Tips to wear the Green Satin Dress like the goddess Zendaya

Tips to wear the Green Satin Dress like the goddess Zendaya

If anyone has taught us how to wear a green satin dress, it is the goddess Zendaya, besides standing out for her acting, she is a style icon, she made it very clear to us on the red carpet of the Emmy Awards in 2019 looking as only she knows how to do it, the emerald dress by Vera Wang.

The protagonist of Euphoria, confirmed that not only can she wear a green satin dress, but she knows how to wear this color as an amazonian queen would, (what can look bad on this woman?), when wearing a green blazer by Pertegaz. Something we should know when deciding to wear this color is what we transmit, since this tone has been associated with growth, hope, it is usually soothing, since if we look at it, it gives us a feeling that if it is green, it is healthy, especially if we link it with vegetation. What was speculated of the 2019 Emmy host's inspiration, to wear the New York designer's dress, was one of the DC Comics villains that dominated nature, the evil Poison Ivy.


Tricks to wear your Green Satin Dress like an expert

Whether you wear your satin dress casually as Eva Longoria did (perfectly), adding elegance to a summer dinner, she certainly made it clear that we must make a special occasion every day of our lives, but of course, there are certain secrets that help us master a textile such as satin, particularly if you are going to choose it for a special occasion. As we mentioned earlier, the two-time Emmy Award winner showed us how to wear a green satin dress impeccably. We will review the lessons learned with the tricks to master the elegant satin. 



Number one: Choose designs that are tight to the body, one of the most common mistakes when using satin, is that it is overlooked, how easy it wrinkles, giving an unkempt impression, its beautiful fall, is also the cause of creating an unflattering effect with glitter and bulges that modify your figure. A clear example was given to us by Eiza Gonzales at the premiere of the movie Ambulance in Paris, with a salmon-colored satin dress in the form of a tunic by Stella McCartney

It may not be fitted, but it was a complete success, plus it introduces us to point number two, don't go overboard with the satin, this just means what we already know, less is more and just like the Mexican actress does, letting the dress shine on its own, complementing it minimally with medium-sized zirconia earrings and a triple bracelet. 



The number three: Is a basic, but we can forget, when using this fabric, we must consider that the slightest relief different from it, will be noticed instantly, so you must take into account your underwear, try to make this a second skin, so that you look with green satin dress is not a failure. 

It may seem that there are many rules to wear the green satin dress, and make it look complicated, but the truth is that these recommendations can be very helpful for some other garments, the important thing is that if you are willing to experiment you dare and remember that everything can be done gradually and that it is valid to make mistakes, so we learn. You can start with a satin garment in your outfit, once you feel confident in it, add one more for a total look, and the next step is one piece. See how Dua Lipa wears this two-piece dress, made up of a corset and satin skirt.


Our proposal of combinations for the Green Satin Dress

If you have a green satin dress in your sights for an upcoming event, or you are considering it for the Christmas dinner with your friends, but, you are still missing the shoes, we have the solution, some green heeled sandals will be ideal to complement this look, elevate it to a monochromatic one that will make you look like an it girl, Green Iria by Peyola, add a pop of color with an orange tone such as the Eva Innocenti Bag Charm - Olive Green Small Leather Goods. 



If what you need to complete a more casual outfit are accessories, the Sour Earrings in white by MIM will give you a boho chic tinge with shine, wear them alone to not look too heavy, or maybe with a bracelet.

Following a casual line and what the autumn mood dictates, our cozy proposal is to combine your green satin dress with a cardigan, that's right! you heard right, it may be a controversial suggestion, but how elegant and trendy this combination makes you look, without leaving behind how comfortable you will be without getting cold, if we add some sneakers, fashionista alert without getting cold, did we convince you? Munay Cardigan by Andiamo Concept is waiting for you. Another autumn option is Litoral Dress by Blanca Pukara, this green midi dress with a wide lapel collar in black, can be excellent for a date on a December afternoon. 



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By Katia Garcia

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