What to wear with a Velvet Green Dress

What to wear with a Velvet Green Dress


The soft fabric of the velvet green dress adapts to all body types, and is considered a classic style for Christmas parties, dinners and New Year's Eve galas. If you want to achieve a totally vintage and sophisticated look today you will learn to combine this incredible dress like an expert.

Do we dare to combine a velvet green dress? If you said yes, I congratulate you because it is an iconic garment with many qualities that will highlight the parts of your body that you like the most and you will feel very comfortable wearing it. That's why today I will give you some style tips so you can combine it with the right accessories and shoes.


The origin of Velvet Green Dress

The velvet green dress has a millenary origin and with a lot of history, today you will know the history of this mythical dress that has changed the style of women making it a fashion icon. Velvet fabric was used in the Far East in countries such as China and became more popular during the Middle Ages in the cities of Florence, Venice and Genoa in Italy, the European nobility wore velvet garments and was regarded as an expression of elegance and status.

However, during the 80s the singer Prince was the king of velvet by wearing colorful two-piece suits with this fabric in colors such as purple and green mainly. It is true that the color green is one of the most beautiful trends of this year, however the velvet green dress has inspired designers such as Tom Ford and the French fashion brand Celine to create the most avant-garde, classic and sophisticated designs to wear during this season.

The velvet green dress can be found in different designs such as the maxi, mini and midi, personally I prefer the midi and maxi version. You will look quite glamorous when wearing them, one of the advantages of velvet green dress is that it adapts to different types of bodies and occasions and you feel comfortable at all times! If you have a fashion emergency for the holidays and parties you can look for a glamorous and sophisticated style, yes i'm talking about the velvet green dress. 



 You can find the green velvet dress in different shades such as emerald green, olive green, moss green, military green and also with some necklines such as V-neck, long sleeves, short sleeves, halter neck, with cut out, straps, puffy sleeves and tie neck style. No matter what style you choose, wearing this dress will make you feel like in a classic Hollywood movie. Contemporary divas like Vanessa Hudgens and Monica Belluci have worn a velvet green dress in a rather sexy and formal way, and get inspired by their outfits!


Tips for styling Green Velvet Dress outfits

When styling a velvet green dress, always try to wear minimal makeup in order to compliment the dark aura of the dress. Remember a velvet green dress is exclusively for winters, do not wear it in summers.

  • Wear covered toe footwear while styling a velvet green dress outfit for a more elegant look.
  • If you are in doubt, wear your velvet green dress with black footwear and accessories, black and green is the best duo.
  • Try to wear a nice leather jacket or a coat, remember to wear colors such as black, white and brown.
  • Makeup can be done in bronze tones or with a thick black outline. You can also wear red lipstick or just lip gloss to avoid overloading the look.




What to wear with a Velvet Green Dress?

The velvet green dress is a pretty and elegant garment as I mentioned earlier, it is ideal to take to a gala, a Christmas party or a cocktail. Depending on the style of the dress you can also take it to a party with friends or even to the office, but I recommend it for a more formal event.



Everything depends on how you gonna accessorize it. I am here to help you with those details to make you look glamorous and if you want to impress everyone today you will learn how to create different looks with a velvet green dress with this style guide.

The stunning mini velvet green dress: If you are a party lover you must wear a mini velvet green dress, you can find different styles that you will surely love! Like the spaghetti strap, long length, off shoulder, wrap mini, with heart neckline, you will look stunning no matter what style you choose.

To complete the outfit the accessories are very important and that is why I recommend you wear them in silver or with crystals to add a little shine. As the dress is mini you can create a casual style, I recommend you wear the beautiful jewelry of Geo Designs try with the Oriente Earrings  and with the Chischil XL Earrings.

If you want to modernize the look you can also wear the choker Double Chain Gold Necklace by Iconique and add a nice pair of ankle boots, such as the Lyra Black by Bala Di Gala. To avoid the cold of the season, you can wear a blazer like the Cyde Blazer Charocal by Lesém and you will look charming! 

A vintage style with a maxi velvet green dress: If you have a totally formal event such as a dinner, I recommend you bring a maxi velvet green dress, this design will give you a relaxed but stylish figure. You can complete the outfit with high-heeled sandals in black or gold, the advantage of wearing velvet is that you can add bright or darker color and they will always look good.


You can wear the high-heeled sandals Iria by Peyola and create the perfect match with the Ficus Bag by Oka and the crystal earrings Marie by Las Meninas. As for makeup I recommend using smokey eyes to create a captivating look with many layers of mascara and a cherry red lipstick, you can also add a nice choker in silver color like Silver Collar by Iconique. With this outfit you will be the star of the night and everyone will want to start to wear a velvet green dress! 




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By Melissa Zanini 

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