Welcome 2023! Exercise in style with Flare Yoga Pants

Welcome 2023! Exercise in style with Flare Yoga Pants

This new year exercise with all the style possible wearing the flare yoga pants, you will be comfortable and fashionable.

With a seventies and comfortable style, flare yoga pants are taking over gyms and street style, if you are interested in creating a sporty chic style this garment is for you!


Flare Yoga Pants the trend to start 2023

If this new year 2023 one of your resolutions is to start exercising or try a different style, today I will talk about flare yoga pants. By wearing this versatile garment you can create the best casual and sporty looks ready to wear during the week.



They say that everything comes back and fashion has shown us that it is totally cyclical since it has rescued many of the trends of the past that were already forgotten. This is the case of flare pants, which over the years have become a must and have been reinvented to such a degree of being a comfortable and stylish garment to perform exercise such as flare yoga pants.

The flare yoga pants combine two different styles in a single garment, they are comfortable like leggings and stylish as bell jeans, the best of two trends within reach of your closet. 

The street style has appropriated sportswear with the athleisure trend, when wearing it we can wear our leggings, flare yoga pants, sweatshirts, tennis shoes and tops In a casual way but without losing that comfortable style that identifies them so much.

From yoga classes to the mall, flare yoga pants are essential to exercise but also to perform our daily activities. Comfortable and stretchy, the flare yoga pants are usually made from a blend of materials, including some combination of lycra, polyester, nylon, wool, and cotton. There are different styles of flare yoga pants, I'm sure you'll love them all!

If you still do not know how to wear flare yoga pants to have a comfortable and stylish routine do not worry and slide down to learn more about this versatile garment with our style guide so you can start wearing them like a fashion expert with the most chic garments and accessories from the On Post collection.


What are Flare Yoga Pants?

Similar to bell bottoms, flare yoga pants are fitted to the knee, then widen out like a cone from there. Some styles flare around the ankle, these yoga pants are known as boot cuts. 

These pants adapt to any type of body and stylize the legs, depending on the occasion you can create a casual and sporty look at the same time as have the queens of style such as Victoria Beckham and Emma Chamberlain. With these 5 styles, you will be easily convinced to wear flare yoga pants.



Flare Yoga Pants with high waist: These flare yoga pants fit the body without pressing, with elastic waist and without button like sports leggings. They are as elegant as casual dress pants, you can combine them with a blazer, matching gold accessories, a pocket bag and you will be ready to dazzle in street style.

Flare Yoga Pants Skinny: Returning to the skinny style, these flare yoga pants end up mid-leg a few centimeters from the ankle. A workout like crossfit will provide you with comfort and allow you to perform a dynamic routine with jumps and dumbbells.

Flare Yoga Pants with cut-outs: They lengthen the silhouette and stylize it at the same time, some flare yoga pants may have openings in the legs and they are very loose so you can wear them to go to the supermarket or go to eat with your friends with a relaxed style.

Flare Yoga Pants with prints: If you love the style of the 70s these flare yoga pants are for you, you can add color and fun to your outfit with floral prints, animal print and also geometric figures, it is advisable to wear them with oversize shirts and crop tops.

Flare Yoga Pants with knitted fabric: Ideal to wear during the winter, these flare yoga pants will keep you warm and fashionable, you can find them with a high waist. I recommend wearing them this season in cocoa, mustard yellow and white colors.


Outfits with Flare Yoga Pants to exercise in style

This season of change surprises you with a different outfit for each day, this time I bring for you two options of outfits that you can create with the flare yoga pants. Whether it's for exercise or to enjoy a cup of coffee with the girls.

Sporty chic: To start the morning with energy and a good attitude, a yoga routine will bring you a big smile.I recommend you wear flare yoga pants to give a different touch to your look, try with the pants Santa Mónica by Lhasa Fitwear and put on a white t-shirt, despite being a basic garment you can turn it into something extraordinary wear the White Smiley Tee by Simples t-shirt.

Do not forget to go to your yoga class with comfortable tennis. You can wear the Equus Classic White by Alta and the Cosmic Moon by Inhala Soulwear mat, it will make your routine an incredible experience with the best style! 



Casual and glamorous: With flare yoga pants you can also create a glamorous look to go to the office or to have a date. I recommend wearing the Alpha Flare by Lhasa Fitwear to combine them with a white blouse like the Moray by Blanca Pukara.

Add heels like the Analía Almond by Alta, you can also create the perfect match with the Ivory Malai earrings by Daniela Miilan and the Minca bag by Camila Mesar.



Start the year with a unique and chic style wearing the flare yoga pants, keep trending with us by subscribing to the Newsletter of On Post!


By Melissa Zanini 

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