Black High Heels: A basic guide to wear this classic shoes in stylish

Black High Heels: A basic guide to wear this classic shoes in stylish

 We could risk assuring that almost all of us have at least one pair of black shoes, being one of the basic colors for its ease of combination, they are one of the first steps to create a closet with versatile garments. Next, we will talk about the basic guide to black high heels, which silhouettes you need and how to style them to create amazing looks.

A smart closet does not need to be overflowing with clothes, the important thing is to have specific garments and know how to combine them to give them the differentiating touch with different looks for every occasion, this may overwhelm you, but it is easier than it seems, an excellent practice to instruct us when creating compilations with black high heels is to analyze how fashion experts do it, such as it girls and celebrities.



As we already know black by itself brings elegance to any outfit, black high heels have that quality, when worn with jeans they elevate your outfit in a matter of seconds. One of the clearest examples is the basic set of T-shirt, jeans and stilettos or high-heeled sandals in black.

Rihanna's style is worthy of recognition, one of the characteristics is how chameleon-like she is, Riri has shared with us multiple keys on how to style certain garments, it would be a mistake not to include her in the list of celebrities who know how to wear black high heels, in different occasions and with different garments.

In the same way, Kendall Jenner, has opted for total looks in black, wearing heels in this color, in different contexts making clear the essence of her style.

Another celebrity who knows how to wear black high heels is Penélope Cruz, who wore them with an elegant and classic yellow Chanel outfit, making it clear that this color combination achieves a sophisticated look.


Basic Guide to wear Black High Heels

As we have already mentioned to create winning combinations you don't need to have a lot of clothes, it is enough to have versatile pieces that you can combine with others, add trendy touches and thus achieve different looks. 

The most important thing when choosing black high heels is to consider the height of the heel, this should be one that you can tolerate, this way you will get more out of your shoes.

As most clothes can be categorized depending on the occasion they are for, with black high heels it is no different. Although they are more versatile than any other footwear, there are etiquette rules where an outfit will look more stylish if you wear closed shoes than open ones. 



Our recommendation is that you have a pair of black high heel sandals and a pair of closed heels, the best option of the latter are the Stilettos, these shoes with thin heels and triangular toe are classic and sophisticated, besides combining with everything they are timeless. 

Another style of shoes that you need in your closet, are those with platform, this base that goes under the sole, provide comfort, if you are short and constantly looking to look taller with casual looks, these are an excellent alternative. Having a black high heels with platform, will get you out of any trouble.

A way to stylize your looks with a timeless model like the Stilettos, is the sandals with thin straps, at the same time that are a hit in your outfit, gives the sexy touch, perfect for party nights.


Black High Heels that you can find at On Post

Once we have reviewed the basic guide to black high heels, here we will mention some of the options you can find in our collection. 

Peyola is a Mexican brand with handmade shoes, each design expresses glamour and avant-garde, empowering women, emphasizing their independent, sexy and fashionable side:

If you are looking for a romantic, sophisticated and comfortable style, the DANET heeled sandals are an excellent choice for you. Their velvet and bow design make them ideal to wear with jeans or with a dress for a more formal event.

One of the trends for this season is the platform shoes, this brings us to the following black heels, if you are looking to gain more height without losing comfort, IRIA will be your allies, for events. 



Like the previous ones, but with a different design,  SIRA, with wide heel, these sandals with platform, are the version of chunky heels, with straps on the instep, they are ideal to wear in casual looks.

Create a look with on post garments and black high heels, a clear example of the versatility of this type of shoes is to combine them with a look, any of the above designs go great with the Wide Leg Anturio Pant from Sientochenta, as its name says, this wide leg trouser that is on trend, when combined with Pia Blouse from Dominica, this basic set can be worn as an office outfit, for a day event. Add a blazer for daytime, or a leather jacket if you want to turn it into an evening look.

At On Post, you can find trendy clothes, tips and styles to make an impact on the street style like a fashionista.

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By Katia García

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