Wear the Boho Dresses and look sophisticated

Wear the Boho Dresses and look sophisticated

For a long time we have related the Bohemian aesthetic with those hippie looks that were worn in the 70s, however there is a way to wear garments such as boho dresses, to achieve a chic look.

What we like most about this style of clothing is that it is versatile, able to look completely different with sandals in summer and with boots in winter, if you are not related to the hippie looks, it is possible to completely change the sense of your outfits by adding specific pieces that will make you look sophisticated.



One of the contemporary exponents that made us fall in love with boho dresses was undoubtedly Vanessa Hudgens, who when the styling of the Coachella Festival was covered with bangs and flower crowns, the actress became the best dressed.

Taking the singer as a reference, but with a look of current trends, directing the outfits towards chic, she learns to create combinations like a fashion expert, elevating any look.

How to combine trendy Boho Dresses

Boho dresses are per se, garments that offer us different qualities, their silhouettes and cheerful prints are able to make us fall surrendered to their charms, one of the keys of fashionistas is to know with which pieces should combine others to get the most out of these and as mentioned above sometimes outfits like these dresses allow us to transform them depending even on the season of the year.



Coats, to create more sophisticated looks with boho dresses, add garments such as blazers, leather jackets or even synthetic fur coats, denim jackets with glitter fringe.

Accessorize differently, we know that the accessories we add to our looks make a big difference, so you should focus on those that balance the hippie style, for example high-heeled sandals with thin straps, ankle boots with extravagant or patent leather details, trendy bags, sneakers, etc. Hats are allowed but not the ones we usually find in the boho style, go for those with wide brims, with materials such as suede or suede, with more elegant silhouettes.

Combine contrasting colors and textures, while this is a basic principle when balancing a style, in boho dresses applies equally, experiment with outerwear with materials such as satin, sequins, to name a few.



Now, if we talk about the criteria to choose functional boho dresses, with this we mean that it will be easier to balance the hippie with the chic, take into account the following.

Consider the print, we know that the patterns of this style are usually irresistible, but if you are looking for the dress to be as versatile as possible, the ideal is to go for prints that are neutral colors, or otherwise extremely vivid.

The length is also important, so go for the midi or in case it is a light textile, wear a maxi dress. 

How to wear Boho Dresses with the On Post Collection

The boho dresses, are a garment that for its versatility we can not resist, if you are considering buying one or already have one and do not know how to style it, here are three looks with pieces that you can find available in our collection, or get inspired by it.



Let's start with Dress Olivia from La Bikineria, in light beige, with lace details, buttons on the front, bow at the waist and circular cut, this dress is a basic that you can use in any season of the year, adding the necessary accessories. Wear it with high boots, a printed kimono and a clutch bag.

If you are looking for something tighter to the body,  Dress Justina from the same brand, is the perfect representation of a contemporary boho dress, with a seventies air, long sleeves and flared, like the previous light beige tone, lace details, its length is close to being mini, but it is not, the sign that crowns it, is a bow that is tied at the neck. This garment is so simple to style to make it look sophisticated or casual, its versatility makes us dare to suggest it for a small wedding reception. Combine it with white cowboy boots for a style in colors of the same chromatic range, a blazer or a faux fur coat with animal print and a cross body.



Instead, if what you want is a printed piece and with an extra length we suggest you to go for  Frida Dress - Gray from Anana Store Colombia, with a print in neutral colors, long sleeves, draped in front of a bow that falls near the navel, and plunging v-neckline, wear it with ankle boots or high-heeled sandals will give you a different look. Combine it with a leather jacket, platforms and a trendy bag, if you feel daring you can also experiment with sneakers.

For accessories, we have selected, Brown Fabián de Malau, this wide brim hat made of wool in brown color, it is an infallible piece in your hippie chic closet, wear your boho dresses with it and elevate your look. 

You must have in your closet the  Alessia Neutral Sandals by Alta, in white color, with wooden heel, and a perfect high heel for those days you want to look stylish without wearing a very high heel, they look great with skirts or midi dress.

Now that we know, boho dresses can also be styled in a way that achieves a sophisticated look, having garments of this style is a twist that you can give to your closet, ideally leaning towards timeless silhouettes. 

Find the aforementioned garments available in our website, styling tips and much more at On Post!

By Katia García

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