. 



Complete look, jeans with t-shirt and blazer, this outfit is the clear representation of what makes classic an infallible.

As a pop of color in neutral color looks, a total outfit in black with red heeled sandals, you will look like a professional. 

The list would be endless to mention the possibilities you have to create outfits with red heels, whether you go for sandals, stilettos, ankle boots or platforms in red, you will have versatile shoes that will highlight any of your looks.

Get the look with Red Heels

If you are looking for a look to crown with red heels, or you have run out of inspiration, we have made a selection of garments to create an outfit that will go great with them, if you want to buy any of these are available in our collection.

For starters Top Amalfi Lino by La Bikineria, short, in white color and made with Italian linen, the perfect contrast created by the red heels with the neutral colors is undeniable. We're leaning towards this garment to create a basic, yet classic look, which means, infallible. 

Continuing with pieces that never disappoint, we chose ANDREA DENIM PANTS by Cindy Castro New York, with high waist and wide leg, a cut that is in trend you can create a number of outfits.

When wearing a short top and in between seasons, where the nights start to get colder, we have selected Thierra red cardigan by Muna the Label, hand-knitted, with bangs that are in trend, white and red details that will make a perfect pairing with your heels. 



For accessories, we have chosen two options, the final decision will depend on your style and personality. Both from the brand Iconique, Golden Pearl Earrings, classics with a differentiating touch in its design, five pearls that give the illusion of being many earrings. Another alternative is ideal if you like to wear monochromatic looks or that your accessories combine perfectly.  Red Zirconia Golden Ring, this discreet shiny ring is the perfect detail to highlight your hands.

We can risk assuring that the effect of red heels is similar to that of a lipstick of this shade, inevitably capturing the attention. For many years this color has been cataloged as daring or improper, but its character has shown us that only the brave are worthy of wearing it, because of course, if they turn to look at you, they will, so paint your lips and leave a mark with your red heels.


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By Katia García

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