Wear a glamorous look at your Bridal Shower

Wear a glamorous look at your Bridal Shower


When planning your bridal shower, fashion should be top of mind. After all, it's a special day! You want to feel beautiful and confident in whatever you're wearing so that you can look back on the photos from the occasion with fondness and pride.

Whether you decide to go for something traditional or modern, fashion is important at your bridal shower. Finding the perfect look for the occasion will make it an unforgettable day. Put some thought into what you'll wear and how your fashion choice reflects who you are as a person. With fashion in mind, the possibilities for your bridal shower look are endless!

Show off your unique style with something that captures who you are while still looking chic and elegant. And don't be afraid to have fun with fashion! 



Get a glamorous bridal shower

The fashion-forward bride will want to ensure her bridal shower is just as glamorous and fashion-forward as she is! Here are a few tips for having the most fashion-forward bridal shower:

  • Choose a fashionable venue. Whether you're hosting your event in an art gallery, trendy restaurant, chic hotel or even an open-air setting like a garden, make sure the venue has fashion-forward vibes.

  • Get creative with your decor. Try using fashion prints as part of centerpieces, place cards and table runners for a fashion-inspired touch. An easy way to add fashion flair? Hang fashion illustrations from the ceiling!


  • Choose fashion-forward fashion. Whether it's a classic bridal shower dress or a fashion-forward jumpsuit, make sure the fashion you choose for yourself and your guests is fashion-forward and chic.


  • Serve fashion-inspired food and drinks. Get creative with fashion-inspired desserts like cupcakes decorated with fashion sketches, fashion-themed cocktails and fashion-forward party favors. 


How to choose your bridal shower look?

When it comes to fashion at your bridal shower, it's all about finding a look that fits the occasion. Whether you opt for something classic or go full-on glamour, there are a few key elements to consider when choosing your bridal shower look.

Start with the basics and pick out an outfit that reflects your personal style. A beautiful dress is a great choice, but if you'd prefer something more casual, try an elegant jumpsuit or skirt and top combination. Aim to find something that's comfortable, fits well, and is made of breathable fabrics, so you can move around freely throughout the day.

Accessorize your look with jewelry, shoes and a clutch bag and don't forget the details. A pair of statement earrings, a show-stopping pair of heels and a sparkly clutch bag can pull your look together perfectly. Finish with some subtle makeup to complement your ensemble, and you're all set for the bridal shower!

Remember that fashion is about having fun and expressing yourself. Choose a look that reflects your personality and make you feel confident, beautiful and ready to celebrate! 


Here's how celebrities have worn their bridal shower look

Celebrity bridal showers have become the talk of the town these days. Social media is brimming with photos and videos taken at bridal showers of famous personalities. We have curated a list of 5 looks worn by celebrities to their bridal shower that you can definitely draw inspiration from.

  1. Priyanka Chopra went all out for her bridal shower and wore a gorgeous white feathered dress. She kept the rest of the look simple with dewy makeup, pearl earrings and an elegant up do.
  2. Paris Hilton's bridal shower look was far from ordinary! The star chose a stunning bridesmaid dress for the occasion, complete with a pink bow across the waist and beaded detail. She paired it with matching heels and an intricate white headband, adding some extra sparkle to her bridal shower ensemble.
  3. Hailey Bieber her look was elegant but also modern with its sheer look fabric and intricate lace detailing. She accessorized her bridal ensemble with delicate pearl earrings, which gave her look an added touch of elegance. Hailey also wore her hair in a romantic half-up style that highlighted the beauty of her bridal outfit. 
  4. Kim Kardashian chose a daring bridal shower look that did not shy away from making a statement. She wore a white bridal jumpsuit with an open back and detailed bridal details. She completed the look with her signature makeup and sleek bun. 


Find your bridal shower look in our collection

Here we share with you garments from our collection that can be an excellent choice for your bachelorette party look.

Pink is one of the most chosen colors among brides-to-be for the bachelorette party, so we have chosen HIBISCUS DRESS | SEA BLOOM / RESORT by Daniella Batlle, ideal if the theme of your party is elegant. Its mermaid cut and cut out detail makes it a trendy garment that will also make the eyes do not take off you, because it is already your special day.

Another excellent option PARIS JUMPSUIT by Concepción Miranda, this piece is a comfortable alternative, without leaving behind the style, the detail of its puffed sleeves make it a sophisticated garment.

We prefer Long Earrings Gold And Red Zirconia by Iconique, which complement perfectly with both options. 

Tsanta Bag by Paralia, as another perfect complement for these bridal shower party looks. Its embroidered design, and wooden details create a balance with the other pieces of the outfit.

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By Katia García

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