5 Ways to Wear a Fancy Long Puff Sleeve Dress

5 Ways to Wear a  Fancy Long Puff Sleeve Dress

A long puff sleeve dress has become one of the most sought after garments to wear throughout the year, but this holiday season will be a must to look radiant and sophisticated. With the On Post collection you can create the best looks for these holidays with a unique and chic style.

Are you seeking a romantic and chic style? This season, you can look fabulous in a long puff sleeve dress with Victorian inspiration.


Long Puff Sleeve Dress the trend of the moment

Since the 80s the puffed sleeves have given something to talk about and have become the hottest trend to end the year in an iconic and glamorous way. Since 2019 and now thanks to Tik Tok and Instagram, long sleeve dresses are the garment that is stealing the most avant-garde catwalks and collections of fashion brands such as Miu Miu and Alexander McQueen.



If you have a long puff sleeve dress, the time has come to take it out of the closet because this garment will remain in force during the next 2023 as we saw in the Gucci Resort collection from a couple of weeks ago. This holiday season it is a must wear a long puff sleeve dress as the coolest celebs have done as Dakota Fanning and  Sarah Paulson.

We can find different styles of sleeves such as balloon, puffed sleeves, sleeves, gigot and lantern were the protagonists of many styles of garments such as the long sleeve dress, tops and blazers. Why are we so obsessed with a long puff sleeve dress?If you love these dresses, you should keep in mind that when you put it on you will not want to stop wearing it at all times.

It will give you a romantic and vintage style that suits all body types and personalities.With these two essential tips you will not go unnoticed when wearing a long puff sleeve dress this holiday season.

Stylize your silhouette: If you want to create a shape with a long puff sleeve dress, you could wear a shiny belt to further accentuate the waist.

Less is more:  Use a few accessories and focus on the long puff sleeve dress to make it look amazing, I recommend you wear small earrings type clip ons or studs. 


The Long Puff Sleeve Dress designs and styles you'll love

There are many styles of dresses with puffed sleeves, choose the one that best suits you and your lifestyle.



Long Pink Puff Sleeve Dress: For the most traditionally feminine outfit, look at a pink long puff sleeve dress and pair it with pink pieces, it’s important to ensure the shade complements your skin tone. Baby pinks and magentas will work well for cooler skin tones, while peach and salmon hues are ideal for warmer skin tones.

Puff Sleeve Mini Dress: This dress is ideal for summer events, for example from dinners out and at-home birthday gatherings to bottomless brunches and high teas, the puff sleeve mini is a reliable choice.

Off The Shoulder Puff Sleeve: An off the shoulder puff sleeve dress is perfect to create and effortlessly relaxed yet elevated silhouette making it ideal for night and important events. I recommend avoiding necklaces and statement earrings

What is your favorite dress for this holiday season? In On Post you will find the best options for you!


5 Ways to Wear a Fancy Long Puff Sleeve Dress

This holiday season if you want to look spectacular I share 5 ways to wear a long puff sleeve dress and achieve a beautiful look with this trendy garment. So take note and swipe down to have an outfit ready for Christmas and New Year's dinner.

Option #1 In winter it is also valid to wear garments in neutral colors such as beige and white. If you're getting ready for the holiday season, let me recommend wearing a long puff sleeve dress like the Full Moon Off White by Anana Store Colombia along with a nice pair of white ankle boots such as The Catalina by Elán. 



So that you do not get cold, you can add a coat also in white tones such as the Sumaq by Jenny Duarte. It is also essential that you put on knitted stockings, with this long puff sleeve dress you can use makeup in cold tones such as silver shadows and glitter to highlight your accessories.

For example, you can finish the look with the earrings Long Silver Flat Circle by Iconique with the Quartz Sacred Heart in White necklace by Tita López and you'll be ready to celebrate in style as possible.

Option #2 For Christmas morning and opening presents in a chic way, a long puff sleeve dress will look fantastic! wear the dress Misha by Blanca Pukara with high-heeled sandals. But what if it's cold? Don't worry, you can combine the sandals Alizee Beige by Alta with short socks with bow and rhinestone details to achieve a feminine touch.



This season take advantage and take all your sweaters out of the closet, if you use Alpaca fabrics rest assured that you do not freeze. Wear the Munay Cardigan by Andiamo Concept with the following accessories to dazzle everyone! The earrings Bee Pearl by Viviane Guenoun  will be the perfect mix with the Violet Pearl ring by Daniela Millan, pearls are always elegant and sophisticated, ideal to wear on special occasions.

Option #3 For Christmas dinner preparations, wear a nice long puff sleeve dress with floral prints like the dress Caro by Carolina Estefan. Remember to add silver shoes and accessories such as the heels Torino Silver by Carolina Estefan, this brand will enchant you for its bohemian and chic style.

If you had unexpected purchases, do not forget to bring a small bag like the Minca by Camila Mesar. To look warm but with a light and cozy style, use the Huaraz Black Poncho by Muna The Label along with earrings with  crystals such as Zamora by Las Meninas. You will steal everyone's eyes even in the supermarket.



Option #4  New Year's Eve party at the office? The best way to enjoy and say goodbye to the year in a glamorous way, is wearing a long puff sleeve dress in black like the Andy by Geraldine García. 

To look more avant-garde, wear the heels Gwen by and let me tell you that those shoes are my favorites because they are bicolor. A jacket is necessary in this season to not be cold, wear the Cordelia Black by Balanka jacket will combine perfectly with the earrings White Zirconia Star Long by Iconique and you will have that festive touch in your outfit and chic.

Option #5 The best way to say goodbye to the year is sharing with friends, if you have a meeting with them you can wear the long puff sleeve dress Zircon Short by Sientochenta. Its relaxed silhouette will make you feel comfortable, you can add a nice belt like the Golden Snake by Galeanna and put on your ankle boots The Luciana Sand by Elán.



Take with you the golden hoops Bella XL by Abya and the ring Sátira by Geo Designs with the ring Epic by Daniela Millan, you will look beautiful and fashionable.

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By Melissa Zanini

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