Two ideas of looks with the Christmas Sweater Dress

Two ideas of looks with the Christmas Sweater Dress

Winter is approaching, the only thing you are looking to wear is a cozy, warm and stylish outfit, which makes perfect the Christmas sweater dress, which can be styled to give it the sophisticated touch that you may need in some occasions.

For some time, the silhouette of the sweater dress has been proclaimed as one of the essentials of autumn-winter, thanks to the glamorous combination of these two garments. 

When we talk about the Christmas sweater dress, we are not referring to these designs with images representative of this holiday, but to those with promising, daring silhouettes that we usually do not see the rest of the year.  



One of the qualities of this piece is that it can fulfill the purpose of a party look, especially those that are shorter. Besides the different silhouettes we can find of them, loose-fitting, midi, maxi, round neck, turtleneck, bardot neckline, there are endless options to find the one that fits your style.

Celebrities and it girls show us the way to wear this garment that is an incredible way to look chic this winter.

Christmas Sweater a cozy garment for this Holiday Season

The style guide that celebrities give us are very helpful when styling a garment, being honest we consider that the Christmas dress sweater is one of the simplest to compliment, that is, most of us know perfectly the dresses and sweaters. What we probably feel uninspired is when we want to wear it with a jacket or coat, so here we will analyze some of the looks that celebrities have worn in the street style.

One of the combinations that is most detected in the street style is the one that goes with over-the-knee boots. Gigi Hadid wore it to perfection, with a Christmas sweater dress in metallic gray with turtleneck and high boots, accessories only added sunglasses. As minimalist as it may seem, this look meets the objective of looking on trend.

Another celebrity who knows how to wear this outfit, is Hailey Bieber, the model adds an element that gives a touch to this outfit, a long coat. The composition of her look, with shades in the same chromatic range, create an incredible balance.



With a more casual outfit, Elsa Hosk showed how to wear this dress with combat boots and a leather jacket. The fitted silhouettes of the Christmas sweater dress are another favorite of the fashion experts, Bella Hadid, wearing it with a turtleneck in beige and black leather over-the-knee boots.

On another occasion, in a more stylish and chic way, wearing a similar sweater dress, but with a looser cut, adding a chain belt, with two-tone boots with animal print detail.

Now that you know how celebrities wear their Christmas sweaters, here are some more tips on how to style them. 

Best combinations with the Christmas Sweater Dress

With a leather blazer inspired by the look that Hailey Bieber wore with an oversized t-shirt, change this garment for the white dress sweater with black boots and jacket.

For stilettos like Zendaya, as we have already observed, the outfits with the Christmas sweater dress, usually go the minimalist way. The actress opts for a beige dress paired with nude stilettos. 



She complements with items with outstanding details, such as a sequin blazer, metallic boots, jeweled shoes, velvet, etc. 

Intense colors such as red or green are clear representatives of this season, while pink and blue are in trend. Go for designs in vibrant shades. 

Take into account these accessories to stylize your outfits, minimalism plays an important role when it comes to this garment, but as we are in this holiday season, it is the right time to take risky decisions and opt for more daring looks.

Christmas Sweater Dress looks with On Post Collection

The garment you need for this winter, without a doubt is the Christmas sweater dress, here we leave you two looks created with the On post collection, purchase or get inspired by them.

The pink color is one of those that are in trend, as well as bold and exuberant designs, Dress Mini Wayta by Jenny Duarte, has puffed sleeves, embroidered details on the wrist. It is an excellent choice for this winter. 

Wear it with The Catalina by Elán, these ankle boots in white cowboy style, will be a great combination to show off at work, add socks and a coat if the temperature requires it.



Another hue that is booming for this winter, is blue, so it makes Dress Wayra by Jenny Duarte ideal, with asymmetrical bottom cut, this sweater dress could be the one you wear to your Christmas meetings during the day, the complement that will make it stand out and look more to doc to the dates are the Oxford Oxy Silver shoes by Galeanna. 

These loafers in metallic color, with cut out design and fringed laces, will give the touch of brightness that your look needs. Remember that in this festive season you can take the opportunity to go for riskier styles, those pieces that you might think are too much, trust that they will look great in the street style.

Style your looks, find trendy garments and learn tips on how to give a differentiating touch to your outfit with On Post!

By Katia García

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