Bahía María, colombian bathing suits that reinvent versatility

Bahía María, colombian bathing suits that reinvent versatility

Introducing Bahía María, a Colombian bathing suits brand that explores a new perspective on elegant style and comfort when on the beach. Meet it!

Going on vacation and going to the beach is an extremely enriching experience for the female soul and spirit. At Bahía María they know this well, which is why they have set out to reinvent the resort experience with versatile, elegant Colombian bathing suits that make any woman the center of attention.


How Bahía María began

María Alejandra Cajamarca is the creative mind of Bahía María, a brand with a different proposal regarding swimsuits and the message it conveys to other women.

She founded her brand of Colombian bathing suits in 2015 and for this she was deeply inspired by the essence of the modern woman. For her, the modern woman is a strong, determined woman who recognizes herself as beautiful inside and out and who loves to attract attention with her presence in every place she is.

María Alejandra wanted her beachwear fashion brand to be used both in the city and on the beach, therefore, her designs have versatile elements that allow them to provide safety, beauty and comfort to their wearer in any setting.


The birth of a dream: Bahía María

Bahía María holds a deep and beautiful meaning that its founder took it upon herself to create and share with anyone who enjoys her brand as much as she does.

The brand name is divided into two parts. Bahía, in its most literal form, refers to this paradisiacal place where hundreds of relaxing elements converge: water, sun, beach and sand. While María represents its founder but also a very special part of her: the passion and love that she has put into the brand from day one.

As a whole, Bahía María represents the magic of traveling and exploring new summer places full of life, colors and fun. It means going beyond the city, looking for new ways of seeing life and sharing the joy of being alive with the rest of the world.

Colombian bathing suits with modern vibes

Bahía María's promise is to turn every moment into a sophisticated and elegant one with its Colombian bathing suits. Their designs stand out for their authenticity and for the top-quality materials used in their manufacture. Each part of the creative process is carefully reviewed by María Alejandra and her team of talented women who put their creativity and experience at the service of the brand.

All Bahía María swimsuits are designed and manufactured in Colombia, María Alejandra's native country. The fabrics they create their swimsuits are produced from plastic bottles collected from the sea. Thus, the beauty of its garments combines with the beauty of the clean and beautiful beaches that characterize Colombia.


Join the elegant style of Bahía María

Bahía María has beautiful models of Colombian bathing suits that we are sure you will love, but if you want to discover why this brand cannot be missing on your next visit to the beach, here we share our 3 favorites.

-Cartagena Dress: Elegance and the beach are united in this beautiful rose gold dress. Ideal to go out to dinner with your friends or with your partner to an elegant restaurant during your trip. We love!

-Teresa Top: This piece is perfect because it combines all the style of a modern top with the subtlety of neutral colors like black and white. In addition, it has puffy sleeves perfect to accentuate your arms!

-Top Rebe: What can we say about this model? Colour, design and frills worthy of a carnival queen. The mustard color will always be a good option to go to the beach, especially when you want to stand out from the crowd. Combine this top with white shorts for a casual outing or with a bikini of the same color to conquer the sea.


Become the queen of the beach with the Colombian bathing suits from Bahía María.

Find all their models available only on On Post!


By Diana Mendoza

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