What To Wear To Brunch: The Best Outfit Ideas

What To Wear To Brunch: The Best Outfit Ideas

One of the best ways to get together with friends is over a yummy brunch! Brunch is the perfect combination of breakfast and lunch and a good excuse to drink before noon. Brunch is often served in the late morning and afternoon and has a wide variety of meal options ranging from breakfast foods to lunch foods. It’s often served on a Saturday or Sunday mid-morning and can sometimes have a specific dress code or guidelines you need to follow.

If you are stumped on how to style yourself for brunch, that’s where I come in! This ain’t my first rodeo, and I am here to help you pick the perfect outfit for your brunch outing. 


10 Outfit Ideas for Brunch 

Brunch is a well-loved tradition with a mysterious history. While the word “brunch” first popped up in 1895, I’d argue that brunch is simply timeless as a little black dress. 

Regardless of where it started or where it came from, it is still wildly popular today. If you are stuck on what to wear, then look no further. No matter your personal style or preferences, I’m almost positive you will walk away here today feeling ready to hit brunch in style. 

Here are 10 of my favorite outfit combos to wear to brunch:

T-Shirt Dress

One of the easiest things to throw on for brunch that is comfortable and fashionable is a t-shirt dress (or a button-down shirt as a dress). This is a perfect way to have something that is tailored and styled while still feeling flowy and breathable.

Shirt dresses never fail to be chic and feel relaxed. I highly recommend one for your next brunch outing. 

Romper or a Jumpsuit 

A romper or jumpsuit is such a versatile piece of clothing and definitely a contender when it comes to picking a brunch outfit. They are so easy and enjoyable to wear since it is all one piece and they come in various styles.

You can find rompers and jumpsuits with shorts, pants, or even a skirt overlay (hello to the peplum style!). I recommend finding one that you can wear for a variety of occasions and pairing it with your favorite jacket for an active and fashionable set. 

Matching Set

You can never go wrong with a matching set, especially for brunch. Matching sets are, first and foremost, adorable, and they can 100% help you make a statement.

This is a subtle way to incorporate your favorite patterns or a bold color into your outfit. There is something so sophisticated about a matching set, no matter how you style it. You can find some matching sets that have shorts and a loose button-up or even a mini skirt and blouse combo. It’s really up to you and your personal style in how you wear one of these. 

Maxi Dress


What To Wear To Brunch: The Best Outfit Ideas


Maxi dresses are great for a wide staple of things, and brunch is absolutely one of them. They are always a great choice when you are unsure of what to wear but want to stay on brand. Maxi dresses can find themselves in fancy dining settings as well as more casual ones.

If your brunch has a dress code (and some might) or you are unsure of the dress code, a maxi dress is a good idea to have on hand cause they go with almost any look or level of fanciness and are perfect for brunch for that exact reason. Plus, you can totally re-wear a lot of maxi dresses for your next gala on your calendar!

Oversized Blazer


What To Wear To Brunch: The Best Outfit Ideas


One of this season's hottest fashion trends may surprise you. Blazers, especially oversized and patterned ones, aren't just for the office anymore. Oversized blazers are the best choice of jacket or coat to complete your brunch day outfit.

Try pairing an oversized blazer of your choosing with your fav fitted mini dress and dress for a sophisticated and trendy high-fashion look. 


Denim All Day

Denim is definitely making a comeback, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. A good piece of denim clothing will never go out of style. I prefer wearing a pair of denim overalls with a chic blouse for a dressed-down but fresh look. The overalls are extremely comfortable as well and help provide an almost retro feel to your entire brunch outfit. 

Pair this look with some accessories to take it over the top in the best way possible. I love pairing a small necktie or bandana with your overalls for a fun and in-style look, or adding your favorite hat always helps to complete an outfit for any occasion. Don’t be afraid of hats at brunch; they are an outfit staple and can help round off your brunch-time outfit. 


Babydoll Dress


What To Wear To Brunch: The Best Outfit Ideas


You can never go wrong with a babydoll dress. They are tailored perfectly with their A-line silhouette, and the puffy sleeves are just adorable.

It gives you a sweet and approachable look that goes perfectly for a morning out. These dresses also are an ideal mix of “casual” and “dressy,” so they go great for just about anything. 

Wrap Skirt

If you are looking for something quick to throw on that is also stylish, then the wrap skirt or a wrap dress is your friend. Wrap skirts are great for completing an outfit in a pinch. They come in various lengths, colors, etc., and will instantly dress up any outfit you have. 

Wrap dresses are also excellent choices because they add a level of sophistication that a standard dress may be lacking. They also help provide elements of structure and texture, which could take your outfit to the next level. 


What To Wear To Brunch: The Best Outfit Ideas


One of the perfect places to wear an athleisure outfit and “get away with it” is out at brunch. Athleisure is the brilliant combo of athletic wear and “lounge” or “leisure” wear. This basically just settles down to outfits like tennis shoes, baseball hats, zip-up workout jackets, leggings, a sports bra, and more.

Athleisure is the ultimate style for brunch, especially if you and your gym buddies go to brunch right after an intense workout. Good for you guys; you deserve it! 

Pleated Suit Set 

If you want to hit up brunch looking absolutely sleek and stylish, then it’s time to pull out a pleated suit set. Nothing says “I mean business,” like a suit set at brunch.

This is an amazing look if you are going to brunch with co-workers or professionals or if you just want to be the best dressed there. 

Ladies Who Brunch 

Brunch is one of the best ways to share a meal and have a conversation in our day and age. No matter what you decide to wear, it’s important to note that your outfit isn’t everything. Enjoy your time with delicious food and friends.

Take lots of pictures that will help make these memories last, and don’t forget to be confident and be yourself no matter what outfit you settle on. I hope this guide has helped you narrow down your closet and find the outfit that helps you look and feel your best so you can worry less about what you wear and enjoy being in the moment with friends. See you next time! 


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