6 ways to wear a white blazer dress

6 ways to wear a white blazer dress

A white blazer dress is a great choice if you are looking for an elegant and stylish look at the same time, in this article we will talk about ways to wear it according to the occasion.

A white blazer dress is a classic wardrobe staple that can be styled in endless ways. It's no wonder celebrities love it, as they often need to look their best for photoshoots, performances, and events. From casual street wear to glamorous red carpet looks, celebs know how to rock the white blazer dress. 


How to accessorize a white blazer dress

When styling a white blazer dress, accessorizing correctly can help you make a statement. Whether you’re looking to dress it up or keep things casual, there are plenty of ways to complete the look and show off your personal style. Here are some tips on how to accessorize a white blazer dress: 

  • Start with Shoes: When styling white blazer dress, the right shoes can make all the difference. For a casual look, opt for white sneakers or ballet flats. If you’re going for a more formal look, choose black heels or pumps. Strappy sandals in earth tones are great for a summery vibe.


  • Add a Belt: Adding a belt to your white blazer dress can add definition and shape to the outfit. Try pairing it with a thin, leather belt or choose a wider, colorful fabric belt for an eye-catching look. 


  • Accessorize with Jewelry: To complete your white blazer look, add some jewelry. A delicate gold or silver necklace works with any white blazer dress. For a more daring look, choose statement earrings or a bold cuff bracelet. 
  • Carry a Bag: Finally, don’t forget to bring along a stylish bag! Choose a structured handbag in black or white for a classic look. For something more unique, opt for a brightly colored clutch or tote bag. 

 6 ways to wear a white blazer dress

A white blazer dress is an incredibly versatile item of clothing - perfect for the office, evening events, or even more casual occasions. But how do you wear it? Here are six ideas on how to style a white blazer dress for different looks: 

  1. For a smart look, team your white blazer dress with black trousers, white sneakers and a crisp white shirt. Complete the look with simple gold jewelry and a bold red lip.
  1. For an evening out, pair your white blazer dress with statement heels, an elegant clutch bag, and delicate diamond jewelry. Keep it monochrome with white accessories, or add touches of color to finish off the look.
  1. Opt for a more casual look with white jeans, white flats and a white blazer dress. Finish off the outfit with bright accessories and bold lashes to make it pop! 
  1. For an effortlessly stylish look, try pairing your white blazer dress with a pair of white trousers or culottes. Accessorize with white trainers and a brightly colored bag for added flair. 


  1. Create an eye-catching contrast by wearing a white blazer dress with dark denim jeans and white boots. Finish off the look with chunky jewelry in gold or silver tones to make it stand out. 
  1. For a weekend brunch, wear a white blazer dress with white jeans and white sandals. Add some pops of color to the look with a brightly colored scarf, hat or clutch bag. 

No matter what the occasion, there is a way to style your white blazer dress for the perfect look! With these tips, you can be sure to stand out from the crowd. 

Check how these celebrities wear a white blazer dress

Take Rihanna, for example. She has sported white blazer dresses with white sneakers and a cap to create a laid back but stylish look. She also looks amazing in white blazer dresses paired with knee-high boots or strappy high heels and statement jewelry. 

Dakota Johnson is another celebrity who knows how to wear a white blazer dress. She has been seen wearing a white blazer dress with transparent stilettos. 

The white blazer dress is definitely one of the fashion favorites among celebrities. With a white blazer dress, you can create classic looks that are always on trend and red carpet ready! So take some style cues from the stars and see how you can make white blazer dress work for you. 

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By Katia García

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