Belts: The accessories that have stylized our looks over the years

Belts: The accessories that have stylized our looks over the years

There are accessories that have accompanied us since time immemorial, such is the case of belts. From those iconic thick belts of the eighties, to the delicate chain belts of the nineties that now return to decorate and stylize the figure. In this article, we will talk about them.

Belts are an essential accessory that can be used for both fashion and function. When worn with style, they add structure and shape to an outfit.They can be used to cinch the waist of loose-fitting dresses or blouses to create a more flattering silhouette, or to cinch high-waisted jeans, giving them a more modern edge. 



In the past, belts were used to keep pants in place and are also ideal for carrying items such as wallets or cell phones. But nowadays, they are considered an infallible complement, often used even to give a daring touch with their colors, prints, textures and ornaments.


A short history of the Belts

The origin of belts dates back to the Bronze Age, it was then that women and men narrowed their waist with an artifact that precedes the belt. As time went by and in the early 20th century, many men preferred to wear suspenders to keep their pants in place, due to the high rise of the trousers.



After World War I, when fashion changed, jeans were lower, reaching the hips, so a garment was required to keep the pants in place. It was then that the suspenders were changed by the belt, becoming once again the complement par excellence to define the waist.


Tips for styling your looks with Belts

When it comes to styling a look with a belt, the most important thing is to be creative and have fun, belts can add a special touch to any outfit. Here are some tips on how to use belts in your closet:

  • Create an interesting contrast by pairing a colorful or printed garment with a belt that has an opposite color or pattern. For example, if you're wearing a brightly colored dress with a floral print, try pairing it with a plain leather belt for a more understated look. 
  • Mix and match belts to add texture and dimension to your outfit. Choose two different colors or materials in the same color family, such as a metallic belt and a black leather belt. You can also pair different widths or lengths to create a unique juxtaposition. 
  • Use a belt to cinch an oversized garment for a more flattering fit. A thicker belt is perfect for this look; it will help cinch the waist and give definition to the look. 
  • Opt for belts to add interest to a simple look. Try pairing a plain white shirt with a bold patterned belt, or use an eye-catching belt to dress up even the most basic jeans and t-shirt combination. 

No matter how you choose to use belts in your closet, remember to have fun. Experiment with different colors, materials and styles to create your own unique look.


Belts on trend

Among the belt trends that we can find, the Y2K fashion trends are present, with those designs of thin chains, which challenge us to create outfits with more than one. The art of layering with belts is one of the looks that can be seen in street style.  



One of the representatives of this trend is the influencer and fashion stylist, Benulus, who has gone viral for her characteristic way of dressing.

The handmade designs, crochet, belt, are other proposals that we can find, to create a colorful contrast, with an ethnic touch, will give your outfits a Bohemian style. 

Another of the proposals that continue, and will continue to trend this year, are the corset style belts, those without cups that look great on top of another garment, with the Fetish core style. The utilitarian style is also still present, so do not think twice if you find one with a fanny pack.

In your wardrobe you can't miss the classics, brown and black with simple buckle, indispensable for incredible looks.

Find amazing complements as Belts in the On Post Collection 

At On Post you can find a variety of accessories and complements, ideal to add to your outfits, below we will share with you our selection of products with which you can create incredible looks.

A clear example of a belt, colorful, with a thickness that undoubtedly stylizes your figure accentuating your waist is the Taarach, NATEM BELT, handmade by artisans of Ecuador, offers your outfits, the boho chic touch that we like so much.

The metallic touches, with detailed buckles remain as the infallible classics in belt designs, the Honey Belt by Galeanna, is a complement that you need in your closet.

 As you already know, belts perfectly fulfill the function of stylizing your waist, especially when it comes to loose-fitting garments. Create an amazing look with your favorite belt with Laetitia's Green Merlin Jumpsuit. Add several layered chain belts for an on-trend outfit. 



And as we know that a good addition to your outfit has to have accessories that add personality to your looks, nothing like a bracelet. Viviane Gold Plated Impressive Bracelet Cuff by Guenoun, will add a nice golden touch to your outfit, very Roman style, you will look like a goddess.

Combine your belts with these platforms, Colette Pombo Gold by Alta, they are ideal for a sunny day, they will be a hit in spring.


Find a selection of trendy garments and much more at On Post!


By Katia García

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