Dress in Style all Week wearing a Blazer Jacket

Dress in Style all Week wearing a Blazer Jacket

The blazer jacket is considered a unisex garment and over the years it never stops being fashionable. You can wear it on different occasions and days of the week to give a refreshing touch to your style.

By wearing a blazer jacket you can create countless ready-to-wear looks to attend a meeting with friends, work or simply you consider yourself a fan of casual clothes and want to look good without much effort.


What is a Blazer Jacket?

Have you ever thought that a blazer jacket is not only for going to the office? You are missing out on the endless possibilities of creating the best outfits with this essential garment.



A blazer jacket is a garment that is necessary to have in our closet, at least have more than one to look elegant and casual any day of the week. In its beginnings, the blazer jacket was created mainly for men to wear, over the years and thanks also to the designer Coco Chanel who reinvented the wardrobe of the women giving them a modern and chic touch with the blazer jacket that we have seen in all their collections. Created the best outfits with this iconic garment that never goes out of style.

A blazer jacket is considered as a timeless and versatile garment, what do I mean by this? You can get many advantages from wearing a blazer jacket since you can combine it with jeans, formal and informal dresses, t-shirts and create the most comfortable and casual combinations such as wearing a sweatshirt and putting on a blazer jacket.




When choosing your blazer take into account your body type and style, when you are going to measure them, lift and bend your arm to see that the length of the sleeve is correct. The most common colors are black and navy blue, but when we talk about trends we have them between reds, fuchsias and prints.

It is also considered for being a light jacket that adapts easily to any type of climate during the year. If you do not know how to style a blazer jacket you can not miss the following combinations of looks and tips to add different styles to your fashion routine. 


Get it right when choosing your Blazer Jacket

With the collection of blazer jackets from On Post you will not have a problem choosing a style that makes the perfect match with your personality and body type. But you should keep in mind that there can be many designs and styles, at least you should consider having more than one pair in your closet to reinvent yourself when you have a fashion emergency. 



Today you will know the main styles of blazer jackets that are very common and you will love them!

Blazer Jacket for oval silhouette: Opt for models that have a slightly fitted waist and that their length ends at the hip, avoid designs with very big buttons.

Blazer Jacket for rectangle silhouette: If we are looking to stylize our waist, the best blazer jacket option for you is a loose style and add a belt on top to look fabulous.

Blazer Jacket for hourglass silhouette: For your type of silhouette, you can wear different styles of blazer jackets. You can wear them oversize or with shoulder pads and add accessories in gold.

Blazer Jacket for inverted triangle silhouette: The color of our blazer jacket must be taken into account. You can look for neutral colors to balance the silhouette, I recommend wearing pants with more vibrant colors such as green or fuchsia.

Blazer Jacket for triangle silhouette: A blazer jacket for this type of silhouette is easier to choose and you have two options: If the triangle silhouette is light you can wear it with a button and fasten that button to shape the body, or you have lower legs you can wear a blazer jacket with the tightest waist to stylize and that looks harmonious when wearing it.

What is your favorite blazer jacket? Although it seems difficult to choose, it is always necessary to consider which style is more in line with our personality and silhouette.


Blazer Jacket and dress

Classic colors like black and white that can be easily adapted to any type of garments, they are a must when both are combined. A black blazer jacket and dress are a simple choice to make a great outfit, if you want to start wearing these options you can try with the Alyssa Dress by Concepción Miranda with the black blazer jacket Clyde Charcoal by Lesém.



Blazer Jacket and jeans 

Jeans are the basic one that has many styles, textures and colors. You can find them: skinny, boot cut, straight, mom jeans, baggy, boyfriend jeans, culotte and bell bottom are the trends of this season. However, you can combine a blazer jacket with capri jeans to look fabulous in the street style.

If you want to have a classic and iconic outfit you can combine the pants Lili Silk by Avila Sotres with the white shirt Tatiana by Guadalupe Design, this combination of colors will look fabulous! To complete the outfit you can wear a nice pair of high heeled sandals Analía Almond by Alta with the blazer jacket Clyde Green by Lesém.



Do you love the layering trend? You can make it with layers of jewelry, I recommend you wear the necklaces Aura Choker by Onilium with the Colgante Plata Esmeralda Zirconia Blanca by Iconique and the earrings Chischil XL by Geo Designs

Remember that with a blazer jacket you can create the most glamorous outfits for different occasions, keep trending by subscribing to the NewsLetter of On Post!


By Melissa Zanini 

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