The secret to highlight your look with a Khaki Skirt

The secret to highlight your look with a Khaki Skirt

Do you have a khaki skirt and don't know how to combine it to get the most out of it? Here we will share with you some keys to create incredible combinations with it, garments, colors, accessories, etc. 

We may not be familiar with this color, but its chromatic range is quite well known, it certainly has certain characteristics different from camel, beige, or green, but do not panic as we have already mentioned, creating combinations with it is not difficult, the important thing is to create a balance, you will love to know how to get it, because it will be an infallible garment for the fall, wear the khaki skirt like an expert.


How to combine Khaki Skirt

Neutral colors are the most combinable and those that we can use when using 'complicated' tones, although the khaki skirt can not be considered a difficult shade to wear, the principle applies perfectly. White, black, camel, navy blue, green are some of the basic pairings we can experiment with. If you feel ready to try with patterned garments, animal print is an excellent ally, of course leopard is the most appropriate, but snake or zebra also go great.

The perfect match in terms of accessories and could be considered the secret to elevate your looks with the khaki skirt, is to wear gold accessories, the brightness that brings by the coincidence of their tones chromatically speaking, makes the outfits become accurate and chic.



In terms of garments that go perfect with your khaki skirt, it depends on your style, the silhouettes that we can find in trend are transparencies, leather, fringe, sequins, sports pieces. The length of skirts this season is the midi, but you don't have to limit yourself, minis have a place, as well as above the knee boots that look amazing together.

Something important to highlight is that in fashion it may seem that there are practices that are not allowed, but unless it is an event that has a defined etiquette, you can experiment with garments, colors and textures as much as your style requires, the ideal is that you feel comfortable with what you are wearing.

How the experts wear the Khaki Skirt?

Since we have already discussed some ideas to create looks with the khaki skirt, let's take a look at how some celebrities wear it to get a clearer picture.

Basics are infallible for a reason and Meghan Markle, relies on it, wearing a khaki midi skirt, with high boots and a ¾ turtleneck top in black, as an additional accessory, a thin belt.

Another celebrity who goes for the khaki and black combination is actress Priyanka Chopra, who opted for a skirt with a bell silhouette, buttons in front and belt, with a bodysuit and transparent heeled sandals.



Bella Hadid goes for a look with a khaki cargo maxi skirt, and a cut-out top in brown with sequins and long sleeves, adding orange shoes.

But speaking as an expert in style and also with a wide repertoire of how to wear the khaki skirt, Olivia Palermo provides us with an indisputable lesson. In almost monochrome looks, maxi skirt and flats, midi with fringe, contrasting camel-colored garments and high-heeled sandals. 

Create your look with the Khaki Skirt with our collection

We hope your ideas to create looks with the khaki skirt are clearer, and you can base or get inspired by some of them, then we will share with you garments that you can find in our collection to put together incredible outfits. 

The wrap skirt is one of our favorites, and the sarong type is not far behind, ideal for boho looks, Wild forest Maxi skirt by Morena del Rey, combine it with a ruffled top or a white or off-white bodysuit. 

For the top, we suggest Cropped Low Muscle Tshirt   by Lhasa Fitwear, this basic t-shirt, sleeveless and drop shoulder, its versatility will allow you to create different looks, add a gold chunky chain. 

Knitted skirts are a must-have for the fall winter season, Costa Skirt by Blanca Pukara is an excellent choice, with white print, midi length, the small openings on the sides, makes this garment have movement, combine it with a satin shirt to contrast textures. Wear it with white high boots.

As we already mentioned the neutral colors like black and white create a harmonious combination with the khaki skirt, Namora Blouse by Blanca Pukara, is ideal to combine with a leather skirt, its ruffles and puffed sleeves produce a balance between both garments.  

You can see wearing the khaki skirt is not as complicated as we thought, you can get to consider a neutral tone, create combinations with the principles of these colors, lengths and silhouettes are up to you, the midi cut is a versatile one because you can take advantage no matter what season we are in, opt for materials such as linen is a win-win. 



Our advice is to experiment as much as you feel comfortable, remember that the most important piece of your outfits is your attitude, defend your style with confidence and know that no one is born an expert, which applies perfectly in the world of fashion. 

The aforementioned items are available in our collection, at On Post you can find, trendy garments, tips and ideas on how to style your looks. 

By Katia García

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