A Simple Guide on What To Wear in Puerto Rico

A Simple Guide on What To Wear in Puerto Rico

Welcome to sunny Puerto Rico: One of the most beautiful places in the world is, no doubt, the island of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island located next to the British Virgin Islands. It’s a place full of rich history and culture, incredible stories of love and life, and some of the most beautiful weather on earth.

Are you planning your island getaway and need help deciding what to pack or bring? I’ve got you! Packing for your dream vacation to the islands is easier than you may think.

I’ve compiled a simple guide for you on what to take with you as you explore the islands and enjoy some fun in the sun.

Let’s go: 

10 Clothing Items To Pack for Puerto Rico

Your Favorite Swimsuit 

This one feels like a given, but it’s important to note: Do not forget your favorite swimsuit for this trip. There are beautiful oceans all around you; you never know when the opportunity will rise for you to have some fun in the sun.

It’s not uncommon as well for people in Puerto Rico to wear their bathing suit as a top and wear lightweight bottoms or a flowy dress to complete the look. Show some skin or not — either way, you look great. 

Lightweight, Natural Fabrics

Puerto Rico is hot and humid in all the best ways. It’s crucial to pack lightweight, breathable clothes. Try focusing on fabrics like cotton or linens. During the day, opt for pale colors like white or pastels. Nighttime is the time to style up your fav black shirt and make a bold statement. 

Now is probably not the best time to test out your new skin-tight leather dress, but hey! To each their own. Focus on these natural fabrics, but don’t be afraid to show some skin or incorporate a bright color with these natural fabrics. The options are (nearly) limitless. 

A Pashmina

Despite Puerto Rico being so sunny and warm during the daytime, when that sun dips down, it can get a little chilly. A great piece of clothing to have on you is some sort of shawl, like a pashmina.

A pashmina is a comfy and lightweight body scarf that is the perfect material and weight for an evening in PR. They are often made of cashmere, but you can find other materials too. I highly recommend adding one of these not only to your closet but definitely to your PR packing list. 

Slip-on or Strappy Sandals

You might be tempted to pack those high heels, and you totally should. Pumps are ideal for upscale restaurants or high-end nightclubs. 

When it comes to walking tours or strolling on the sand, you’ll need something a bit sturdier. Puerto Rico is full of historic streets and sandy beaches. The last thing you want is to be wearing uncomfortable shoes there, no matter how cute those stilettos look.

Try a reliable pair of slip-on or strappy sandals, so you can walk wherever your adventures take you with ease and confidence. 

Sundresses/ Rompers

If you are trying to blend in, this is the way to go. Many locals wear sundresses and rompers for cute casual looks. Sundresses are not only fashionable, but in the island heat, they are practical. You won’t regret choosing a lightweight “casual” sundress or romper over something else. 


Like a swimsuit, this also seems pretty straightforward, but it is often overlooked. Sunglasses (along with sunscreen) are going to be your best friend. The sun is very bright along the coastline, so you will need sunglasses to protect your eyes so you can enjoy your trip to its fullest. 

You can easily find a reliable pair at a variety of places. Make sure to get a pair with UV protection to fully protect your eyesight and stay in vogue — a bright solution to a sunny day. 

Comfy Walking Shoes

Puerto Rico is full of adventures — no two days are the same. You never know what you might end up doing.

Pack some comfy walking shoes for wandering the historic streets, window shopping, or even hiking. 

A Breathable Blouse

The right blouse can transform any outfit: I’m here to ensure that happens! Consider me your fairy godmother of high-fashion blouses.

For a trip to Puerto Rico, you are going to want to make sure that everything in your outfit is lightweight and breathable, especially the top or blouse you are wearing. Focus on a lightweight, breathable fabric like linen or cotton (ideally, the entire outfit but definitely the blouse you are wearing).

Pick a fun pattern or a bold color to complete your outfit. Consider details like puff sleeves (so hot right now), bows, lace detailing, and more. Basically, there’s a blouse for everyone in your house (oh yes, I’m a fashionista and a poet).


There is no better accessory than a sun hat for your Puerto Rico vacay. Sun hats are not only stylish but practical. They round out any outfit for a day in the sun and help protect your face and hair from the sun's rays.

Along with a trusty pair of sunglasses, you will be styled and well-protected from the high heat of the beating sun. Keep in mind that while the sun is hottest from noon to 3 PM, UV rays are a concern even when it’s cloudy out. 

This means you can just enjoy your vacation without fear of any sunburns or damage. Beach hats are as unique as we are. Select what color base (I love straw) and then think about details. We’re talking big bows in dramatic taffeta or a faux (or real!) flower or two. Matching (or coordinating) hats are must-haves for bachelorette parties or a girls’ trip weekend. 

Maxi Skirts 

Maxi skirts are the perfect accessory for any island trip. They are also perfect for matching to your swimsuit top. Maxi skirts are ideal for any impromptu ocean adventure, as they can be easily worn or taken off.

They are breezy, comfy, and a great all-around choice of clothing to add to your Puerto Rico wardrobe. I recommend curating an outfit with a black or neutral-colored blouse with a classically patterned maxi skirt, all over your best bikini, for a simple and sleek summery outfit. 

PR or Bust! 

No matter what your personal fashion sense is, this simple guide can help you pack and plan for your Puerto Rico getaway.

You can easily customize and accessorize all of these pieces to your personality and style and still remain functional and practical. I know it may seem overwhelming at first, but this guide is a great place to start when beginning to plan your trip. Bottom line, don’t forget the staples and don’t forget to add your personal touch to it all.

You deserve this island getaway, so it’s important to show up in style! Thanks for taking the time to give me a read, and congratulations on your island vacation! 



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